Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All America SNUBS


- 1st Team: Blake Griffin (OU), Tyler (UNC), DeJuan Blair (PITT), James Harden?(ARI St), Stephen Curry (DAV)

- 2nd Team: Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN), Ty Lawson (UNC), Luke Harangody (ND), Jodie Meeks (KEN), Jerel McNeil (MARQ)

- 3rd Team: Terrence Williams (LOU), Sherron Collins (KU), Toney Douglas (FSU), Sam Young (PITT), Gerald Henderson (dOOK)

My grievances: How does Ty Lawson naht make first team? He’s more important to this year’s team than Tyler H. is. At 21 and 8, Tyler CLEARLY made first teambecause of his mystique and name.

And how is it that Stephen Curry even MAKES first team?

This infatuation with Stephen Curry has gone TOO FAR! He plays for Davidson, and THEY couldn’t win the SoCon, a mid major, for a trip to the Tourney, but he’s a 1st Team All American? How?! The only reason he gets looks and nods is because he can shoot 30 times a game and plays in the weak SoCon. When your team can’t make the tourney and you take all the shots, there is no way you should make 1st team. MAYBE 2nd or 3rd, but hell, Ty, Johnny and Sherron are WAY better; Sorry.

Which, by the way, is why his brother chose to be a dookie as opposed to a Tar Heel; as a dookie, he can shoot it 25 times in that system; he’ll NEVER get that many shots as a Heel.

DeJuan Blair would be borderline 1st and 2nd team, and I think Gerald Henderson (contrary to his performance against Villanova) should’ve at LEAST made 2nd team.
And the only reason I can’t smash James Harden is because I don’t know enough about him; which furthermore proves my point. To be a first team All American, I should naht have to look up your stats; it should be a given, hands down situation.

But here’s an even better question: Where the hell’s Johnny Flynn and AJ Price?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Are YOU a Tar Heel fan?

You should be. We're the best.We stand alone. 18th Final Four. 100th Tournament Victory. And now we’re going to Detroit.

UNC 72 OU 60. We led the entire game. Up by 9 at the half and never got the Sooner’s never got closer. Ty Lawson had 19 Danny Green had 18. Blake had 23 and 16, but he was the only one who showed up.

All the little dookies found a reason to root for OU. (most notably was to root for Jeff Capel, the ex-bloo devil) Well now all of ya’ll can sit at home and watch the 4 together. Losers.

Next up is Villanova, and like a Big Brother called to the basketball court in the summertime to retrieve the younger siblings basketball, we will avenge the ass whipping our ACC brethrens took at the hands, or PAWS, of the Wildcats. Than we will smash UCONN or DESTROY Michigan State; again.

Either way, get ready for it Tar Heel fans, they will find a reason to try to steal our joy once we win the 'Ship: "your competition wasn't good enough" or "You were supposed to win it" or "what happened last year?" or "You have 3 NBA players on your starting lineup, why WOULDN'T you win it all??"

Whatever their reasons, it matters not. Enjoy this time My brothers and Sisters of the Tar Heel Nation. 2 more wins and i'll meet you on Franklin Street.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobby Seale

This morning we interviewed Co-Founder of the Black Panther Party. So much insight. Go to www.102jamz.com to hear the interview.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brackets and Aggies

North Carolina A&T State University

This weekend will be the 1st ever Aggie Super Saturday, this Saturday, at 9am at Aggie Stadium. There will be activities for the family, tailgating, the Aggies’ annual spring football game and a softball doubleheader at the Lady Aggies softball complex. Gates open at 9, and activities start at 10. The game starts at 11:30am, and the softball game b/w A&T and SC State will be at 1. Head on out and enjoy the Aggie Super Saturday.

Side note to be discussed later: NC A&T State University and Winston Salem State University have their Homecoming’s on the same weekend. What the hell’s all that about?


We’re down to 16 teams and these are the games for this week:

• Thursday: (5)Purdue vs. (1)UCONN 7:07pm, (4)Xavier vs. (1)PITT 7:27pm, (3) MIZZ vs. (2) Memphis 9:37pm, (3) Villanova vs. (2) dook 9:57pm

• Friday: (12) Arizona vs (1) Louisville 7:07pm, (3) Syracuse vs. (2) Oklahoma 7:27pm, (3) KU vs. (2) Michigan State 9:37pm, (4) Gonzaga vs. (1) UNC 9:57pm

My pre bracket had these teams in the Elite 8: UCONN, MEM, KU, LOU, PITT, UNC, TEX, ARI

Reality is, I still have a shot; with the exception of TEX and ARI. In their places I’ll pick SYR and VILL

We’ll see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Naw'Lins trip! Did YOU Miss Me?

Sorry for the delay’s with the blogs folks. Had to take a few days off; I’m back though!

Just getting back from New Orleans with CP3, the Wild-Out Wake-Up Show, and 6 of our very lucky listeners. From the crawfish omelets to the crab smothered grilled chicken, the food was great. From the Hurricane’s to the blow jobs (that’s a shot people), the drinks were plentiful. Monte Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Jackie Long (Esquire from ATL; google him)-athletes and stars were plentiful.

I had a candid conversation with CP at dinner that was VERY enlightening. Here are some of the questions I asked him, and his responses:

Ty Lawson to the league? “aw man, that’s Raymond Felton. He only has one speed. “

If you could have LeBron or Kobe which one? “Kobe. LeBron’ll wanna bring the ball up the court and stuff. You go this way. You go that way. I’m cool. Kobe’ll be on the wing, just waiting. Like the All-Star game; we’ll NEVER lose to the east again”

With LBJ and Dwight Howard, ya’ll will NEVER lose to them? “Dwight’ll never be great. He plays too much. He’s good, just plays too much. He’s a kid”

What’s more important, the cash or the rings? “Both. You want the rings, but as a business man providing for my family, money is mandatory. Who’d you rather be? Charles Barkley or Bill Wittington?”

Who? “Exactly. Bill has 3 Championship rings and no one cares. Barkley has none.”

My highlight of the weekend: After CP’s stunning 32 point performance, 10 straight in the 4th and an impressive victory over the struggling Memphis Grizzlies. I told Chris I wanted his game shoes, and I’ll be damn’d if he didn’t take his shoes off and put em in my hand. The shoes aren’t even in stores. Might not be made. The prototype. And they’re at my house being fitted for their casing. On EBAY shortly!

Naht really.

Mental Note: Septmber 24-27 is the CP3 Weekend in Winston-Salem. Bowling extravaganza, parties, concerts, A Gala, Day of Service, all types of events right in Winston-Salem, NC. Mark your Calendar.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Fridy’s are tough, and the blogs are short, so here goes:
If you’re trying to party with me this weekend TONIGHT, I’ll be at Club Oasis in Winston with The Real Houswives of Atlanta. If you need tickets you can:

1. Call 864-978-6375.
2. Log onto www.nccluboasis.com
3. Or you can register to win a free pair at www.100stax.com

The Atlanta Housewives WILL BE THERE, with their cameras to get some shots for Season II.

SATURDAY NIGHT: I’ll be at the Hawthorne Inn, Downtown Winston. The ONLY grown up affair in the area. EVERYBODY knows how Fab5 does things. The name speaks for itself – google em! If you need tickets YOU can:

1. Log on to www.fab5entertainment.com
2. Or register to win a free pair of VIP’s at www.100stax.com

Put on your good clothes and come and meet some of the best looking people in the Triad area.

Enjoy your MEACtivities this weekend and be safe!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Party Time!!!

DAHT’s MEAC News -

Individual Tickets are on sale for the 2009 MEAC Basketball Tournament. Come Support Winston-Salem State as they take on NC Central in the Bonus Game Saturday, March 14. Tournament books are also still on sale at the WSSU Ticket Office by calling (336) 750-3220.

Lady Aggies SMASH Howard, 80-52. Amber Bland had a game high 20 points. They will advance to Friday’s noon semifinal match against the winner of the Maryland Eastern Shore/Morgan State Semi Final. In other action, FAMU defeated defending Champs Coppin State. 64-43. They will play the winner of the Delaware State/Hampton game.

NC A&T Men play Coppin State today, make sure you go out and support the Aggies.

DAHT’s NCAA Take –

Who will be the #1’s? I’m picking UNC, UCONN, PITT and OKL. At the 2 seeds, I’m picking MEM, LOU, WAKE, and KAN. Now, if Kansas should happen to beat OKL in the conference tournament then I’ll give the #1 seed to KAN and #2 to OKL.

DAHT’s Night Cap Activities –

Tonight I have a compilation show and after party at the Millennium Center, Downtown Winston-Salem. This is to kick off MY MEAC festivities. There will be a DJ Battle, MC Battle, Dance Battle, and Model Battle (And if anyone was at the Pep Rally for the A&T game, you know them Models GET IT IN!!! – ha!) immediately followed by the AFTERPARTY – Same Location.

Tomorrow we will have the Real Housewives of Atlanta on the Morning Show. If you’d like to meet the ladies, hit me up for info!
I’ll also be hosting an after party at Club Oasis where the Real Housewives will be in attendance, with their film crews shooting for season 2. No Wait/Red Carpet Tickets are $15. You can get yours by:
Calling – 864-378-6375
Logging on to – nccluboasis.com
Visiting: Serge Sole in Hanes Mall

Saturday Night I will be at the Hawthorne Inn. The ONLY grown-up affair in the Tre for the evening. If you need tickets to this event, please log on to fab5entertainment.com

Holla at me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



There will be 2 to 3 weeks before the ACC Player of the year, Ty Lawson, will have a healthy right big toe. He’ll rest for the first couple of rounds of the ACC Tournament; first game will be Friday against the winner of the Miami/V Tech game. We should be ok playing Bobby Frasor and the Freshman Drew II until the Championship Game, and then give the ACC Player of the Year a couple weeks off until the Sweet 16 or Elite 8.

Who’s the Player of the Year? Ty Lawson!

He averaged 16 points, 2 steals, 53.8% FG, 47% 3-pt, and a league high 6.5 assist this season; all career highs. There’s no one player on a team more important than Ty is to the Heels. Psycho T sat out 6/8 games to start the season, and the boys went 13-0. We started the ACC 0-2, when WHO had the worst games of the season? Ty Lawson.

It’s no secret; Ty is our heartbeat; the piece that keeps the machine in tact. DEFINITELY ACC Player of the Year. Regardless who YOUR ACC team is if YOU could pick one Tar Heel, It’d be Ty Lawson.

MEAC Roundup:

On the Men’s side of things, Hampton beat Delaware State 51-32 and will face South Carolina State at 9:03pm tonight. FAMU beat Howard 71-58 and will face Morgan State at 7pm tonight. The Aggies will play the defending Champions Coppin State tomorrow night at 8pm.

On the Women’s side of things, FAMU beat South Carolina State 54 – 50 and will play Coppin State around 10 this morning. Hampton beat Norfolk State and will play Delaware State at Noon tomorrow. Howard beat Bethune Cookman 63 – 43 and will play NC A&T at 12:30 this afternoon; I’ll definitely be in the building to support that!

Wild-Out Fly Out Last Chance

This is your last chance to fly out with the Wild Out! CP plays against the Washington Wizards tonight. The closest to guess his points, assists and steals, WITHOUT going over, will win the FINAL SPOT on the plane to New Orleans next weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keepin it short and staying out of trouble

Today is a day that I feel like venting and telling the world my views on certain happenings in my life. Ask for guidance and assistance on certain situations. Give some insight from my perspective and hopefully get some advice from my folks who follow the blog daily, in other aspects of my life.

Unfortunately, that won't be happening though; causes problems later. So i'll keep it short, sweet, and to the point today, resulting in me staying out of trouble, hopefully.

Probably not though.

Make MEAC Memories!!

Anyways, MEAC starts today in Winston Salem, NC. Make sure you come out and support and have tons of fun. 40,000 fans all wanting to see who is the best team in the MEAC and who'll get a chance to the NCAA Tournament! Go Lady Aggies!!! BTJ and Amber Bland are my GIRLS homes!!!

Wanna go to New Orleans??

If you're still trying to fly down to New Orleans with me and the rest of the morning show, we've got one spot left!!! Chris plays the Washington Wizards tomorrow. How many points, assists, and steals will Chris have? The closest without going over will win that 3rd and final spot!!

Go to 102jamz.com to register!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009



(2) UNC – who should be #1 this morning - beat (7) dook – 79-71. Ty Lawson, with a bum toe had 13 points, 9 assists and 8 rebs. He injured his right toe in practice on Friday. He said it felt like he was on 4 toes out there yesterday against dook. X-Rays show it’s broken, but a smooth break which suggests he did it some time ago. Reality is it was Senior Night for Ty as well.

Psycho T in his last game in the Dean Dome fouled out (his first time ever) with 17 points and 8 rebounds. 52 points shy of JJ Redick’s record of most points in the ACC History! We’ve enjoyed you Tyler, now go win yourself a National Championship.

We’ve accomplished 1/3 of the Goal people. ACC Regular Season Champions. Next up: ACC Tournament in Atlanta this week.

DAHT Makes DREAMS Come True

Carolina HEAT try outs were this past Saturday @ 1pm @ Jackson Middle School in Greensboro, NC. (40 yard, Timed Box Shuttle, Timed Short Shuttle and Position Agility Drills) But I have a question: Who’s got 1 year of football left?
We, The Wild Out, would like to endorse you and make that dream come true. The Carolina HEAT has agreed to give some lucky listener, with dreams of playing football on a professional level, that opportunity. We’re going to get you a spot on the team and follow your progressions during the season. If you’re interested stay tuned to the blog to find out how.

Wild-Out Fly Out with Chris Paul

Chris Paul had 21 points, 13 assists and 6 steals in the win over Oklahoma City. Mike Love guessed 21 points 11 assists and 4 steals. Mike and his wife will be on the plane with us in 2 weekends, headed to New Orleans. Wanna go?
Tonight The Hornets play the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. Same scenario. Hit us up with the points, assists and steals against the Hawks. The closest person will get the next seat on the plane to head down to New Orleans with the Wild-Out in a couple weekends.



The boys were MEN last night. Looked great. I was never worried. Highlights? Lil dumb Drew II getting punched on by Gerald Henderson. Tyler 2/2 from BEHIND the arc! (For you Meggo!) Wayne's finger roll. WINNING! It was a great game, and i'm glad we were victorious. ACC Tournament and National Championship.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If We WIN Today, We'll Win It All. If We Lose Today...

It's as simple as this, if we win today, you can go ahead and give us our National Championship. If we slip today, we won't even make it to the National Championship.


There's a LOT of pressure on today's game. If we win, we're #1 in the Conference; alone. We beat dook twice, and Tyler Hansbrough has a GREAT ending to his career as a regular season Tar Heel. This'll be it. It'll also mean #1 in the country, seeing as how UCONN slipped up against PITT, again. #1 in the country, conference and seeding for the Tournament. That'll mean playing the first couple rounds in our own backyard, Greensboro, NC to be exact! That's a lot of pressure.

I have yet to see our boys transform into MEN and step up to the pressure in big situations. Knees buckled against Georgetown, buckled against Kansas. If we can stand up like MEN today, against ALL the pressure, ALL the adversity, ALL the nay-sayers, and pull out a convincing win against a HOT, well coached dook team, it will show the Boys are now the MEN, and ready to claim what's theirs'; a national championship.

Tip-Off's in less than an hour. I'll have a post game blog.
Pre-Game Thoughts:

Ty Lawson had to leave practice Friday on crutches after spraining his ankle. We ALL know Ty is the heartbeat of our team. We play as well as Ty plays. We go as far as Ty goes. We win as far as Ty play. Ty will play today, but will not be 100%. Some think a 75% Ty Lawson is better than a 100% Greg Paulus; We'll see today. I predict our MEN to win by 11. 100-89. Gotta break the Century Mark.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

People, PLEASE stay out of the water

I know by now, you’ve heard about the 4 men who traveled out to sea on Saturday to get some deep sea fishing done. After combing over 22000 square miles of water to find the men, the search was called off on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. There was one survivor: Nick Schuyer.

Dr.’s say Nick Schuyer’s survival was a medical miracle. There was no way he was to survive for 46 hours in that water with temperatures dropping to the mid 50’s, he should’ve suffered from hyperthermia.

Nick Schuyer’s story: The boat flipped, and the men were unable to flip the capsized boat back over but were able to swim underneath and get the life jackets and put them on. Marquis Cooper, after the boat had been flipped over for a couple hours, tore off his life jacket and just floated to sea. Said he couldn’t take any more of the beating from the ocean. Corey Smith was next to do the same thing. Just left there was Will Bleakley and Nick. Nick states that Will said he noticed a light in the distance and was going to make a swim for it; never to be seen again. This just left Nick, which was probably best for him, because he could then sit atop the flipped boat and wait for rescuers. The 4 men would not have been able to all sit on the top of the boat and would’ve caught hyperthermia if they would’ve had to stay in the water.

Have you ever seen Open Water?

That has got to be the scariest way to go out EVER. Out in the middle of the ocean. Feeling animals and items bumping you from under the Ocean waters and not knowing what it is. Remember people, this isn’t a movie; there are no lights out there. You’re floating one moment and then you just feel a sharp pain in your lower leg, not even know that sharks are down there nibbling on you at their leisure. Then once the blood enters the sea, any shark in a 300 mile radius gets a sniff, and it’s DINNER TIME!

Can you imagine how fast your heart races when there are two massive sharks fighting over you for dinner?

What makes you take off your life jacket and just float out to sea? My God.

What makes you see a light in the distance and even THINK about swimming to it? Was he hallucinating?

At sea, you could see a light that is a 100 miles away, but if there’s NO OTHER light out, it’ll look SO MUCH closer.

Keep the families in your prayers.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DAHT's DAY - and dook props, I know.

If you’re reading on FACEBOOK, this is a snippet version. To read the ENTIRE blog, log on to: http://bdaht.blogspot.com and enjoy!

DAHT’s Day:

Today has such a negative energy for some reason. And I don’t know where it came from. This morning I was up around 4:30 am, after being sleep since 7:30pm. I felt rested and felt like I could accomplish anything today! Went downstairs and started the ‘Lac, let that thang warm up, back upstairs for breakfast, a brushing of the teeth (with salt! Thanks Khronicler!)some sportscenter, and then it’s off to work.

On the way to work is my quiet time with God. Everyday I try to talk with him and get some direction in my life. Repent for any sins I’ve committed both knowingly AND unknowingly. Ask for assistance with my demons, and I must honestly say that I’ve being hearing his voice. That’s a scary thing though. When you KNOW you’re hearing the right thing, it’s kind of hard to justify NOT doing it. But my quiet time was great, got to work and then….

I don’t know what it was. The energy just became draining. Negative. Heavy. And I have no clue what brought it. Don’t know if it was something I read, something that was said, or WHAT, but the energy definitely went downhill. Oh well.

DAHT’s take on TARHEEL’s:

We need to win tonight against V Tech, and take care of business at home against the dook bloo devils in attempts to win the regular season championship. Now, in the event we lose both games, dook wins the ACC, and if we split, we’re co-champs. Wow.

As a HATER of the dookies, I will give props when props are due. 2 weeks ago, when dook had lost 4 of 6, they were the SCUM of the NCAA, and I had MANY jokes! As they have won 5 in a row, in all types of hostile environments, (led by Gerald Henderson)I am a bit concerned regarding the energy they will bring to the Dean Dome on Sunday afternoon. They know what’s at stake. They know Tyler’s won every time he’s set foot in Cameron, and if you don’t think they’re going to be playing to ruin Tyler’s Senior Night, you’re WRONG!

I need the Boys to become The Men this weekend. I need them to prove to me, and all the other members of the Tar Heel Nation that this is OUR year. Beating dook won’t guarantee a National Championship, but with all that’s on the line, it WILL show that the boys are ready to be Men and take what’s theirs. It WILL show that our beloved Tar Heels are ready to step it up when the pressure’s on. And it WILL show who the hands down best team in the Atlantic Coast Conference is: THE UNC.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Women Problems! RUN!

Tyrese, yeah, “Mr. Coca-Cola”, marries this broad Norma for 10 months and they split. The judge has ordered him to pay her: $65,000, $6,230/month in support, pay her rent ($2,730) AND make her car payments ($800). What?? For 10 months?! OUT! OF! LINE!!! And her simple ass is smiling all the way to the bank. Some nerve. I’m SURE Tyrese thought she was the one. The chica he’d spend the REST of his life with. 10 months later? Done. And he has to give this broad $65,000 in a lump sum, $72 grand over the next 12 months AND pay all her bills! It’s not even a situation where she has to pay her own bills out of the $72,000!!! She get’s the $72 grand AND he pays her car and crib note. Where’s she staying at $2700 a month?? And what’s she driving at $800 a month? Some nerve.

Now I heard she moved here from London, and blah blah blah; how about we get this broad a plane ticket back to sip some tea and smoke some fag’s? (Fag’s are cigarettes in London) And didn’t the broad call the cops on Mr. Baby Boy BEFORE they got married for hitting her while she was pregnant? That should’ve been a sign right there homes. ALL she should get is child support. PERIOD. And that $72 grand is a bit excessive if you ask me.

If I had 3 wishes from a genie, one would be for a vagina. Not on my person, but one I could just carry around like a purse and have dudes empty their wallets into. I mean hell, that’s essentially what happens when you have to kick out bread like this for a 10 month marriage!

Women. They either take your time, your money, or your LIFE; which brings me to my next point: Mr Fred Lane. Know who Fred Lane is?

Fred Lane is the ex- Carolina Panther who was killed by his crazy wife in 2000 right after being traded to the Indianapolis Colts. He and his wife were having problems and he had gone to stay with his family in Nashville for a few weeks. Apparently the 2 were trying to reconcile and he decided to go back to the house. When dude’s body was found, he was halfway in the house halfway out, bags still packed and nearby, key still in the door lock.

Prosecutors said she killed him to collect a $5 million insurance policy, defense said she was a battered wife who killed her husband in self defense. What self defense? Dude walked in the door and was greeted by a gage to the chest; she then walked thru his blood and emptied the back of his head. Well, she’s was released this morning at 9am. She was facing 19 years when sentenced in 2003, got 10, and I guess good behavior has her out in less than 6. Wow. For taking a man’s life, as he walked into his house. Bags still packed. Key still in the door. Unreal.

Any Comments?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Just like the many included in the 180,000 that descended upon the Queen City of Charlotte to spend upwards $20.5 million this weekend, I had NO CLUE who won the dang Tournament; had to do some homework. Johnson C. Smith won for the 2nd consecutive year for the Men, and the women won as well.

Why wasn’t I able to catch any of the game you ask?

Well Friday night, I finally got to the QC, after stopping halfway to get my brother J. We arrived at Slim’s spot, smoked some dranks, and drank’d some smokes, got dressed, and hit the city around 10:32 pm. Got to club Backstage off Harris Blvd, and rocked the place. I’d like to give big shouts to all the folks from Greensboro, High Point, and of COURSE the Tre4 who were in the building and showing heller love. Plies killed it though! He may’ve performed like 15 songs straight! Left there so tired, all I wanted was a bed and some z’s.

HIGHLIGHT: Plies bringing some broads on stage midway through his set because they had been sitting down the entire show. Got em to the stage and ordered them some drinks that NEVER made it to the stage. Those broads were SO mad!!! They had to stand there and dance the entire time!!!! They were SO fatigued, and for the viewer, it was HILARIOUS!

Woke up early Saturday morning, and it was time to get back to the Tre; doubleheader basketball game versus Florida A&M for kid night. The game started at 4pm and wasn’t over until 8pm. After a trip to the crib for a change of clothes, switch vehicles, and grab the ol lady it was one way back to Charlotte. I also made a quick stop in Winston to grab my brother Lhast, gas up, THEN to the City.

I finally made it to the club (Backstage) at midnight. It was ridiculous there. People were EVERYWHERE. AS I approached the front with my group of 3, (C, Lhast and Chuck) and we overhear paying customers trying to negotiate their entry price. It ended at $200 per person for the men and $100 for the women; and they were paying it NO PROBLEM! Wow.

So, I make it inside, and people are EVERYWHERE! It has to be 2000 people in this place; somebody made a million dollars. As soon as I get to the stage, they tell me they need the mic because OJ the Juiceman is about to go on. Cool. After Juice tears the club up, (who is on stage with my homie and Maury secret crush, Candy) he retreats to the VIP area, CLEARLY rolling like a stone! Sweating and smiling, taking pictures with everybody claiming he’s about to get a house in NC. Ridiculous.

Next up is Rick Ross and for some reason, as soon as I saw him, I just KEPT hearing “Officer Rickeeeeeeeeeeeey”. I said it too! You know Daht. Carla told me to chill out before one of his ignorant friend’s assault me on the strength. I told her I had a plan to get beat up, put it on youtube, and then sign to G-Unit! She ain’t think that was a good idea…..

Rick came out and did his thing. I was just wishing 50 would show up the entire time. I remember before “I’m the biggest boss” came on, he made a mention like: Somebody better tell that nigga 50 I’m the… Boss. Sleep. After getting my bread, it was time to get back to Greensboro, after dropping off Chuck and Lhast in Winston; got back in around 4:16 am Sunday morning, and I missed Church.

HIGHLIGHT: Looking at a promo picture of Ricky Ross, with the silk shirt unbuttoned, white linen pants, holding a wine glass. I looked over at C, and she was looking at the same picture. When our eyes locked we burst into IMMEDIATE laughter. It was hands down the funniest thing of the night! Had to be there.

Sorry to everyone who was expecting sports in today’s blog, but I had to give you my recap of the weekend.

What’d you do for the CIAA festivities?