Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Bash Hangover 01312009


The birthday Bash was bananas! Thanks to the 32oo+ people in attendance who helped to sell that sucka out! So many fly pimps and SO many gorgeous women; from ALL over the country! The Bahamas, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cuba, Ecuador, Cali, Ohio, Vegas, then of course your NY, DC, ATL, FLA, then the zip codes, 252, 919, 910, 828, 864, 843, 704, and you KNOW the Triad, B Town, K Ville, HP, Tre $, G boro, Lex Vegas, Asheboro, Danville, Martinsville, Roanoke! Man, I know I left someone out, but all I'm trying to say is thank.

There was no violence. no fights. no shootings. and NO COVERAGE. But as soon as there was a shooting at the movie theater they were showing NOTORIOUS in, cameras were there within MINUTES!!! I know. I was there. Just don't forget about the good things Jamz does in the community. We give toys to kids during Christmas, and we give parties that are UNMATCHED. Hope you enjoyed yourself.. and if you were outside the bubble, must REALLY suck to be you!!! Ha!


Designing the cover for my Volume III Prank'd entitled: "I know his voice!" - I hear that ALL the time.
But I want the cover like the old Tribe Called Quest album cover "Midnight Marauders" It's a bunch of faces; google it for an idea. If you'd like to be on the cover just send me an emailed photo, making SOME kinda face (i.e. in thought, laughing, sad, talking, yelling, looking blank, whatever emotion!)

Send the picture to Thanks for the love and support. Cardinals in the win tomorrow! What you think?


Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bash Weekend

DAHT's excited about Beisbol!

Why? Because reports say that Albert Pujols, slugger for my St Louis Cardinals, has been talking every other day with Manny Ramirez and has informed Cardinals Manager, Tony LaRussa, that we should try to get the BEAST known as Man-O-Ram!!! I pray to the heavens above we can acquire such an extra talent.

DAHT's Take on the Super Bowl

At first, I was thinking Pittsburgh was going to win hands down. Then I started hearing EVERYONE saying that. The same way they said it about The Falcons, Panthers, and the Eagles and fire hot Donovan McNabb. So I began to think, Dang, they’re being looked over again.

Like its no way old ass Kurt Warner can withstand the pressure of that Pittsburgh D. What if they can?

Fitgerald can’t have Eagle and Panther days against that secondary. But what if he does?

Hines Ward is a beast and his MCL tear won’t be a factor. But what if it is?

There’s no way the Cardinals can break one of the longest Championship droughts in history, second to only the Cubs. But what if they do?!

Here’s the X factor. He doesn’t play. Coach Ken Whisenhunt, head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. He was the offensive Coordinator for the Steelers when they won the Super Bowl. Remember when they were down 14-10 and the “wide receiver reverse pass from Randel El to Hines Ward” broke the back of the Seahawks? The Cardinals were 5-11, 2 consecutive seasons before Ken got there. Then they went 8-8 and now they’re in the Super Bowl.

I’m rolling with the NFC West on this one. Cardinals in the upset. 24-20.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


First off! BIG SHOUTS TO MY TARHEELS!!! One heck of a win last night, and uh, Bloo Devils, one heck of a loss; sucks to be a Dookie, doesn’t it?

DAHT’s take on WSSU Men’s basketball team:

I TUCKER – You’re the General man! Act like it. You know we cool, but this has nothing to do with that. Quit forcing passes and being heavy on the turnovers. A bounce pass will ignite the crowd just as much as an alley-oop as long as it’s an ASSIST! (Meaning, let’s get some points). You know I love your aggressiveness, love the way you attack the basket, but I DON’T love the turnovers, or the erratic 3’s at times. Save the alley’s to the second half when we’ve built up momentum; as a matter of fact, save em for the second half of the SEASON when we get some wins! I will say, I don’t know why you ain’t play ANY in the second half against Norfolk State; maybe Coach is sick of the TO’s too.

J DURHAM – Sorry your senior year as to take this ride. I do love the way your game has evolved. You have a mid range jump shot, and a 3 – ball! (both could use more consistency) I would suggest staying on the weights, getting some consistency in that jump shot, and killing em at the workouts! You can DEFINITELY play at the next level; If not in the states, DEFINITELY over seas for a year or two to hone your skills. You're definitely the focus of this team, and can't wait to see you hoop profesionally! Maybe you could go to Japan and hoop with Wonge!!! That'd be hot!

B. FISHER – You’re the truth man! You attack the basket. Kill at the free throw line. Great mid range. 3 ball. I would suggest you stop fading away so much on the 3’s and they’d fall more consistently. Sometimes when you’re really feeling it, you’ll start to fade away. Stop it. Definitely enjoy watching you homie!

D. GIBSON – Didn’t really know what to expect from you man, but, you’re definitely an asset to our squad! Very tenacious player, and with you and Fish in the backcourt, we can put up a LOT of points.

P. DAVIS – I’m disappointed Diddy. I mean, I gave you a nickname for God’s sake. I see SO much potential! First off, you need a Kyle Singler offseason; 15 pounds of muscle. I need you to CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!! It’s pointless for Tuck, or Gib to attack the basket and dish to you when 9/10 times you’re NOT paying attention, or you just fumble the ball out of bounds. To only score 4 points against A&T on like 2-7 shooting (3 of those misses, AIRBALLS right under the basket) is UN-AC-CEPTABLE!!! You’re the biggest, well TALLEST, guy on the court most of the time. Quit complaining about not getting calls and DOMINATE! You’re PAUL DAVIS man!!! But if you keep playing at the level you’ve been playing at, you can just stay on the bus for the games. I hope this makes you SO mad and you just start terrorizing people.

COACH COLLINS: I’ll tell you like I told Coach Stokes. I’m NOT a Coach, and don’t wanna be. I know it’s probably a task trying to recruit when guys can’t compete for a championship, BUT, our problem is NOT lack of athletes! We have some ballers! But we’re not AGGRESSIVE! No mean streak! An ineffective press defense. How often do they have one of those Hoosier’s practices? 3 hours with no basketball and 1 water break; at the END of practice! We suck at free throws!! UNACCEPTABLE!!! How many leads have we let slip away or games we’ve lost due to ineffective play from the free throw line? For this I blame coaching.

I do agree with you BLANKING on Tuck from time to time though. He needs it. Makes him tougher. Tuck is prideful, so whenever you spazz on him in front of the crowd, it makes him play MUCH better when he gets back in the game!

Please leave your comments. Agree? Disagree? What do YOU think couold help WSSU basketball?

Chuuch, oh yeah, GO HEELS!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sorry for the delay folks! Here goes –

DAHT’s take on the WSSU’s Women’s Team:

R. RECTOR: Where’s your swag mama? I hear you’re one of the most prolific players that’s ever been in the Winston Salem high school circuit. I want to see it. It’s like your confidence is shot. I SEE the potential, but it’s like, when you’re on the court, you don’t wanna make ANY mistakes because you feel like you’re on a yo-yo. Shoot mama. Shoot. Shoot. SHOOT! I see when you miss a three pointer, you get SO frustrated. Don’t. Let it come to you. I’d suggest in the gym shooting 300 3’s a day! Why not?

V. WOODS – 24 and 18 the other night. Great showing. I love your game girlie. As soon as we get some size to compliment you, we can move you to the 4 and you can REALLY get off!!!

C. BRADFORD – I got love for all of our lady rams, but Corb’s my favorite. I got a chance to see her hoop a game in high school and was very impressed. I want you to get your swag back too! Don’t let Coach steal your game. I can see the lack of confidence in your game when you’re out there (because whenever there’s a mistake, turnover or missed shot, you immediately look to the bench), so I KNOW the opposition can see it too, ya know? Attack the basket, and MAKE YOUR LAY-UPS!!! Keep shooting!

P. HARRELL – Enjoying your game, your swag, and your leadership on the court. I hear people whispering, saying “she never shoots”. Cool. You don’t have to. You’re one hell of a PG with some kick ass vision; keep going hard.
M. Bumpus – At first sight, I thought you were just a ball hogging, shoot every time you get the ball, Freshman. I was wrong. You got game lil mama. EVERY TIME you shoot, I REALLY believe the ball’s going in. You showed just how clutch you were against Norfolk State. A bandage on your chin from a collision at mid court(similar to the one that has Kee resting a couple games) and you’re still hitting clutch free throws and jumping right in the mix of inbound passes to get fouled? Awesome. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you lil homie!

K. WORTHY –Missing 2 clutch free throws and a blatant turn over to a winless Norfolk team is unacceptable. I see the brace, and I know you’re not 100%, but I just expect so much from you mama. I expect the ball in your hands in the clutch. You at the free throw line hitting clutch ft’s, not Bumpus. YOU! YOU! YOU! I was expecting this to be YOU’RE team this year! You’re the last one. Of the Richae’s, and Sholanda’s, and Tonkins’, YOU’RE the last one! And you owe em more than you’ve been giving.

COACH STOKES – First off, I’m NO COACH. Couldn’t do it, and applaud anyone who puts on those shoes, BUT, I don’t know what the problem is. Is it size? Is it lack of discipline? Do the players feel if they make one mistake (missed shot, turnover, etc.) their butts will be on the bench NEXT dead ball? If not, why do players IMMEDIATELY look to the bench when there is a mess up? Why doesn’t it appear our girls get so flustered when they are pressed, and OUR press is broken SO easily? How often do the girls have a grueling practice for 2 or 3 hours with NO BALL? How many free throws do the ladies have to shoot EACH practice?

I know it must be difficult to recruit, when they can’t compete for a Championship, but I remember an ENTIRE team being cut (and the only person staying is Worthy) and I haven’t seen that move produce MORE wins. I do believe we have some talented ladies, but they seem to be holding back. Why? Let em play Coach! Let em get they Swagger back, I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? We lose?

Ok. So digest that, and I’m working on the Men’s team. Don’t think I’ll have as much positive to say about the fellas though! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!! And you can leave em anonymously.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Good Morning,

I know that you're probably here to read what I have to say about the WSSU basketball team. Coach's AND Players! Well, I have to go to court right now and don't have time to write EVERYTHING! I will address the women AND the men's teams. Please make sure you check it out in a couple hours. Hope I don't lose any friends, but if it'll light some fires and get some checks in the win column, then it'll be worth it!

Names to be discussed: J. Durham, I. Tucker, B. Fisher, D. Gibson, P. Davis, J. Murphy-Long, Coach Collins, R. Rector, V. Woods, P. Harrell, C. Bradford, M. Bumpus, Coach Stokes, J. Bird.

Put on your seatbelts for this one, I might need security.


Monday, January 26, 2009

SCOREDATE – 01262009

Did ya miss me?

It’s been REAL busy in the life of Daht, and the daily obligations of this blog caught me a little by surprise; but I’m back now, and will try to do a better job in daily updates!

DAHT’s take on Aggie vs. WSSU

That game was energetic from the Women’s game at 4:30 until the Cheerleader’s performed “SKINS” on a losing note at midcourt (with the alumni cheerleader’s of the past shaking their derrieres on the baseline, although there were a few noticibely missing. yeah, i peeped that.)

The lady Aggies were just too dominant. All-Conference Guard Amber Bland dominated the first half, and BTJ, Britanie Taylor-James got hot in the 2nd and they finished with 29 and 24 points respectively. The lady Aggies were WOMEN. Women with a purpose. Winning everything last year except the MEAC Championship against Coppin State last year. The lady Rams are still looking for their first win of the season. They were more physical, they were more confident, and they smashed us 73-40. Tonight the Lady Rams play Norfolk State at 5:30 pm in the Coliseum Annex. Both teams are 0’fer. Somebody’s GOT to win; My God!

The Men’s contest was a LOT more competitive. Jamal Durham started the game with a KILLER dunk, assisted by I Tucker. Then he finished the half with a HUGE 3 pointer to close the Aggie lead to 4. The Aggies just played SO much bigger. Nicholas Wilson punched on Paul Davis and my homie J Durham. So did Thomas Coleman. Reginald Johnson got a punch on somebody too. My folk MacIntoche missed a wide open dunk, Tuck had lotion on his fingertips and B Fisher had a VERY noticeable limp that threw off his jump shot. These factors, combined with horrible shooting from the free throw line (7-20), doomed my Rams. 73-60.

I do believe when we take the show on the road to Greensboro, we’ll be much more competitive in the Corbett. I also believe the lady Aggies will win the MEAC Championship. They’re good; and very well coached. Amber Bland is a force who’s really got a shot in the WNBA. BTJ needs to work on just a couple things, like ball handling, and she could have a shot at the WNBA too. And they’re both very cool chicas I had a chance to meet after the game.

STAR SIGHTINGS – Some of our Alumni who have gone on to do great things in the world of sports were there: William “Big Plays” Hayes and Tory Woodbury. Wake Forest players Tony Woods, Ish Smith, and Harvey Hale made an appearance.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TIckets to the WSSU vs. NCA&T Game

I'm giving away tickets every morning this week to check out action between the Rams and the Aggies, on the hardwood, in WS on this Saturday. If you'd like a pair, simply find the answer to this question and call in tomorrow at 9am with the answer.

The last time the Aggies basketball team cam to Winston, they went back to Greensboro with a loss. What was the score to that game?

Find the answer and call in tomorrow at 9am with the answer and i've got you a pair of tickets to the game.


Monday, January 19, 2009


DAHT’s take on NFL

The Eagles got just what I said they would. Over confident. Then a loss. 32-25 to the BEST team in the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals. Although it was one heck of a comeback there were still MANY questionable calls. And no, not the pass interference against Kevin Curtis on 4th and 10 with it all in the balance. I’m talking about the 2 quarters it took for the Eagle’s D to report to the field, the option to not go for the 2 point conversion when they finally took the lead.

The Steelerr’s looked phenomenal against the Ravens. Defeating them 23-14. Guess you can’t look past the best defense in the league. And that’s exactly who came to the aid of the Steeler’s yesterday. Whether it was Clark possibly ending Willis McGahe’s career or Troy “The Tazmanian Devil” Polomalu taking the deicisive pick to the house for 6, that defense was remarkable and will probably lead that team to a Super Bowl: the first team to win 6. Sorry 49ers and Cowboys.

All in all, it brings up 10 good questions.

1. Was that pass interference on Kevin Curtis?
2. Will McNAbb be an Eagle next season?
3. Will Andy Reid coach the Eagle’s next Season?
4. Will Brian Dawkins be back next season?
5. Is it the end of the road for Ray Lewis?
6. Will the Cardinals do the unthinkable and win it all? Their first Super Bowl.
7. Can Fitzgerald continue to put up big numbers and lead his team to the biggest win of em all?
8. Will Willis McGahee ever play football again?
9. Who will win the Super Bowl between the Cardinals and the Steelers?
10. Who will win the game’s MVP?

DAHT’s Ticket Giveaway:

This Saturday, January 24th, Winston Salem State University will play North Carolina A&T State University in basketball; both men and women. I want everyone to come to the game, so I’m doing my part, giving away some tickets here. If you’d like to win I need you to call in with the answer to this question tomorrow.

Who is the All-Time leading scorer in Winston-Salem State University history?

Sunday, January 18, 2009



DAHT's take on the NOTORIOUS Movie Premier:

So I'm approaching the doors with my ol lady, as we discuss how dang cold it is out. "It's OK that you look funny with that hat on, i bet your ears are warm though ain't they?" - I tell her as I nod to my homies, Rugby and Knox, who are parked at the curb in the immediate front of the 4 Seasons Grande 18 Theatre.

Before we could fully pass the van, "POW!!!" We look up and people flood from the building, resembling water through a strainer. Pulling C towards me behind the van, I knock on the front door glass, DJ Knox looks at me in utter confusion, i show him the "shoot" sign, he shows me the "peace" sign, and they peel out.

We enter the building. There is a melee of people screaming. Confusion. People still wanting to see their movie (you gotta remember, NOTORIOUS isn't the ONLY movie being shown!), People wanting refunds. The manager's on their walkie-talkie's in utter confusion. Then Carla asks me what the group is doing huddled up to our 11 o'clock. She moves to get a better view and sees the victim. Police are at his aid and they are awaiting EMS. About 6'0, 225lbs, dark skin, with a gunshot wound in his stomach. He's visibly moving, and Carla is adamant that he'll make it.

Eventually, police evacuate the building, the parking lot, we are now in the middle of a crime scene. But people are PISSED! They want their money back. They want to see NOTORIOUS. They're cursing. Hitting the glass. "You need to talk to your Staff" one girl yells, "I don't want no damn refund ticket for a show at a later time, I want my damn money!" another patron blurts.

And then up walks Jamal Woolard aka Gravy, the Star of Biggie. People are still jumping under his left and right arms, handing their home girls their cell phones for a quick shot. And he's standing there, taking every picture with every fan who's in reach and recognizes him. Then Fendi directs him towards the entrance. But management is arguing with the police. Management is saying "he's the STAR of the movie!" the police are saying EVERYBODY OUT! It's a crime scene now!"... Eventually Gravy is escorted in and disappears into a room. I don't see him again.

How embarrassing.

We have THE lead actor in GREENSBORO for the premiere of NOTORIOUS, and we blow it. Whoa. Now y'all see how they're connecting those daht's right? "The crowd that NOTORIOUS drew created this situation." It was RIDICULOUS out there!! Like the club. Mini skirts, brand new outfits (one chic ain't take her tag off), long lines, just the WHOLE atmosphere felt like a crunk club night. And much like those nights, it ended with buddy slumped over the theatre bench with a bullet in his belly.

Your thoughts and comments are encouraged.

Friday, January 16, 2009


What the business is people? Sorry for yesterday’s missed entry. Longer day than the PREVIOUS thread.

Daht’s take on UNC:

The boys played Virginia last night, and although Tyler had 28 pts and Ty Lawson had 19, I am STILL unimpressed. Yeah, it was a 22 point win, but it was Virginia. I don’t want to hear Tyler say “We were just trying to get back to playing ball and playing good defense.” Shut up! It! Was! VIR! GINIA!!!

Wanna impress ME? Beat Boston College at home. Beat an athletic Wake Forest team on the road. Virginia? Really? Get out of here. Here’s my question…

We’ve got time for one shot, down 3, who do you want to take that shot? Exactly. The TEAM doesn’t even know! (hence Stupo T in that Wake Forest debacle) Will it be Ty Lawson who went 3-3 from 3-point range last night? Or do YOU pick Wayne “Short Shot” Ellington? (who shoots MORE airballs than “The Duke” Wayne Ellington?) I’d prefer Danny shoot it. He’s been consistent all season. He’s shooting 54% from the field and 47% from 3pt range. Who you pick?

DAHT’s life:

My little Stink has his first basketball game tomorrow morning. I’m SO STOKED! Ha! He wears number 2 and plays for the black team. I really appreciate my homie Josh Howard and the Josh Howard Foundation for giving kids in the Winston Salem area an outlet and a way to be introduced to sports on a “team” level. Hats off to Josh Howard!

I don’t even LIVE in Winston, but commute just to make sure I support my homie. I love the Tre and will support it faithfully forever!

Make sure you check-in tomorrow to see who I’ve got for the Super Bowl; I’ve made a few changes in my picks, I think.

And ANYONE can leave a comment! Just leave the comment, and when asked to select profile, and you don’t have an account, just choose “anonymous”!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What the business is? I'm feeling like today's entry will be that of a shorter version.


I'm tired. After watching Traitor, starring Don Cheadle, with Carla and Zay (and yes he watched it JUST as intensely as we did, as if he knew EVERYTHING that was happening)I was up until after midnight, at the station: working on funny, editing the phone call with my homie Harvey Hale, of Wake Forest, so the people could hear it this morning (see, that was free! somebody reading this thought we were LIVE this morning.)

Had to be up this morning. Work by 5:30am. Didn't make it. 6. Yes!

And see, morning radio isn't like other jobs.
If I had to be at Wal Mart to work a shift by 5:30am, from 5:30am-6am I figure I'll be yawning, and really getting acclimated to the day.

Not in Morning Radio.
No one's wanting to turn on their radio and hear ME yawning for thirty minutes! As soon as the people cut they box on, or get in their car, or log on to (cheap plug. AND?) they expect Daht to be Mr. Funny. Period. And I LOVE the demand, but more importantly, I DELIVER.

Anyways, as Delyte says, "I digress"..

I work my shift. Had the worst spelling be contestant in 2009. Got some news about Ushers wife taking Eric Snows wife's spot on Desperate Atlanta Housewives (and YES, I know what the name of the show is! I can put "desperate" if I want! It's MY BLOG!) played a fun game of Liar Liar: can you believe a woman was so big she had to get an MRI in the zoo? She was too big for the hospital! IT'S TRUE!! Look it up!. I introduced "Haqckeem" to the people; my confused accented, Pakistani, Habibi, Abu from the Simpsons Character. Dropped the Harvey Hale interview where he told us that Tyrese Rice of Boston College talks MORE trash than any other ACC player.

Interesting show!

Get off the air, where many people think my day ends; actually it just really begins. Have a meeting with the boss. Trying to decide how to tackle the inauguration on Tuesday, on the air. Do we want special guests? Do we want to go to DC? If so where to stay? Do we go live or do check-ins? Do we want listeners to come watch it with us?

After that, it's time to make some phone calls. Gotta record commercials. Gotta records drops to be played throughout the day, in our absence. Before I know it, I look up, and it's noon-thirty. Finally, time to go.

Get home. Talk to one of my brothers who's going through; who ISN'T these days. Daht's take on relationships in a blog coming soon!! Then I realize I haven't even posted today's blog.

So here I am. What's next?

A nap. Then it's off to basketball practice with the Lil Gig Guy. Then we gotta get shape-ups. Then it's off to our very first Father-Son Casting Call. Gotta read for some stuff, and he's gotta model for some folks. I don't know what it is. SOMETHING my manager GC has put together. Then I wanted to make a trip past my brother Horton spot tonight to check out Wake smashing BC. Don't know how realistic THAT is.

But it appears I'll be getting in the bed around midnight again tonight. What a revolving door.

So maybe tomorrow I'll talk about Jodie Meeks dropping 54 on Tennessee, or Shaqovic (as the Big Aristotle now likes to refer to himself) dropping 26 and 10 looking like the Shaq of old. I might even share with you my views on how they're doing my man, Sir Charles. Stripping him of his endorsements?

They act like he sodomized a white hotel receptionist or fought dogs!

Maybe I'll talk about that stuff tomorrow; you just gotta come back ad see.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sorry to anyone who was listening to the show this morning and missed my voice; I had obligations on Sycamore Street in Greensboro. Unfamiliar? Court. Which leads me to todays blog regarding a sport called: Life. It’s not a game.

This past Summer I was involved a situation that has me facing 120 days in jail. What? None of your business! Get what I give you.


This morning it all came to a head. Courtroom 2c at 9 am. I’m fly as a pelican though. Got my Gucci shades on, my slacks and my sweater, scarf and peacoat; Feel like Diddy going to get Shyne locked up. Feel like paparazzi should be here… Where are they?!

I get to the courthouse around 8:50 am. Because I’m no novice to this place, I proceed in the usual fashion into the building; the entrance from Washington Street. I was redirected to another entrance around the building, up the steps, in the back. As I walk up the steps I see “literally” hundreds of people swarming to get into a single file line to enter the building. Last thing I could remember was Afrika on the air saying it was 34 degrees. I think she was off a couple. It was BRICK OUT! So I “accidently” don’t know where I’m going and on “accidental purpose” (look it up) I jump maybe 2-3 hundred people. Sorry about that.

Get into the courthouse (which it sort of like getting on a plane, except you don’t have to take your shoes off) and now it’s time to find my courtroom.


I walk in the double door, proceed down the aisle, to the front, and state my name. They verify my lawyers name and instruct me to sit down until he arrives. I see an open seat to my left. Front row. Only one guy in-between me and the aisle once I sit down. "Excuse me man" I say as I scoot pass him to plant it.(and he is visibly shaking non stop) To my left is a 16 year old Caucasian male who is using repetitive curse words to his mom who sits to his immediate left: “Don’t f***ing worry about it Mom. You don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about Mom. Where’s the f***ing lawyer Mom?” He’s facing 12 counts of larceny.

Then enters a 16 year old Junior in high school, she's wearing a one piece that reads, “Guilford County Jail”, on the back. Hands and feet in shackles. She’s been locked up since November 8th on 13 counts of larceny. Her grandmother could’ve posted her bail but SHE’S the victim; so she decided to teach her some tough love. Tough.

The man beside me will NOT stop shaking though. Even when his lawyer steps over and says to him: “I know you’re looking at 45 days, but I think we can send you home today. The Judge is a kind lady. She has a good heart. We can also continue it but we don’t know how the next judge will be. It’s a roll of the dice, but we can try it today and just hope for the best”. He agrees, but it does not stop the shakes. At one point, the bench vibrated. That’s when I looked at him and said, “I’m praying for you brother”. He looked at me with the innocence of a toddler and said “thank you man.”

ALL RISE. The honorable Judge blah blah blah…..

I should’ve listened to her name. And where the heck’s MY lawyer?!?! Cases are being called and I’m just sitting. The cursing 16 year old gets off with a work release program. The Junior get’s the cuffs off and she’ll get to go home to her grandma. With tears streaming down her cheek she vowed to never mess up again and NEVER return to a courtroom.

Dang. The judge IS nice. And then, in walks My Guy. Sharp as a Spartan sword. Makes me want to check my posture and put my shades back on. He’s smiling and being jovial with the DA. Work your magic my dude!!! Then he looks at me, nods, and directs his eyes, instructing me to go into the hallway to talk. At the exact same time, they call my shivering homie to my right.

I exit the courtroom.

My lawyer informs me I’m facing no time. They’ve dropped my charge to a misdemeanor. I’ll get minimal community service. But we can’t try the case today. Why? Because his wife is the judge presiding over courtroom 2c today and it’ll be a conflict of interest. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! I was instructed to return in 2 weeks and allowed to leave the courthouse.

It was STILL brick out. But I was thankful to feel the cold air! Once I got in the car, I remembered my shivering friend. I’ll never know if he got to leave that courtroom; my prayers to him and his family.

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my life; keep me in your prayers.


Monday, January 12, 2009


DAHT’s take on #3 UNC vs. #4 WF

What an experience!! The proverbial wolf in sheep clothing comes to life in the Lawrence Joel Coliseum. There I stood, amongst 14,714 people, the largest crowd to watch a game in the Joel. With 90% of the arena screaming for Wake Forest, I was standing in the Screamin’ Deacon section, wearing green, with my insides going BANANAS holding back my cheers for the Boys. They lost. My Tarheels I mean. 82-79 to a more athletic, better, Wake Forest team. But there was so much I took from the game, I couldn’t be but SO upset.

I don’t know if it was the tie dye nation surrounding me. The guy with the yellow blazer and black top hat who had honed his raft of screeching loud as ever when there was just a fraction of silence before one of the Tarheels would take a free throw shot. (he was pretty good too, I think we shot 50% or less when he did that) Or maybe it was Dino in a tie dye shirt sitting directly across from me. Might’ve been the little girl who looked like a Dr. Seuss character, who asked if I was into face paint, as if offering me heroin. Could’ve been the undercover TarHeel fan who had on a tie dye shirt over his UNC jersey; who, once outed by the student section, was stripped of his jersey AND seat in the section! Forcing him to view from the nose bleeds section. Damn. Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping thru my veins trying to hide the fact that I wanted the Tarheels to win more than anything. Maybe it was the creative signs I saw: The one of Tyler’s mom that said MILF, or the one that read “Ty Lawson always drives to the basket (under the influence)", or the Farouq U sign (which paid tribute to the Freshman Al Farouq Aminu). Good job Wake fans. But something had me rushing the court as the horn sounded and the undefeated Demon Deacons beat my Tarheels. Although my middle finger was sky high, and I was screaming “bleep” Whack Forest, I was still there. Amongst 1500 sum odd musty students who had given everything they had to ensure a victory in Winston-Salem. That's when i realized: Damn. My Tarheels lost.

Wake was just better. More energy and better play. Big shouts to Harvey Hale, Sunshine and Tiffany. I had a ball in that section and I am now a Wake fan, second. I’ll be there on January 28th. Again in the Screamin Deacon section. This time with face paint, a tie dye shirt, and heller energy to give to ensure another win in the Joel against a team from the 919!


Disgusted. The boys are soft man. No heart. And what’s even worst, with a team like this, we have no clue who we want to take the shot at the end of a game. To the point where Tyler thinks he should take 3’s under 10 seconds in a game when he’s open. Hey STUPID. You’re open because they know you’re NOT going to shoot it! Now you’re forcing 3’s Tyler? I had accepted you forcing shots in the paint, don’t like it, but had accepted it. Now you’re taking shots out of Waynes hands!?

As if he’ll hit em.

Ya’ll promised me Wayne was going to be one of the most prolific scorers in UNC history. When? Flopped against Georgetown. Floped against Kansas, and no, he didn’t stand alone, but still. Only had one game Heel fans remember, Clemson. And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen??? NO and then! Will Graves takes TOO many shots. Be more aggressive on the defensive end man! Then things will work out better on your offense. And quit taking them eratic flops!! MAN UP WILLIE! Deon Thompson, kill it with the reverse layups and dunk the damn ball man. Really. Danny has been one of the more consistent of our guys. He had a slump for a couple of games, but he’s still My Guy.

Our young boys will be ok; a lot of promise, and I really like em; especially Drew II. I really miss Ty Zeller. And I’m nearing my rope of believing in Bobby Frasor. I believe we’ll lose at least 2 more contests in the ACC. We’ll probably split with Duke, and a loss to Clemson. Hopefully we’ll be ready come ACC tournament time.


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hope you went to church today; if not, hope you at least said a prayer and gave thanks for being blessed to see another day.


Although I didn’t want to accept it, I knew it was possible. I’m a believer in Sports Karma. Too many media outlets had the Panthers HEAVILY favored over the Cardinals; to the point where the game needed to not even be played! That’s when I knew there was a problem. Cardinals 33, Panthers 13.

I just have so many questions! Like…

How does Fitzgerald have more catches than Smitty AND Muhsin? Did Chris Harris and Gamble and the boys (who I gave BIG credit to yesterday) not get the memo that #11 is one of the most elite WR’s in the league, and there was a BIG probability that he would need a lot of touches in order for the Cards’ to win? How do you pass 80% of the time in the 1st half when your initial drive was capped with a DeAngelo Williams TD?

Jake. Ol Jake. 2 interceptions and a lost fumble in just the first half? 1 pick shy of the record, Jake? At home? Where you’re 8-0? You threw 5 interceptions. A total of 6 times Jake said to himself, his team, and all the fans:”ya know what, we don’t need the ball. Let’s just give it to the Cardinals.” Sorry 50T, but the Jake bashing will continue!! FOREVER! JAKE SUCKS! Can you imagine how the game would’ve been with Drew Brees under center? Happy Birthday Fake Delhomo! Happy Birthday clown. I hope they blow out the candles on your CAREER! Go back to Europe you bum! PLUCK YOU JAKE!!!

Will Julius return? Will they FINALLY realize that Jake is the plague of this franchise and release his turnover prone a$$? Will Muhsin retire? Is this the end of the road for John Fox and his coaching staff? (especially offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson, he's GOTTA know not to put that much pressure on Jake)


At QB I give the edge to Donovan. I believe his benching and jokes made on his behalf from not knowing there was a tie rule, has lit a fire under him and put THE biggest chip on his shoulder. And, honestly, Eli is just a younger Jake with a better last name. I give the RB edge to the 3 headed monster entitled: Earth Wind and Fire of the Giants. Brandon Jacobs didn’t have many touches last contest so expect him to have a monster game. At WR I give the edge to Philadelphia with, ReSean Jackson and Kevin Curtis. Today, Eli will REALLY understand how it feels to be without Plaxico. Defensive edge I give to the Eagles. They’ve been playing on a high caliber level the past 5 to 6 weeks and I think Bruh Dawkins and that D will be EXTREMELY fired up today.

I pick the Eagles to beat the Giants and have to take another road trip next week to ARIZONA. Let me see ya birdwalk!


At QB, edge goes to Phillip Rivers. He’s been playing on a high level and willing his team to win these days. Ben is one hard lick away from another concussion folks. At RB, I give the edge to the Steelers. With LT being improbable for this contest, I just don’t believe Sproles can carry all the weight. At WR, I give it to Hines Ward and Pittsburgh. Hines brings his A game week in and week out, and I don’t think that’ll change in a game of this caliber. Defensive edge goes the Defensive Player of the year, James Harrison, Troy Polamalu and the top defense in the league. I give the win, in a close one, to Pittsburgh.

DAHT’s Dilemma

Ok. My sister Sunshine is engaged to Harvey Hale, PG for the (4) Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Tonight, (4) WF plays MY (3) TARHEELS. I have an opportunity to sit courtside at the game tonight. COURTSIDE. Here’s the dilemma, I HAVE to sit in the Screamin Deacon section. I can’t wear any Tarheel blue, and I can’t root for the Boys, because Sho Pro’s will escort me out of the section. So this is what I’ve decided, WHEN the boys win, I will have a Tarheel shirt on underneath my top shirt and I will scream to the TOP of my lungs!!! In the event of a loss, WF has been instructed they can rush the floor. (We’re not even #1 in the country anymore.) If they do, I’m rushing the floor with them, with both middle fingers raised to the sky, hoping to make Sportscenter. Pray for me!


Saturday, January 10, 2009


I’m sure my female audience will enjoy today’s blog! And ladies, know this, sports can bring up all types of interesting conversations; and just a basic knowledge of certain sports MIGHT spice up the house life!


LBJ must’ve read my initial post! Sources at report, that King James may’ve popped the question to long-time girlfriend Savannah Brinson. He’s purchased a 23-carat flawless diamond ring. 23 CARATS!? (Price ranges from $800,000 - $1.2 mil! Yeah, I did a little homework.) Well, he’s knocked Miss Savannah up twice, so you know King James has to have a Queen; not concubines. Thing is, birdie told ME that ol Bronni’s got a thing for pink toes. Blondies. Can I say that?

And you ask why D Wade had his recent split. THIS is the pressure! NBA wives HAVE to be fly! Need proof? Google: wives of Caron Butler, Tony Parker, Jerry Stackhouse, Kobe Bryant, Tyson Chandler, Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd (well, his ex), even Jared Jeffries! Too much pressure on D Wade; so exit grade school sweetheart Siovaughn, enter Gabrielle “jump-off” Union. Professional ball player’s have it SO HARD. Right.

King James is having one hell of a year though! He’s an MVP frontrunner, 19-0 at home after dropping 38 points on the Celtice last night, averaging just under 28ppg and a little over 6rpg. Maybe this is the year he can put a ring on HIS finger and his 13 teammates too. Don’t think it’ll be 23-carats though; but then again, this is KING JAMES.


Last time the two teams faced each other, TEN won, 13-10. At QB, I give the edge to TEN and Kerry Collins, due to experience and I don’t think he’ll make eratic decisions. I also give the RB edge to the Titans. I tend to like Dash more than Smash, but the 2 are more effective than Willis McGahee. I also give the edge at WR to TEN. Gage is a big receiver who stretches the field well, and is a big target on 3rd downs. I give the Defensive edge to the Ravens though. Reed, Lewis, Suggs, Rolle I just feel will be more dominant than Haynesworth, Kearse, Bullock and Vandenbosch; call me crazy.

The X-Factor will be the special teams play of Kansas State’s Yamon Figures. He’ll get great field position, putting the Ravens in FG range numerous times. Once the score is around 12-0 Ravens, and Running isn’t an option for the Titans, That relentless Ravens defense will smell blood and put too much pressure on Kerry Collins’ old bones. Ravens in a blowout: 24-7. I really hope my homie William “Big Plays” Hayes (Titans, DE) doesn’t read THIS post!


Last time these two teams faced each other, Panthers won 27-23. At QB, edge goes to the Super Bowl winning, MVP, future Hall of Famer, Kurt Warner. I did promise my folk 50T that I would watch Jake Delhomme tonight. If he performs well, I’ll decrease my Jake bashing; but if he plays the caliber that I’m used to (horrible) then I shall stay the same in verbal abuse an onslaughts of Jake “daylight come and I’d wish he’d “ Go homme. At RB, edge goes to Carolina’s version of Smash and Dash, “Identity and Theft”. Damn near 2 1000 yard rushers on the same team, and one of em with 20 TD’s? Gotta roll with that. At WR, I give the edge to the Panthers with Smitty and Muhsin (which was a great off-season acquisition). Jake knows he can just throw the ball in the air, and Smitty’s gonna catch that jahnt! Arizona’s not 100% with Boldin nursing that hamstring, and that depletes the Cardinals air attack. Defensively I give the edge to the Panthers too. Ju Pepp and the Beast, Jon Beason will prove to be too much on that eerily invisible rushing attack owned by the Cardinals; when they depend on the air attack, with that broken wing which is Boldin, Chris Harris and the boys in that Panther secondary should have a field day.

The scary thing is EVERYONE is picking the Panthers. The Cardinals ARE grown men as well, and they watch tv. They hear the media. They know they’re 0-5 on the east coast and they know Carolina is undefeated at home. Edgerin James hears they don’t have a running attack. They’ll bring a lot of pride and energy into Bank of America Stadium, and keep it close for 3 quarters, but you can’t stop the inevitable. Panthers, in a close on, 32-21.

Time for me to get my boneless wings. ROLL UP… in a blanket… And check out some playoff football!


Friday, January 9, 2009

SCOREDATE – 01092009

SCOREDATE – 01092009

Well hello there. Again, big shouts to all the followers of the blog and all the comments left on previous threads! Please keep em coming.

Yesterday I gave the WRONG email to send questions to… Dumb Daht. The correct addy is Hit me up with any questions, concerns or comments!

DAHT’s take on Tim Tebow

I told you so. HE’S SUPERMAN. Matter fact, Superman is the Tim Tebow of Superheroes! He threw for 232 (minus 1) yards and rushed for 111 (minus 2) receiving Most Outstanding Player Accolades. He had John 3:16 under his eyelids for God’s sake. Threw 2 picks and never seemed flustered. Superman went into the locker room and put on his Tim Tebow suit. The energy from Tebow translated not only to the offensive players, but also the defense limiting one of the most prolific offenses in history, averaging more than 50 points a game, to only 14. WOW. 2 National Championships in 3 years, Heisman trophy winner, and seems to win games when he WANTS to, the Junior, Tebow, COULD return for his senior season. Why not? Back to Back National Championships? 2 Heisman trophy’s in 3 years? Named the most heralded College QB to ever play the game? If the knock is he’s STILL not ready to be an NFL QB, then why even risk riding pine next year for some subpar NFL team when you can come back and be King Kong in College? Like Psycho T! Tim’s the man and the world wants a piece! The announcer of last night’s game said that if you get to spend just 5 minutes with Tim, YOU’RE better for it! WOW! Did you know Tim may lose his amateur status because he’s a professional ass kicker? Tim CAN eat just one Lay’s Potato Chip! Don’t tell him what he can’t do! Tim’s house has no doors, only walls he walks through! Tim can get chik-fil-a on Sundays. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck. Sounds like a duck, but Tim says it’s a bear, you’d better believe it’s a bear! The Angels wanted Tim to be god, but he was busy being Tim Tebow. People with amnesia remember Tim Tebow! Tim Tebow counted to infinity. Twice! When google can’t find something it asks Tim Tebow. If at first you don’t succeed, you’re NOT Tim Tebow! Tim is so fast he can run around the world and ounch himself in the back of the head! I got em for days!!! I love em! And no, I didn’t make them up, but I wanted to share!


I found it humorous that the Florida State faithful rooted, by the bushels, for the Sooners. I wish I could’ve seen ALL of ya’lls hating faces when Superman turned it up a notch in the 4th. Conversing through text message with my folk Q, I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster Tebow and the Gators took the Sooners on. Whether it was 2 goal line stops from inches away from paydirt, or running into the kicker, giving the ball back to the Sooners after a 3 and out only to repeat 3 and out, or a seemingly pausing of the game in order for the Gators to douse Urban Meyer with the coveted “GATORade Bath”. I enjoyed the way confidence was sucked from each text Q sent every time The Gators made a play or stop; and I know that feeling was being experienced by every FSU fan. Damn. It’ll be OK. Ha!
I will say, off all the excitement: the touchdowns, the stops, the interceptions, the big runs, the pretty cheerleaders, my FAVORITE shot, had to be the overweight oboe player from OU’s band, holding her instrument, as a single tear streamed down the left side of her face as the right tear struggled to climb that hill of a cheek to accomplish the same feat as she watched the final seconds end their season. Priceless.

Partied hard at the club last night and am a bit fatigued. I WILL be posting my picks for the NFL games later on today; make sure to come back and check that out!
Oh yeah! When the boogeyman goes to sleep overnight, he checks the closet for Tim Tebow! When Tim Tebow does push ups, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the world down! Freddy Krueger is scared to sleep because he might meet Tim Tebow in his dreams! Tim doesn’twear a watch, HE decides what time it is! It takes Tim Tebow 20 minutes to watch 60 minutes. Seriously.

I know this is a longer blog and uh…sorry about that. It just my thoughts! How you gonna tell someone to tell me to shorten my thoughts? Absurd!


Thursday, January 8, 2009


First off, thanks for the comments and the followers! Cool stuff! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to come check out Daht’s Blog!!! MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE COMMENTS! And you can send questions to be discussed on the air to my email –
The theme will ALWAYS be sports related, because that’s my love; but you’ll also get a look into the life of B Daht, for example:

DAHT’s Family Dilly

First off yesterday was the scheduled first day of basketball practice for my 2 ½ year old son, Izayah. (You’ll be hearing a lot about that guy. He’s the joy of my life! The apple of my eye. The sugar in my grits. Man!) They couldn’t practice because they are still working on the gym remodeling but he was able to pick out a jersey number: 2! My crew, GP, and I are SERIOUS about our numbers man! My number is 11. Always been my favorite number; on a jersey, it makes me feel like I’m standing tall. My birthday is 9-11 so that helps. So EVERYTHING is 11! I’ll call you in 11 minutes, about 11 miles up the road, etc. My brother Bohss is 32, Lhast is 13, Whompus is 19, Hort is 16 and Bleu is 23. Even my lady decided to get in on the action, she’s 1. her birthday’s the 1st so that’s her thing. Zay’s born on the 2nd and he was the 2nd child to be born into GP, so he’s 2! Deuce even. As I think about him playing sports, I pray that he’s more athletic than his Daddy. I want him to have my hustle, work ethic, but actually have SKILLS to go along with it. I think because we’re getting him started so early, it’ll help. I was first introduced to sports at the age of 12; he’s being introduced at 2, in 10 years he’ll be a beast! And all of his brothers are fairly athletic, at least were in their primes. Bohss was the 2nd leading scorer in the nation in college at one point in his life, Bleu BayB played in his high school football Championship, Whompus was a star Defensive LB, Lhast was Rookie of the Year in tennis in college, and Horton set records in HS at the QB position for the city of Chapel Hill. And hey, I was one hell of an intramural coach in my day; football AND basketball! That’s embarrassing…ok, forget I said that. ANYWAYS… Just said all that to say, I’m SO excited regarding the athletic future of my little beast: Izayah Mac.

DAHT’s Disgusting News of the Day

WNBA star Candace Parker had one hell of a 2008: 2nd NCAA Championship, #1 pick in WNBA draft, Rookie of the Year, MVP of the WNBA, AP Female Player of the Year, and an Olympic Gold Medal. 2009: she’s reproduced with her gruesome looking husband (yeah I said it! Google him!) Sheldon Williams of the Sacramento Kings, the ex Duke Star, and should be expecting this Spring. I did vomit. Am I wrong? It’s not FAIR! (Insert TO crying here) I mean enough is enough. Jay Z and Beyonce. Janet and Jermaine but at LEAST they ain’t REPRODUCING!!! Some species should just be singular, one of, and the Sheldon Williams Species should DEFINITELY be a “one hit wonder” if “ya nahm tahkn bout?!”

And another thing, this is just another reason why women’s sports will NEVER reach the heights of male sports! Sound sexist? When your team loses it’s MVP, Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year, think they may hurt a little bit this season? Uh, yeah! Don’t have to worry about Kobe taking 9 months off to be laid up preggo. And is there a clause in the contracts that say if you DO get pregnant and have to miss 75% of a damn season you still get paid? Ridiculous. So, not only is there NO above the rim action in the female game BUT, I could have the best player on our team get pregnant and derail our entire season?! (If I was a fan and actually cared about the WNBA) Night night WNBA stock, no deal.

DAHT’s take on Bowl Game tonight:

Tim Tebow. Enough said. You know God wanted to create the Earth in 10 days but Tim Tebow gave him 6?! Did you know when Batman’s in trouble he turns on the Tim Tebow Signal?! True Story.

Since this one is up so early, I may have to post another one today!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What’s happening? I appreciate all the people who take time out of their lives to check out my blogs and leave comments!

The name’s Markis V. Pattin, known to about a million people or more as B DAHT. I do morning radio in North Carolina, 102 Jamz. Due to the syndication and down sizing of the market, we are one of the ONLY local morning shows in the state. I deliver the funny on the show and I’m also responsible for the sports. I have entitled that segment of the show “Thee Score” and I just give the news and my take on different matters that are important to me and I think my audience would like to hear and dialogue about. Although I was never a stellar athlete, and many of my middle school and high school teammates can attest to that, I was always around sports; riding the bench for every one of em, with a fair amount of mop up minutes at the end of contests. I love the competition and the conversation sports bring, and I hope you share a passion as well.
Yesterday, after getting off of work, I did what I normally do; stripped down to my relax clothes and cut on ESPN to check out First Take. As a guest to debate Skip Bayless on 1st and 10 was not soft looking Jamal Anderson or Mr Kordell “caught in the act giving bj’s” Stewart, but my FAVORITE rapper: Lil Wayne. I was ecstatic; only to be disappointed by the lack of confidence displayed by my usually SUPER CONFIDENT rapper aka “The Best Rapper Alive Since the Best Rapper Retired”. Maybe it was because he was sober, or maybe because he had those silly glasses on, or maybe it was Skip being so star struck that he couldn’t debate like he usually does, or maybe we couldn’t see Wayne’s NON sober entourage off camera telling Skip he’d better not embarrass “The Best..”. WHATEVER it was, I was NOT impressed; although it DID show that the little homie DOES watch and know his sports. The thing that caught me was them saying Wayne wrote a blog for ESPN; so I did my homework, and he does!!
So THAT’S when I decided it was LONG overdue having my OWN blog! Hopefully ESPN will get wind of it and I can write for them one day then I can debate Skip!!
Again thanks for checking out the blog, and PLEASE leave comments! I love dialogue! Be blessed. Chuuch.

DAHT’s take on NFL

Personally I’m a St. Louis Rams fan; we’ve had a total of 5 wins in 2 seasons and that is very depressing. At the beginning of the season I was a free agent looking for another team to be a fan of, but I stayed with the home team. When I was young I was a San Francisco fan, but when my home city FINALLY got a team back, I was DOWN! Yes, we suck. So, what? Because I now live in NC I should realistically be a Panther fan 2nd, but deep down, I just LOVE the Cowboy’s. (I think it’s something about that star!) --BYE BYE PAC-MAN! What did you do in Tennessee??--And I don’t like or trust Jake Delhomme. I really believe he WANTS to make dumb decisions and his teammates continue to bail him out. I don’t like the Panthers because they never make good decisions. The worst decision EVER was taking (RB) Biakabituka from Michigan over, then Heisman, Eddie George from Ohio State and those erratic decisions continue to plague the Panthers even to recent years when they allowed the Saints to land one of the best quarterbacks of our era, in Drew Brees. You know he threw for like, 5000 yards this season? Could you imagine him as a Panther? Right.

I will let you know you I have in the Super Bowl. Eagles/Ravens. T-Shirts will read “This Super Bowl’s for the Birds!” And I think Ray Lewis, or “The Criminale” (it’s French for criminal, not really but sorta) as we like to call him, and “Big Play” Ed Reed and them boys are going to win it. Although I would like for my homie William “Big Plays” Hayes, DE for the Tennessee Titans to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to NC, I don’t think it’ll happen THIS year. I don’t think they’ve played competitive football REALLY since clinching their division and the Ravens have been playing high octane, playoff football for the past 5 weeks. You can’t just turn that stuff on and off; momentum and energy and cohesiveness I mean. Which is similar to why I pick the Eagles. That and the fact Donovan has a chip on his shoulder the size OF Philadelphia! And if they DO meet in the Super Bowl, if you remember, last time the two teams faced each other Baltimore beat the SNOT out of Philly; might give Donovan an edge. Hmm… thinking about changing my pick.. Nah, Ravens.

THIS JUST IN! Eric Mangini will be the new head coach of the Browns? First Romeo THEN Mangini (aka Man-Genius)? Just keep tying out the Baby Bilichek's, huh? At some point we're just going to HAVE to acknowledge that Bilichek is one of the best, most homely looking coaches of ALL-TIME! Does he cheat? Who knows. WHO CARES! He wins! And all those little coaches dip'd to be head coaches else where and who is still collecting 11-win seasons with backup quarterbacks? Bilichek. I hate Boston. They plague me. Their Patriots beat my Rams in the Super Bowl. Their Red Sox beat my Cardinals in the World Series. Boston College just upset my Tarheels (and mind you, are about to lose to freaking HARVARD). I hate Boston.

DAHT’s take on NBA

I will admit I haven’t been watching much NBA. I saw the Celtics lose to LA and ever since it seems every time I see a score from their game scroll across the bottom, they’ve taken another loss. They lost to the Bobcats last night! No, seriously! The BOBCATS! I do remember seeing my Magic demolish my homie CP3 and his New Orleans Hornets. I’ve seen a couple other contests, but those are the ones that stand out as I sit here now. I remember seeing the Hawks/Celtics game… gonna enjoy seeing that in the playoffs. At the end of the day though, I don’t think there is anyone who can beat Kobe this year. Even though they lost last night to the Hornets, I think in 7 games they’ll beat anyone on the West. That’ll set up a rematch like last year, and I think Kobe wins this year…. Setting up part III next year! We’re getting our very own Bird/Magic, Celtic/Lakers rivalry jack! The ones I remember the ol heads talking about in the barber shops on Saturdays. ‘You see Magic last night jack? That Larry Bird is something else, slick!’ Izayah’ll be hearing me say the same things! ‘You see Kobe last night pimp? That Paul Pierce is the TRUTH homes!’

I would like to say BIG SHOUTS to CP3, of the New Orleans Hornets; that IS if the rumors are true about you having a child on the way with high school sweetheart Miss Jada Crawley. Chris Paul has come a long way man! Never in a million years when I watched that clip of: him punching Julius Hodge in the nuts and dipping behind a double-screen during that Wake Forest/NC State game, did I EVER think he’d be a future Hall of Famer; which is exactly what he is. He’s the Chosen One. Boyish good looks, the smile of a child, 0 tattoo’s, I wonder will having a child out of wedlock damper any of that? I mean, that’s what happened to Mike. Yeah, Jordan. Once he got ol’ Juanita preggo, he had to leggo his eggo if “ya nahm tahknn bout?!” He HAD to remain the Golden Boy. You can’t be running around with White America loving you and you just knocking up ya girlfriend…. Can you? Mike didn’t think so. So this might mean we’ll be reporting CP3 will be getting married soon! Maybe I’ll give CP a call and find out…

And note to LeBron: you walked. Get over it. Most times Superstars get away with it; we know. But just because you wear 23, it doesn’t make you His Heirness. Win a couple rings and we’ll talk about it, k?