Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Change of Plans

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

LBJ is Whack! Agree or Disagree?

LeBron James continues to disgust me – do I stand alone?

Ummm… Grow up dude.

New recently surfaced that Jordan Crawford, sophomore basketball player at Xavier, was recently participating in LBJ’s Skills Camp in Akron Ohio, and embarrassed Prince James. On Monday night, they had a pickup game, with the ESPN cameras there. Apparently, Jordan took LeBron to the rack and PUNCHED on him with 2 hands. HARD. Immediately the Prince went over to Lynn Merritt, (Sr. Director of NIKE Basketball) had a couple of words, then Merritt approached several cameramen and confiscated the tapes. WTF?!

Apparently Prince James doesn’t take too well to embarrassment; whether it’s losing in a Conference Finals OR getting dunked on in a pick up game, at HIS OWN CAMP.

Memo to LeBron: It happens in your profession, get over it. “Pull your skirt down B. The streets is missing you!” - Rico, Paid in Full.

It’s okay when YOU dunk on people? It’s ok when YOU win an NBA Finals? You GOTTA grow up man; and not just in size you Monster! You need to grow up mentally man. These are reasons you can not be mentioned in the same breaths as MJ and Kobe. 1, you don’t have enough credentials – money doesn’t count – rings, MVPs, etc. 2. You don’t appear to handle controversy well. MJ dealt with gambling AND winning scoring titles, MVPs, but being too selfish to be a Champion. Kobe has dealt with white women in Colorado, and a disgruntled Shaq and the greatest coach of our era stating he was not coachable, and STILL delivered a Championship to the city of Los Angeles.

What have you done? Other than some highlights and an NBA Finals where you were embarrassed by the Spurs; as far as I’m concerned, you’ve added more to the b1tchness of your legacy than the gr8ness. Quit crying, quit hiding, quit running. Live up to the $90 Million Nike gave you before you EVER dribbled on the hardwoods of the NBA and the $100 Million you’ll demand next summer. Instead of hiding the tapes, show em! Show the future! Get your inexperienced homeboys of a management team to sign him – “The Only Player to Shun the King” – Gr8 Marketing!

LeBron James makes my stomach hurt - Pause.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer League TV

Who was it that said Tyler Hansbrough wouldn’t make a good NBA player?

I know it’s early to speculate his greatness just 2 Summer League games into his NBA Career, but Tyler is doing things the critics said he couldn’t. He’s hitting the 3 ball, he’s putting the ball on the floor, and he’s showing competitive athleticism. In 2 games, he has 40 points and is creating strong mismatches in the post and on the perimeter. Of course Tyler is finishing at the free throw line, evident because he is getting fouled constantly. Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert are also on the Indiana Summer League team. Other notable players in the Summer League: Oklahoma City – James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Shaun Livingstone; NJ/PHI Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jrue Holiday and Orlando’s: Jeremy Pargo (younger brother of Jannero).

There ARE Sports to watch! They should be televised!

Some of the same people playing in the Orlando Summer League were participating in March Madness – which means, there’s a high level of basketball being played, and we should be able to view it! There are 3 games today, 3 games tomorrow and 3 more on Friday –why aren’t they televised!? There are NFL training camps and workouts popping up all over the country – there should be camera crews there taping for the world to see.