Monday, May 18, 2009

If JJ Redick Could Read This

Mr. Redick,

Wake your ass up. Get your damn head out the goal, and put a ball in there! You'd be SURPRISED what would happen!

Well you sure should have some good stamina the way Ray-Ray ran your ass ragged. My God JJ; way to NOT represent the ACC - Such a Bloo Devil.

And I know that being a former Dookie, and NEVER playing in a National Championship, you’re not really used to the Big Games; Shooting 3/25+ is unacceptable. Coach K isn’t your daddy anymore, ok? You no longer have a lap to lay your head upon; this is the league sir, we’re all grown.

In the league we leave it up to you to fix your shot, keep shooting.

You started game 7 against the Celtic’s, and took your first shot attempt in the latter part of the second half. You played 25 minutes and scored 5 points, and Ray dropped about 20 on you.

Insert Mickael Pietrus here.

We put Mickael in the game and he shoots 6-7 from the field, and 3-3 from behind the arc; finishing with 17 points and 23 minutes of game time. And limits Ray’s shooting.

All I’m saying JJ is, like MANY dookies before you, you’re replaceable. Act like you want to be part of this, or find yourself a cozy seat on the bench, and fill out Other Team Applications, because we will not need your services at the conclusion of this season.

Your Brother in Christ,

B Daht Obama

Thursday, May 14, 2009

THIS or THAT - No Letter today

Sorry. Today there is no letter but the questions to This or That.

Each Thursday, at 8pm, on 102 Jamz (or if you’re out of the Triad listening area)we play a riveting game entitled This or That. I give out 2 options and you pick if you’d like to get with THIS or THAT!

Here’s today’s version:

1. Would you rather have a spouse who can’t spell OR one with no common sense?

2. Swim in a sewer with your mouth and eyes wide open OR drink a 20 oz bottle of dump truck juice?

3. Hate yourself and love everyone else OR Love yourself and hate everyone else?

4. Which is more important: NO smoking in businesses OR NO texting while driving?

You too can tune in each Thursday and participate.

You are more than welcomed to leave your answers in the comments section!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If Dwight Howard Could Read This:

Dear Dwight,


Brother, what the hell’s going on? As a Magic fan, I have consistently been disappointed in the organization. Even when we have talented players, we still just can’t get over the hump; thanks for holding down tradition.

Do you understand this is YOUR team? Being up 10 points with a little over 5 minutes to play and you not touching the ball until less than 7 seconds remaining in the contest is UN acceptable. (Especially when we’re down 3, and you get fouled immediately – a 59% FT shooter – why are you even IN the Game, Stan? Horrible coaching)

You didn’t touch the ball the last 7 minutes of the contest! Why even play? Just sit your big a$$ down, think of something funny, and twitter about it (@dwighthoward), or blog, or think of ways to lose another dunk contest.

By the way, you letting the opposition wear Kryptonite and dunk on you (being Superman) was yet another showing of you just allowing people to do whatever they want to do to you. My God Dwight; grow some ball$.

When will you man up? When will you get mean? When will you realize you could be one of the most dominate forces the games has seen in years? Even Shaq had his issues as a Magic; took some painful losses. Difference with Shaq is that he KNEW (coming from COLLEGE) that he would be the most dominant force the game has seen; and he lived up to the expectations. Yeah, he was a goof, even kid like, but you take that to the max!

Quit your damn smiling and tell your teammates that it’s YOUR team! Not Hedo. Not Rafer. Not Rashard. Yours! LeBron would never go the final 7 minutes of a Cav’s game without touching the ball; neither would D Wade, hell, that wouldn’t even happen to Shane Battier. Even with the Defensive Player of the Year accolades, to me, you’re still the biggest disappointment from the Olympic team. Period.

A good friend of mine, who also plays 80+ NBA games a year, told me you’d never win one because you play too damn much – I’m starting to believe him.

And Stan Van Gundy, don’t think you’re exempt, I got a letter coming for your stubby a$$ too! Shaq was right, you suck, and it shows!

Thanks for your time Dwight.

Your Brother in Christ,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If Kobe Could Read This:

Waddup Kobe –

I’m disappointed in you man. 1st off, you don’t let the heir, LBJ, drop 47 points on the road against a healthy opponent (ATL Hawks) and you only go for 15 against a heavily beat up opponent (HOU Rockets) AND lose? Oh, and memo to Kobe: LeBron just finished his series; 8 straight double-digit wins, 2 sweeps.

Who do you think you are? Better yet, who are you?

It is your 13th year, are your legs, getting too old Kobe? You DID lead us to gold this year in the Olympics – are you tired? Are you done? Maybe Shaq was right man, maybe you CAN’T win without him. It’s ok.

I don’t even know if the Finals are on your agenda anymore; they shouldn’t be. You should focus more of your attention on 1. Getting past a talented Rockets team that is NOT afraid of you OR Phil. They actually believe they can dictate your shot selection and minimize your effectiveness. Unbelievable. 2. If you are lucky enough to get pass the Rockets, I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but the Nuggets are looking WAY better than you and the Lakers. You’d better hope Denver don’t stick it to your ass the way you did that white girl in Colorado a couple years back – Karma’s a b!t@h ain’t it?

All I’m saying is I like you Kobe. My son’s 2 and you’re one of the only superstars he recognizes. Every time he see’s you dunk, or shoot, or ANYTHING, he goes CRAZY screaming! He adores you man; don’t let the kids down.

Just be real with your East Coast homie – should I put my money on you? I mean, I don’t make a lot, and you cost me a LOT of bread in last years Finals. You DO remember getting you’re a$$ handed to you in 6 by the Celtics don’t you? It’s kind of hard to forget that; pretty embarrassing.

Going to let you go, I know you have to go kiss your kids or apologize to your wife for something. Or there’s probably a premier for your Spike Lee flick “Doin’ Work” – how about you take heed to the title and Do Some Work Kobe. You’re the Black Mamba for God’s sake – ACT LIKE IT.

Your Brother In Christ –

B Daht

Monday, May 11, 2009

The NBA Playoffs are One Word....


Ok, so, with no Yao (out with a broken foot) and no T Mac, the Rockets blow the Lakers out of the building and limit King Kobe to 15 points? Aaron Brooks (Rafer Alston’s successor) dropped 34 points, Shane hit 5 3’s and had 23 points and they win 99-87? Wow.

Orlando let’s Big Baby kill em with no time on the clock! WTF?! Celtic’s win 95-94. Big Baby the Buzzer Beater; Damn. This series is starting to get a little scary; my Magic aren’t as strong as I thought they were. We need a kick ass scorer to replace Turk’. Wow.

LeBron IS Wow. It IS the Hawks, but STILL! 47 though? My God Bronni. 102-96. Game 4 is tonight in Atlanta and the Hawks are down (3-0) this series is a wrap. Game over. Wow.

Referee’s cost the Mavs a win. Wow.

Education for the day: A team can give 6 team fouls before the other team gets the opportunity to shoot free throws. Sometimes you use it as a tactic to stop the clock or leave the opposition with NOT enough time to get a good shot. This is what the Mavs tried to do.

With less than 10 seconds to go and 5 fouls the Mavs KNEW they had another foul to give before the Nuggets would be rewarded with Free Throw attempts. With the clock winding down, and Melo trying to create a shot, the foul was given, but no whistle was blown, so a harder foul was given, no whistle blown and Carmello shoots a desperation 3, clearly frustrated at the foul and no call given – HITS the shot!! 1 second left on the clock and not enough time for the Mavs to make a basket to send it into overtime. 103-101.

Was it the fault of the Referees? Most definitely.

You gotta make that call. That changes the entire dynamic of the game. If the first foul is called, it stops the clock with 2 seconds left and the Nuggets have to scramble to get another shot. But they missed it, and Melo hit the big one. Sent the Mavs into a frenzy – ESPECIALLY Josh and Mark Cuban. MAN!

Been some interesting games, all I can say is, Wow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

LBJ & Manny Time

LBJ & Co.

CP3 says LBJ is going to win it all this year, and there’s nothing Kobe or anyone else can do about it – with the way this dude’s been playing, I can’t do too much disagreeing with him man. Another 27 points last night. Another double-digit win. 6th consecutive win. My God. Is there anyone better? I’m telling ya man, that dude is going to jump OVER the goal one of these damn days! Watch.

105-85 was the final and the Cavalier’s are up 2-0 and it doesn’t look like the Hawks will be able to respond. Too much LBJ and Co.


Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers will be suspended for game 3 vs. the Rockets for elbowing Luis Scola, and Orlando’s Rafer Alston was suspended for Game 3 tonight in Orlando for smacking Eddie House. Kobe Bryant will not be suspended for his elbow on Ron Artest. He's the Black Mamba, did you expect anything different?


Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance enhancement drugs and will be suspended without pay for 50 games. Estimated to lose between $6-$9 Million.

A little insight.

This wasn’t a situation where Manny was putting needles in his butt to smack the ball into the McCovey Cove, this was Manny getting a prescription from his doctor in Florida that happened to have HCG in it (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). A fertility drug for women, and it helps men who have low sperm count. It is ALSO used by people who have been using steroids to jumpstart the body’s natural testosterone production.
I don’t think this is a situation where Man-O-Ram is a dirty player but more of him getting a VERY bad break. Even the Red Sox organization said they couldn’t believe he would get busted for steroids; and we ALL know the relationship between Manny and the Sox was a bit tainted, and they were even a character reference for Man-O-Ram.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


HOUSE Party in Boston

BOS beats the shizzy out of ORL 112-94, led behind Eddie House? Yeah. 31 points and Rajon Rando with his 3rd triple double of the post season.
But those weren’t the highlights for me.

Being a Magic fan, I was more impressed with JJ Redick being ejected and Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston slapped Eddie House in the back of the head like he was a BOY! Hell yeah boys!! Show some heart!! Dwight’s entirely too soft. They need to make him mad man! Slap him, sex his girlfriend, kick his dog, steal his car, SOMETHING! I do think Rafer will be suspended a game for “the swing”, and that may cost us a game in Orlando.


Ok so, the ol lady makes me go to bed by 10pm each night in order to be rested for my morning show on 102 Jamz – WJMH. Sucks. So I miss the end of EVERY West game – no exceptions.

I do know the Lakers won 111 – 98. I DO know Derek Fisher got ejected, Ron Artest did as well. Kobe (who dropped 40 points and is now 2 points behind Larry Bird to be 6th all-time in postseason points), Lamar and Luis got technical’s. It appears I’m missing one hell of a series! Won’t miss the next one!! (Don’t tell Carla I said that though)


We play this game each and every Thursday on the Wild Out Wake-Up Show. 102 Jamz if you’re in the Triad area – if you’re not! 8am Each and Every Thursday.

It’s simple, you get 2 options, and you HAVE to pick one OR the other! Play along -

1. Paralyzed from the Neck down OR feel pain every single day?

2. Life or Death Situation: Save your Spouse OR your Mother?

3. Always constipated doo-doo OR always diarrhea doo-doo?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

King James - Brett Favre

NBA News

Before the Cavalier faithful, and a sold out arena, King James accepted his MVP trophy from NBA Commissioner, David Stern. He hoisted it above his head, and told the crowd it was just as much their award as it was his teammates, his family’s, and his own; then he told em he was ready to get on the court and to enjoy the night.

That they did.

Led by their MVP’s 34 points and 10 rebounds, the Cavaliers smashed the Hawks 99 – 72. It doesn't appear the Hawks will be able to handle the goal oriented Cavalier's at all.

NFL News

Brett Favre to talk with Viking’s Coach Brad Childress later on this week to discuss UNretiring,..... Again, and becoming the starting QB for Minnesota. Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are competing for the starting job at this point. The Viking’s would require Favre to participate in mini camps and pre season drills – something he didn’t have to do for the Jets last year.

Would it work?

I don’t see why not. The Viking’s were a powerhouse in the weak NFC last year with no guarantees at the QB position; they went 10-6 and made a playoff run. One thing IS constant, Adrian Peterson, the freak dual back who’s just as dangerous coming from the backfield as he is catching passes in the flats. With another speedster picked up in the draft, Percy Harvin, and Berrian at WR, It appears this could be a GREAT fit for Favre.

And what division would have a more interesting situation at the Quarterback position? Chicago with Jay Cutler, Green Bay with Aaron Rogers, Minnesota with Brett Favre and Detroit with Matt Stafford! Man.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NBA & King James


Orlando was up 28 points in the 2nd half but was lucky enough to hold off the C’s and won 95 to 90. Boston just doesn’t appear to have the energy to compete in this series; thanks Chicago. Dwight Howard had 16-22, Paul Pierce finished with 23 JJ Redick finished with 12 and 4 clutch FT’s. Expect My Magic in 6 to take this thing to Cleveland and upset the world!!! We're winning the East.


The Lakers were 4-0 against the Rockets in the regular season, and none of it mattered last night. Shane Battier need stitches. Yao got his knee ran into by Kobe and had to go to the tunnel, never made it to the locker room. The Lakers are supposed to be in the Finals, but apparently the Rockets didn’t get the memo. Yao finished with 28/10, Ron Artest finished with 21 and The Black Mamba finished with 32. I'm still expecting the Lake Show in 5 - tough?


LeBron James was named MVP of the NBA on yesterday and accepted the award at St. Vincent’s High School, where his journey started. He finished with 109/121 1st place votes. (D Wade got 7, Kobe got 2, Dwight Howard got 2, CP got 1) He received a trophy and a car, which he donated to charity.

King James led the Cav’s to a franchise best 66-19, 39-2 at home. He averaged 28-7-7 and also finished 2nd in Defensive Player of the year voting; most dominant 2-way player since MJ?

He’s the 7th player in history to get Rookie of the Year AND MVP Honors: (Larry Bird-80-3, MJ-85-5, D. Robinson-90-1, Shaq-93-1, AI-97-1, T. Duncan-98-2, LBJ-04-1) Kobe never won Rookie of the Year.

I agree with LBJ being voted this years MVP, he was the best player on the best team in basketball. I do understand the argument for the Black Mamba though. King James only took ONE serious loss at home (2 if you count the end of the year loss to the 6ers when no starters played) and that was to who? King Kobe.

But when you think about the most dominant force in the NBA at this time, you have to say King James. And if he weren’t a Cavalier, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs, much less 60+ wins! King Kobe may not’ve been as high a seed without Kobe, but with Lamar, Pao, Fisher, Phil, Bynum, I think they would at LEAST make the playoffs.