Thursday, July 9, 2009

LBJ is Whack! Agree or Disagree?

LeBron James continues to disgust me – do I stand alone?

Ummm… Grow up dude.

New recently surfaced that Jordan Crawford, sophomore basketball player at Xavier, was recently participating in LBJ’s Skills Camp in Akron Ohio, and embarrassed Prince James. On Monday night, they had a pickup game, with the ESPN cameras there. Apparently, Jordan took LeBron to the rack and PUNCHED on him with 2 hands. HARD. Immediately the Prince went over to Lynn Merritt, (Sr. Director of NIKE Basketball) had a couple of words, then Merritt approached several cameramen and confiscated the tapes. WTF?!

Apparently Prince James doesn’t take too well to embarrassment; whether it’s losing in a Conference Finals OR getting dunked on in a pick up game, at HIS OWN CAMP.

Memo to LeBron: It happens in your profession, get over it. “Pull your skirt down B. The streets is missing you!” - Rico, Paid in Full.

It’s okay when YOU dunk on people? It’s ok when YOU win an NBA Finals? You GOTTA grow up man; and not just in size you Monster! You need to grow up mentally man. These are reasons you can not be mentioned in the same breaths as MJ and Kobe. 1, you don’t have enough credentials – money doesn’t count – rings, MVPs, etc. 2. You don’t appear to handle controversy well. MJ dealt with gambling AND winning scoring titles, MVPs, but being too selfish to be a Champion. Kobe has dealt with white women in Colorado, and a disgruntled Shaq and the greatest coach of our era stating he was not coachable, and STILL delivered a Championship to the city of Los Angeles.

What have you done? Other than some highlights and an NBA Finals where you were embarrassed by the Spurs; as far as I’m concerned, you’ve added more to the b1tchness of your legacy than the gr8ness. Quit crying, quit hiding, quit running. Live up to the $90 Million Nike gave you before you EVER dribbled on the hardwoods of the NBA and the $100 Million you’ll demand next summer. Instead of hiding the tapes, show em! Show the future! Get your inexperienced homeboys of a management team to sign him – “The Only Player to Shun the King” – Gr8 Marketing!

LeBron James makes my stomach hurt - Pause.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer League TV

Who was it that said Tyler Hansbrough wouldn’t make a good NBA player?

I know it’s early to speculate his greatness just 2 Summer League games into his NBA Career, but Tyler is doing things the critics said he couldn’t. He’s hitting the 3 ball, he’s putting the ball on the floor, and he’s showing competitive athleticism. In 2 games, he has 40 points and is creating strong mismatches in the post and on the perimeter. Of course Tyler is finishing at the free throw line, evident because he is getting fouled constantly. Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert are also on the Indiana Summer League team. Other notable players in the Summer League: Oklahoma City – James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Shaun Livingstone; NJ/PHI Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jrue Holiday and Orlando’s: Jeremy Pargo (younger brother of Jannero).

There ARE Sports to watch! They should be televised!

Some of the same people playing in the Orlando Summer League were participating in March Madness – which means, there’s a high level of basketball being played, and we should be able to view it! There are 3 games today, 3 games tomorrow and 3 more on Friday –why aren’t they televised!? There are NFL training camps and workouts popping up all over the country – there should be camera crews there taping for the world to see.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Wimbledon GR8NESS

Roger “Mr. Wimbledon” Federer dominates ALL sports by winning his 15th Major. Wow. It ONLY took 4.5 hours and the longest 5th set in Wimbledon History (5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14). Federer is hands down the greatest EVER. He passed Pete Sampras (who had 14), he scored 50 Aces (1 short of the record), his 6th Wimbledon, and he’s only 27 years old. My God. His 1st Major was Wimbledon in 2003 (when he was 21) and he broke the record at Wimbledon giving him the name “Mr. Wimbledon” – by me.

I feel sorry for Andy Roddick! He’s been MJ’d by Mr. Wimbledon. (Andy is Roger’s: Pat Ewing, Karl Malone or Charles Barkley) 2003 – Lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon semifinals, 2004- lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon Finals, 2005 – Lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon Finals, 2006 Lost to Mr. W in U.S. Open Finals, 2009 was the accomplice to the best Wimbledon Finals ever, a losing effort to Mr. W.

Funny Points of Reference:

• As SOON as the match was over, the 1st 2 commercial slots were: 30 second commercials praising Mr. Wimbledon for his 15 Majors: That’s a LOT of pressure KNOWING you’ve taped the commercials ALREADY, and having to win; what would’ve run in those spots had he LOST?

• Andy Roddick holding back the tears: 1st, second place is rewarded with a damn silver food tray, while Roger holds up his 6th Wimbledon Trophy. 2nd, having to hear Mr. Wimbledon’s acceptance speech (where Mr. W tells Roddick he knows how it feels to be on the losing end of Wimbledon, because he was there last year. Difference is, Andy has NEVER won, and this was Roger’s first loss!)

It was clearly a situation where Andy felt like, “Damn, you can let me get ONE man! Damn!”

Other Notable Wins in Wimbledon:

• Women’s Single’s: Serena Williams
• Women’s Double’s: Venus and Serena Williams

Steve McNair is no longer with us. Details and Daht’s take on it tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What they Saying??

My Management says that Summer is the slowest time of year sports wise, so that's when the people would like to hear MORE from Thee Daht; Well I'm on it!

Today's game is called "Fill In the Caption!" I got it from a good friend of mine Winston Robinson aka Mr. Wilmo -

This is one of my favorite pictures from The Late Great Michael Jackson - ya'll ain't even KNOW Mike was nice with the ball did you? Or maybe ya'll did.

Check out this picture and let me know what the dialogue is:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check Your WHAT?

Caught a picture of LeBron on vacation. (yeah, i'm a little late with this one, been busy) But this clown has the nerve to wear a t-shirt on his vacvation that reads "Check My Stats". For what? What does stats matter when there is no conclusion of a championship.

I thought LeBron was the ultimate TEAM player. Mr. Magic Johnson reincarnated. "Check MY Stats" doesn't seem too team oriented to me. Sounds like the kid that didn't win, but still want his accomplishments acknowledged.

That's not how it works Kid James.

The goal at the begginnning of the season is NOT "who can get the best stats?" The questionis not "can i get MVP?" The question is: "Can we win the Championship?" And until you get OFF your high horse and your dang stats, and focus on winning a 'Ship, you'll NEVER get one.

Shaq or Not.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reggie Miller is Ridiculous

Reggie Miller hath claimed there is NOTHING wrong with his stomach tattoo. A simple question for my viewers:

I there anything wrong with a MAN having a tattoo around his navel?

Hilarious none the less. Reggie should be ashamed of himself. He might as well have a "Tramp Stamp" on his back!

Monday, June 1, 2009

If LeBron James Could Read This:

Prince James,

Wow. That’s how you do? No handshake, no head nod, no “good luck in the Finals Olympic teammate”, no “represent the East well”? Nothing?! You just put on your headphones and leave the building? WTF?

You don’t think MJ had to face the media when he lost to Detroit in 6 in 89; what about in 7 the next year? Did Kobe speak to the media after losing to the Celtics in 6? You don’t think he was upset? You think he WANTED to be asked how he lost, why he lost, and blah, blah, blah? Had Kobe pulled that stunt he’d STILL be getting crucified.

And for you to use an excuse:

“It’s hard for me to congratulate someone after you just lose to them. I’m a winner. It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that. If somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

That’s the most ridiculous foolishness I’ve ever heard.

CLEARLY you’re not a winner, but an Eastern Conference Finals loser; in 6. It most definitely IS being a poor sport. If you get beat up, in contest, AS a competitor you show respect when you’ve been beat up all over the basketball court. When boxers get knocked unconscious, they get the smelling salt, wake the hell up, and shake the man’s hand that put them to sleep. You should’ve shaken the hand that put you to sleep, or hugged his massive shoulders.

The reality of the situation is, you were embarrassed Baby Bron. Awww. We’ve all been there. I remember coming back from a school trip in 3rd grade; I pooped my pants and had to blame it on other people the whole way back to school. Pretty embarrassing; guess you kind of pooped your pants too huh? Difference is the whole world saw your stains.

The Magic were just better LeBron. Beat ya’ll 5 straight times in Orlando, and beat snot out of you and your “team” in 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals; to walk off the court without speaking is Bad Form Baby Bron.

We watched you throw chalk in the air before EVERY game, we watched you take faux pictures with your teammates when blowing out Detroit, Atlanta, and all other games en route to 66 wins. We watched the MVP Puppets, we watched you accept your MVP award, we watched you shoot half court shots in practice and games alike. We’ve had to stomach ALL the LeBron they’ve shoved down our throats – pause – now we get to throw it up.

Now go home and watch DISNEYWORLD vs. DISNEYLAND like the rest of the world.

Your brother in Christ,


Monday, May 18, 2009

If JJ Redick Could Read This

Mr. Redick,

Wake your ass up. Get your damn head out the goal, and put a ball in there! You'd be SURPRISED what would happen!

Well you sure should have some good stamina the way Ray-Ray ran your ass ragged. My God JJ; way to NOT represent the ACC - Such a Bloo Devil.

And I know that being a former Dookie, and NEVER playing in a National Championship, you’re not really used to the Big Games; Shooting 3/25+ is unacceptable. Coach K isn’t your daddy anymore, ok? You no longer have a lap to lay your head upon; this is the league sir, we’re all grown.

In the league we leave it up to you to fix your shot, keep shooting.

You started game 7 against the Celtic’s, and took your first shot attempt in the latter part of the second half. You played 25 minutes and scored 5 points, and Ray dropped about 20 on you.

Insert Mickael Pietrus here.

We put Mickael in the game and he shoots 6-7 from the field, and 3-3 from behind the arc; finishing with 17 points and 23 minutes of game time. And limits Ray’s shooting.

All I’m saying JJ is, like MANY dookies before you, you’re replaceable. Act like you want to be part of this, or find yourself a cozy seat on the bench, and fill out Other Team Applications, because we will not need your services at the conclusion of this season.

Your Brother in Christ,

B Daht Obama

Thursday, May 14, 2009

THIS or THAT - No Letter today

Sorry. Today there is no letter but the questions to This or That.

Each Thursday, at 8pm, on 102 Jamz (or if you’re out of the Triad listening area)we play a riveting game entitled This or That. I give out 2 options and you pick if you’d like to get with THIS or THAT!

Here’s today’s version:

1. Would you rather have a spouse who can’t spell OR one with no common sense?

2. Swim in a sewer with your mouth and eyes wide open OR drink a 20 oz bottle of dump truck juice?

3. Hate yourself and love everyone else OR Love yourself and hate everyone else?

4. Which is more important: NO smoking in businesses OR NO texting while driving?

You too can tune in each Thursday and participate.

You are more than welcomed to leave your answers in the comments section!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If Dwight Howard Could Read This:

Dear Dwight,


Brother, what the hell’s going on? As a Magic fan, I have consistently been disappointed in the organization. Even when we have talented players, we still just can’t get over the hump; thanks for holding down tradition.

Do you understand this is YOUR team? Being up 10 points with a little over 5 minutes to play and you not touching the ball until less than 7 seconds remaining in the contest is UN acceptable. (Especially when we’re down 3, and you get fouled immediately – a 59% FT shooter – why are you even IN the Game, Stan? Horrible coaching)

You didn’t touch the ball the last 7 minutes of the contest! Why even play? Just sit your big a$$ down, think of something funny, and twitter about it (@dwighthoward), or blog, or think of ways to lose another dunk contest.

By the way, you letting the opposition wear Kryptonite and dunk on you (being Superman) was yet another showing of you just allowing people to do whatever they want to do to you. My God Dwight; grow some ball$.

When will you man up? When will you get mean? When will you realize you could be one of the most dominate forces the games has seen in years? Even Shaq had his issues as a Magic; took some painful losses. Difference with Shaq is that he KNEW (coming from COLLEGE) that he would be the most dominant force the game has seen; and he lived up to the expectations. Yeah, he was a goof, even kid like, but you take that to the max!

Quit your damn smiling and tell your teammates that it’s YOUR team! Not Hedo. Not Rafer. Not Rashard. Yours! LeBron would never go the final 7 minutes of a Cav’s game without touching the ball; neither would D Wade, hell, that wouldn’t even happen to Shane Battier. Even with the Defensive Player of the Year accolades, to me, you’re still the biggest disappointment from the Olympic team. Period.

A good friend of mine, who also plays 80+ NBA games a year, told me you’d never win one because you play too damn much – I’m starting to believe him.

And Stan Van Gundy, don’t think you’re exempt, I got a letter coming for your stubby a$$ too! Shaq was right, you suck, and it shows!

Thanks for your time Dwight.

Your Brother in Christ,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If Kobe Could Read This:

Waddup Kobe –

I’m disappointed in you man. 1st off, you don’t let the heir, LBJ, drop 47 points on the road against a healthy opponent (ATL Hawks) and you only go for 15 against a heavily beat up opponent (HOU Rockets) AND lose? Oh, and memo to Kobe: LeBron just finished his series; 8 straight double-digit wins, 2 sweeps.

Who do you think you are? Better yet, who are you?

It is your 13th year, are your legs, getting too old Kobe? You DID lead us to gold this year in the Olympics – are you tired? Are you done? Maybe Shaq was right man, maybe you CAN’T win without him. It’s ok.

I don’t even know if the Finals are on your agenda anymore; they shouldn’t be. You should focus more of your attention on 1. Getting past a talented Rockets team that is NOT afraid of you OR Phil. They actually believe they can dictate your shot selection and minimize your effectiveness. Unbelievable. 2. If you are lucky enough to get pass the Rockets, I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but the Nuggets are looking WAY better than you and the Lakers. You’d better hope Denver don’t stick it to your ass the way you did that white girl in Colorado a couple years back – Karma’s a b!t@h ain’t it?

All I’m saying is I like you Kobe. My son’s 2 and you’re one of the only superstars he recognizes. Every time he see’s you dunk, or shoot, or ANYTHING, he goes CRAZY screaming! He adores you man; don’t let the kids down.

Just be real with your East Coast homie – should I put my money on you? I mean, I don’t make a lot, and you cost me a LOT of bread in last years Finals. You DO remember getting you’re a$$ handed to you in 6 by the Celtics don’t you? It’s kind of hard to forget that; pretty embarrassing.

Going to let you go, I know you have to go kiss your kids or apologize to your wife for something. Or there’s probably a premier for your Spike Lee flick “Doin’ Work” – how about you take heed to the title and Do Some Work Kobe. You’re the Black Mamba for God’s sake – ACT LIKE IT.

Your Brother In Christ –

B Daht

Monday, May 11, 2009

The NBA Playoffs are One Word....


Ok, so, with no Yao (out with a broken foot) and no T Mac, the Rockets blow the Lakers out of the building and limit King Kobe to 15 points? Aaron Brooks (Rafer Alston’s successor) dropped 34 points, Shane hit 5 3’s and had 23 points and they win 99-87? Wow.

Orlando let’s Big Baby kill em with no time on the clock! WTF?! Celtic’s win 95-94. Big Baby the Buzzer Beater; Damn. This series is starting to get a little scary; my Magic aren’t as strong as I thought they were. We need a kick ass scorer to replace Turk’. Wow.

LeBron IS Wow. It IS the Hawks, but STILL! 47 though? My God Bronni. 102-96. Game 4 is tonight in Atlanta and the Hawks are down (3-0) this series is a wrap. Game over. Wow.

Referee’s cost the Mavs a win. Wow.

Education for the day: A team can give 6 team fouls before the other team gets the opportunity to shoot free throws. Sometimes you use it as a tactic to stop the clock or leave the opposition with NOT enough time to get a good shot. This is what the Mavs tried to do.

With less than 10 seconds to go and 5 fouls the Mavs KNEW they had another foul to give before the Nuggets would be rewarded with Free Throw attempts. With the clock winding down, and Melo trying to create a shot, the foul was given, but no whistle was blown, so a harder foul was given, no whistle blown and Carmello shoots a desperation 3, clearly frustrated at the foul and no call given – HITS the shot!! 1 second left on the clock and not enough time for the Mavs to make a basket to send it into overtime. 103-101.

Was it the fault of the Referees? Most definitely.

You gotta make that call. That changes the entire dynamic of the game. If the first foul is called, it stops the clock with 2 seconds left and the Nuggets have to scramble to get another shot. But they missed it, and Melo hit the big one. Sent the Mavs into a frenzy – ESPECIALLY Josh and Mark Cuban. MAN!

Been some interesting games, all I can say is, Wow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

LBJ & Manny Time

LBJ & Co.

CP3 says LBJ is going to win it all this year, and there’s nothing Kobe or anyone else can do about it – with the way this dude’s been playing, I can’t do too much disagreeing with him man. Another 27 points last night. Another double-digit win. 6th consecutive win. My God. Is there anyone better? I’m telling ya man, that dude is going to jump OVER the goal one of these damn days! Watch.

105-85 was the final and the Cavalier’s are up 2-0 and it doesn’t look like the Hawks will be able to respond. Too much LBJ and Co.


Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers will be suspended for game 3 vs. the Rockets for elbowing Luis Scola, and Orlando’s Rafer Alston was suspended for Game 3 tonight in Orlando for smacking Eddie House. Kobe Bryant will not be suspended for his elbow on Ron Artest. He's the Black Mamba, did you expect anything different?


Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance enhancement drugs and will be suspended without pay for 50 games. Estimated to lose between $6-$9 Million.

A little insight.

This wasn’t a situation where Manny was putting needles in his butt to smack the ball into the McCovey Cove, this was Manny getting a prescription from his doctor in Florida that happened to have HCG in it (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). A fertility drug for women, and it helps men who have low sperm count. It is ALSO used by people who have been using steroids to jumpstart the body’s natural testosterone production.
I don’t think this is a situation where Man-O-Ram is a dirty player but more of him getting a VERY bad break. Even the Red Sox organization said they couldn’t believe he would get busted for steroids; and we ALL know the relationship between Manny and the Sox was a bit tainted, and they were even a character reference for Man-O-Ram.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


HOUSE Party in Boston

BOS beats the shizzy out of ORL 112-94, led behind Eddie House? Yeah. 31 points and Rajon Rando with his 3rd triple double of the post season.
But those weren’t the highlights for me.

Being a Magic fan, I was more impressed with JJ Redick being ejected and Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston slapped Eddie House in the back of the head like he was a BOY! Hell yeah boys!! Show some heart!! Dwight’s entirely too soft. They need to make him mad man! Slap him, sex his girlfriend, kick his dog, steal his car, SOMETHING! I do think Rafer will be suspended a game for “the swing”, and that may cost us a game in Orlando.


Ok so, the ol lady makes me go to bed by 10pm each night in order to be rested for my morning show on 102 Jamz – WJMH. Sucks. So I miss the end of EVERY West game – no exceptions.

I do know the Lakers won 111 – 98. I DO know Derek Fisher got ejected, Ron Artest did as well. Kobe (who dropped 40 points and is now 2 points behind Larry Bird to be 6th all-time in postseason points), Lamar and Luis got technical’s. It appears I’m missing one hell of a series! Won’t miss the next one!! (Don’t tell Carla I said that though)


We play this game each and every Thursday on the Wild Out Wake-Up Show. 102 Jamz if you’re in the Triad area – if you’re not! 8am Each and Every Thursday.

It’s simple, you get 2 options, and you HAVE to pick one OR the other! Play along -

1. Paralyzed from the Neck down OR feel pain every single day?

2. Life or Death Situation: Save your Spouse OR your Mother?

3. Always constipated doo-doo OR always diarrhea doo-doo?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

King James - Brett Favre

NBA News

Before the Cavalier faithful, and a sold out arena, King James accepted his MVP trophy from NBA Commissioner, David Stern. He hoisted it above his head, and told the crowd it was just as much their award as it was his teammates, his family’s, and his own; then he told em he was ready to get on the court and to enjoy the night.

That they did.

Led by their MVP’s 34 points and 10 rebounds, the Cavaliers smashed the Hawks 99 – 72. It doesn't appear the Hawks will be able to handle the goal oriented Cavalier's at all.

NFL News

Brett Favre to talk with Viking’s Coach Brad Childress later on this week to discuss UNretiring,..... Again, and becoming the starting QB for Minnesota. Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are competing for the starting job at this point. The Viking’s would require Favre to participate in mini camps and pre season drills – something he didn’t have to do for the Jets last year.

Would it work?

I don’t see why not. The Viking’s were a powerhouse in the weak NFC last year with no guarantees at the QB position; they went 10-6 and made a playoff run. One thing IS constant, Adrian Peterson, the freak dual back who’s just as dangerous coming from the backfield as he is catching passes in the flats. With another speedster picked up in the draft, Percy Harvin, and Berrian at WR, It appears this could be a GREAT fit for Favre.

And what division would have a more interesting situation at the Quarterback position? Chicago with Jay Cutler, Green Bay with Aaron Rogers, Minnesota with Brett Favre and Detroit with Matt Stafford! Man.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NBA & King James


Orlando was up 28 points in the 2nd half but was lucky enough to hold off the C’s and won 95 to 90. Boston just doesn’t appear to have the energy to compete in this series; thanks Chicago. Dwight Howard had 16-22, Paul Pierce finished with 23 JJ Redick finished with 12 and 4 clutch FT’s. Expect My Magic in 6 to take this thing to Cleveland and upset the world!!! We're winning the East.


The Lakers were 4-0 against the Rockets in the regular season, and none of it mattered last night. Shane Battier need stitches. Yao got his knee ran into by Kobe and had to go to the tunnel, never made it to the locker room. The Lakers are supposed to be in the Finals, but apparently the Rockets didn’t get the memo. Yao finished with 28/10, Ron Artest finished with 21 and The Black Mamba finished with 32. I'm still expecting the Lake Show in 5 - tough?


LeBron James was named MVP of the NBA on yesterday and accepted the award at St. Vincent’s High School, where his journey started. He finished with 109/121 1st place votes. (D Wade got 7, Kobe got 2, Dwight Howard got 2, CP got 1) He received a trophy and a car, which he donated to charity.

King James led the Cav’s to a franchise best 66-19, 39-2 at home. He averaged 28-7-7 and also finished 2nd in Defensive Player of the year voting; most dominant 2-way player since MJ?

He’s the 7th player in history to get Rookie of the Year AND MVP Honors: (Larry Bird-80-3, MJ-85-5, D. Robinson-90-1, Shaq-93-1, AI-97-1, T. Duncan-98-2, LBJ-04-1) Kobe never won Rookie of the Year.

I agree with LBJ being voted this years MVP, he was the best player on the best team in basketball. I do understand the argument for the Black Mamba though. King James only took ONE serious loss at home (2 if you count the end of the year loss to the 6ers when no starters played) and that was to who? King Kobe.

But when you think about the most dominant force in the NBA at this time, you have to say King James. And if he weren’t a Cavalier, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs, much less 60+ wins! King Kobe may not’ve been as high a seed without Kobe, but with Lamar, Pao, Fisher, Phil, Bynum, I think they would at LEAST make the playoffs.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

NBA - This OR That

DAHT’s Take


The homie Chris Paul got smashed again by Chauncey, Carmelo, and the Nuggets and he’ll be bringing his ass home soon; Damn. They loss by an average of 38 points in the 4 losses to the Nuggets; Unacceptable. In their defense, CP is NOT 100%, and Tyson was on the bench, Peja is old and there’s no other scorer; seems like there needs to be some work in the offseason.

Magic / 76ers

Dwight Howard has been suspended due to the elbow he threw 3 minutes into Game 5 in Orlando. It did appear to have malicious intent. Being a Magic fan, I would’ve liked to wrap this thing up in Philly tonight, but a rested Dwight Howard on the court for a Game 7 in Orlando makes me feel just as confident in our odds to win the series.

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!? Vick! Vick, Vick, Vick ,Vick!

And the Dog Father’ll be out in 20 days –May 20th. He’ll be on home confinement in Hampton, VA with his fiancĂ©e and 2 of his kids and will work a construction job making $10 an hour. Man. Life sure has changed for the Big Homie – We still love you Dog.


Each Thursday on we play a game called THIS or THAT. You get 2 options, and you HAVE to pick one! This is today’s version:

1. Walking for 10 miles: wear a 70lb backpack OR carry a 30lb briefcase?
2. Which is worse: Stinky Sex OR Dry Sex?
3. Have to cut off the fingers of a family member to save their life OR rip your ears off to save your own life?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It’s been a couple days, sorry. Been going really hard on, and meeting tons of new people!! You can follow if you’d like, and if you need assistance in learning how to use it, I’ll help! Follow Me:


Very interesting stuff.


Never expected the Hornets to get dismantled the way they’ve been getting it from the Nuggets. 58 points? Really? 4 points Chris? Seriously?!? Why even show up?? Stay at home with your families and play NBA2K9 or something – don’t subject yourselves to that kind of punishment, it’s not worth it.


The Hawks need some leadership-they are a professional intramural team. Right when I think D Wade is too mature to let the young, no half court game having Hawks beat him, and then he loses. It really matters not, whoever wins is only setting themselves up for an embarrassing series next against King James and his Royal Court of Cavaliers.


The Orlando Magic should finish out this series against the 76ers tomorrow night and be ready for the next round. Dwight had 24pts and 24 rebs, and he can play like that EVERY night. Dude needs to quit all that damn laughing, get mean, take off the damn cape and put the TEAM on your back and get out of the 1st round. Me being a Magic fan would like to see a Cav's - Magic ECFinals and UPSET The King!!! Mean enough, there's NO WAY anybody on Cleveland's team can guard Dwight. Period.


The Celtics vs. Bulls is hands down the best series thus far; one of the best in history. 3/5 games have gone into overtime; one even double-overtime. With no Kevin Garnett and No Luol Deng, it appears to balance things out. Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Eddie House talk a lot of trash on the court (as I’ve been told from very reliable sources) because they got Championship Rings in less than 3 years in the league; many KNOW they were luckily put on a team with 3 Hall of Famers – it wasn’t because of THEIR superior game play. Big Baby has really stepped up in the absence of KG though, and Kendrick Perkins is as well.

If this series goes to 7, I favor the Bulls, even though the game’ll be in Boston. Why? Because the C’s are more beat up than the Bulls are, and unless Paul realizes he’s the Truth, Ben Gordon’s going to make him out to be The Liar.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……… for the Rockets to be better without T Mac is disturbing and upsetting. For HOU, I like Aaron Brooks, Yao has vowed to put the Rockets on his back and Ron Artest is a great fit. For POR, I like LaMarcus Aldridge, and I LOVE Brandon Roy but at the end of the day, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

Sleep Well Dallas, Los Angeles, and Cleveland.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Series Watch - This OR That


DEN 108 NO 93: Series 2-0 Denver; Chauncey had 31 points. They tried to put CP on him, and through the first half, it appeared the switch was at LEAST containing him; but just like the game before it, the 3rd quarter the Nuggets explode and blow the Hornets out.

There is OBVIOUS tension between the bloo devil Dahntay Jones of the Nuggets and Chris Paul. I don’t know exactly what the beef is, but I’m ON IT Triad!!! ON IT!

Chauncey is playing great basketball – clicking when he needs to; an older version of CP. Thing is, Hornets just don’t have enough scoring. Chris had 14 assists and 14 points – meaning he’s responsible for approx 45 of the Hornets 93 points. Chris needs to have 30 and 15 in order for them to win – that’s 60 points if the assists are just 2’s. Then you pray David West will give you 20, maybe Rasual Butler gives 10, Peja 10, Posey 8 and you have the 108 just to tie last night’s DEN score. Too much work on Chris – it’s just the first round.

What’s the difference from last years team, and why does it appear the Hornets are lack luster this year?

I think it’s because of the team they’re matched up with in the first round. The Nuggets are just better. David West was able to be effective against a slower Dirk in the first round last year. CP was CLEARLY better than an older Jason Kidd. David can’t play that slow game vs. Kenyon Martin; too active. Chauncey is playing some of the best ball of his career – even though CP is having average games himself, he’s gotta step it up.

THIS OR THAT From This Morning

Facebook OR Twitter?

For a day: Have your eyes glued shut OR fingers glued together?

2 Weeks of paid vacation each year OR 6 weeks paid but not allowed to travel?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who's the REAL Mike VICK-tim?

Pictured dogs courtesy of Af the Queen; My Nephew Garvey and Niece Winnie - Family.

E:60, a show on ESPN, showed an interesting piece about what happened to the dogs from the Mike Vick situation. If you get a chance to catch it, please do.

Actually made me think Vick deserved jail time.

Like “Damn Vick, you ain’t have to do the dogs THAT greasy!”

They showed a pool where they would throw the dogs into and electrocute them. Showed the bite and claw marks on the edges of the pool from the dogs trying to get out with the high volts of electricity flowing through their little doggy bodies.

And let’s not forget people – he IS incarcerated for conspiracy to fight dogs, BUT, let’s not forget that Vick DENIED all knowing’s of dog fighting when first approached; and only admitted to his actions after others in the case folded against him.

Here’s my question -

After seeing Plaxico (shooting himself in the leg), TI facing a year and a day for buying MASSIVE high powered guns – a 3 time convicted felon - 2 years removed, how do YOU feel about the Mike Vick incarceration?

Was it too much?

Did he get what he deserved?

Please leave comments…..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Ex Huskie is......

One hell of a game last night, and the Celtics even up the series 1-1 vs. the Bulls. Paul Pierce had 18. Rajon Rando had a triple double, but the guys who made the headlines were the ex-Huskies: Ray Allen and Ben Gordon. Ray had 30 – 28 in the 2nd half including the GW 3-pter for the eventual 118-115 win. Ben Gordon for the Bulls had 42 points.

Jalen Rose on his Twitter ( posed the question: Who’s the best ex-Huskie? C. Butler, R. Hamilton, R. Allen, or B. Gordon.

What do you think?

You can also follow me on twitter:

Monday, April 20, 2009

NBA - 420

Enjoying the NBA Playoffs these days. Whether it’s counting how many dunks Josh Smith gets per quarter in a Hawks game, or watching LeBron and wondering: if he wanted to, could he jump OVER the backboard?

Trying to figure out who choked more between The Magic or Paul Pierce – you just never want to miss a game!

As we dwindle down to the eventual match-up between King James vs. Kobe Jordan, we are gearing up for another spectacular playoff run here folks.

Here’s my question though –

It’ no secret I’m great friends with certain athletes that compete professionally; 2 of which are participating in post season activities: Josh Howard of the Dallas Maverick’s and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets.

With Dallas up 1-0 over the Spurs, and New Orleans down 0-1, who will come home first? CP or J Ho.

What's the Date?

Happy 420 to all who participate. Many don't know the history of 420. Here goes:

There were some kids who went to San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, and everyday at 4:20pm they would get together and smoke it up; 4:20pm was the time after-school detention ended. It has evolved into a counterculture holiday.

So if you participate - blaze up! Be safe. But just remember - It STILL isn't legal!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's simple

Watch what you say and how you act; someone is always listening and watching.

Mind your business.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tar! HEELS!!!!

By the first media timeout, Deon had scored, Wayne had hit an underhand scoop layup and made it "Wayne" from 3 point land – and the Boys were up 17-7 in the blink of an eye.

By halftime, we had scored 55 points (most in tournament history), and the Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player – Wayne Ellington – had 17 of his eventual 19 points. Ty Lawson – ACC Player of the Year – led ALL scorers with 21 points and set a tournament record with 8 steals! – And Player of the Year Finalist – Tyler Hansbrough - finished his career with 18 points and 7 rebounds and probably one of the most heralded Tar Heels of all time.

Roy Williams has 2 National Championships – UNC now has 6. (1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 and NOW 2009) The NCAA Tournament was not an actual tournament until 1939, so the Championship won in 1924 doesn’t count towards our NCAA Championships.

I will say, Tar Heel fans, we won’t get adequate recognition for this win. People are already saying things like “95 % of America picked ya’ll to win, it’s not that big of a deal.”


Tar Heel fans, we have to come together and enjoy this win amongst ourselves. We know what we’ve been through. We know we should’ve went 38-0. Losing Tyler Zeller hurt us. Losing Marcus Ginyard KILLED us. Tyler hurting his toe before the ACC Tournament and the loss to FSU set us back. Losing Will Graves set us back. But we overcame ALL obstacles, and proved the people right- we ARE the best team in the country.

As I sat and watched the Boys last night with my brother Bohss, I had a FRIGHTENING realization – this could be one of the greatest Tar Heel teams we’ve ever seen. So I had an idea for today:

What would be your 5 Man All –Time Tar Heel Team if you could mix and match from ANY era?

My 5 Man All Time Tar Heel Team: (1) Ty Lawson, (2) MJ, (3) Vince Carter, (4) Tyler Hansbrough, (5) Sean May – what about Worthy, Phil Ford, Jamison, Stackhouse, Wallace, Forte, Cota, WOW!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life Ain't Peachy - All American Game

March 14th, at about 7:00am, 28 year old CLE Browns WR Donte Stallworth was leaving a hotel on South Beach in Miami. At the exact same time, 59 year old Mario Reyes, a construction worker, was finishing his shift and trying to catch a bus home. Donte hopped in his 2005 Bentley and max’d out doing 50 in a 40 down busy MacArthur Causeway. When he saw Mr. Reyes in the street, he flashed his lights for him to move; Mr. Reyes was in no rush to do so. Bam! When officers got to the scene, Donte Stallworth admitted:”I hit the man lying in the street.” Of course the officer smelled the alcohol on his breath and said his eyes appeared “red and glossy”. Donte blew a .126, well above Florida’s legal limit of .08. Donte will appear in court today, facing a DUI charge and vehicular manslaughter charges; facing a possible 15 years. He’s requesting to be released today on a $200,000 bond. Stallworth will be prohibited from driving while on bail and not allowed to drink alcohol and he has a midnight to 6 a.m. curfew and submit to random alcohol and drug testing through the NFL's substance abuse program.

Last month, Houston Texans Running Back Ryan Moats was rushing his wife and another woman to the hospital because his mother in law was dying of breast cancer. As he approached a red light by Baylor Regional Medical Center, he looked for traffic, saw there was none, and ran the light. He was immediately pulled by 25 year old Officer Robert Powell who jumped out of the vehicle pistol drawn demanding everyone to stay in the vehicle. Ryan’s wife Tamishia Moats and the other woman in the vehicle ignored the officer and Tamishia said:”my mother is dying…do you understand?” The officer continued to be ridiculous to Ryan Moats screaming at him: “I can screw you over, I’d rather not do that. Your attitude will dictate everything that happens.” Jonetta Collinsworth, 45, died of breast cancer before Powell allowed Moats to go inside. That Officer had been placed on a paid leave pending the investigation, and he has now resigned. Good. Jerk. Over Zealous Cops man. These are the pricks that give officers a bad name. Because there are some good ones. The Sherriff’s in Winston are GREAT. I’ve met some Officers in Winston that were cool too. A couple in the Greensboro area. A couple pricks in the Sherriff’s Dept in Guilford College – the coolest is Deputy Briggs!! I LOVE her! –

Last night was the High School All American Game, and it was SUCH a treat!!!
The East won 113-110. Derrick Favors, headed to Georgia Tech, got MVP honors with 19pts and 8 rebs– a BEAST. How’d YOUR player do?

Ryan Kelly – dook – 6pts, Milton Jennings – Clemson – 4pts, Dexter Strickland – UNC – 2pts, John Henson – UNC – 14pts, Michael Snaer – FSU -13pts, Travis Wear – UNC – 6pts, Mason Plumlee – dook – 6pts, Xavier Henry – undecided/was going to MEM – 14pts, Tiny Gallon – OU – 20pts – 300lbs running the floor like a guard, DeMarcus Cousins – 14pts/8rebs – Undecided/was to Memphis (top center coming out)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Draft-All-American-Calipari-Womens Tournament

If you’re reading this snippet on facebook, read the blog in it’s entirety at:

Question of the Day:

Interesting question on the show this morning. Simple: Will Ty Lawson be a Top 5 Draft Pick in this years draft?

Future Heel Watch

Tonight’s the McDonald’s All-America Game on ESPN. Girl’s game begins at 5:30pm and fella’s play at 8pm. We have a couple recruits hoping to make a HUGE impact on THEE UNC Tar Heels. A 6’10, 200 lb monster of a Forward with an 88-inch wingspan named John Henson, a 6’3, 180 lb combo guard named Dexter Strickland and a pair of 6’10, 225lb twin brothers – David and Travis Wear. With Danny Green, Bobby Frasor and Tyler Hansbrough ending their college careers, and Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington probably playing their final 2 games in a Tar Heel uniform, we’ll need some size and scoring for next season and these guys may fit the bill.

dook also has a couple guys in the All-American game. 2 typical dook style players: 2 tall white guys t play Forward – Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee.

Money Talks and Calipari Walks

John Calipari agreed to leave Memphis and head to Kentucky for an 8 year $31.65 million deal plus incentives, making him the highest paid Coach in college basketball. Kentucky will also pay Memphis a $200,000 buyout. The 50 year old Calipari has a career record of 445-140 in 17 seasons; 137-14 over the past 4 years. That’s an awesome record and he should definitely bring Kentucky back to the level of contention they were once known for.

What you think?


I’m not watching. Period. I’m sorry man, DAMN! We already KNOW who’s going to win this thing. The Men’s tournament is SO up in the air. (well not really, but you know what I’m talkin bout) Noone in women’s basketball can beat UCONN. Period. They are TOO good. It’s almost not even fair. So I’m sorry “Miss B” – Didn’t see Maryland lose. Or dook. OR UNC. And I PROBABLY won’t see UCONN win. Sorry.

I would like for Oklahoma to upset em though. And after UCONN dismantles Stanford, hopefully OU can escape LOU and set up the Big Game of UCONN vs. OU. Especially with Courtney Paris (Big Gal for the Sooners) hath guaranteed a National Championship for OU; that’s probably the ONLY way I’ll watch the Womens (2nd half) of the National Championship Game.

Better “Miss B”?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All America SNUBS


- 1st Team: Blake Griffin (OU), Tyler (UNC), DeJuan Blair (PITT), James Harden?(ARI St), Stephen Curry (DAV)

- 2nd Team: Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN), Ty Lawson (UNC), Luke Harangody (ND), Jodie Meeks (KEN), Jerel McNeil (MARQ)

- 3rd Team: Terrence Williams (LOU), Sherron Collins (KU), Toney Douglas (FSU), Sam Young (PITT), Gerald Henderson (dOOK)

My grievances: How does Ty Lawson naht make first team? He’s more important to this year’s team than Tyler H. is. At 21 and 8, Tyler CLEARLY made first teambecause of his mystique and name.

And how is it that Stephen Curry even MAKES first team?

This infatuation with Stephen Curry has gone TOO FAR! He plays for Davidson, and THEY couldn’t win the SoCon, a mid major, for a trip to the Tourney, but he’s a 1st Team All American? How?! The only reason he gets looks and nods is because he can shoot 30 times a game and plays in the weak SoCon. When your team can’t make the tourney and you take all the shots, there is no way you should make 1st team. MAYBE 2nd or 3rd, but hell, Ty, Johnny and Sherron are WAY better; Sorry.

Which, by the way, is why his brother chose to be a dookie as opposed to a Tar Heel; as a dookie, he can shoot it 25 times in that system; he’ll NEVER get that many shots as a Heel.

DeJuan Blair would be borderline 1st and 2nd team, and I think Gerald Henderson (contrary to his performance against Villanova) should’ve at LEAST made 2nd team.
And the only reason I can’t smash James Harden is because I don’t know enough about him; which furthermore proves my point. To be a first team All American, I should naht have to look up your stats; it should be a given, hands down situation.

But here’s an even better question: Where the hell’s Johnny Flynn and AJ Price?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Are YOU a Tar Heel fan?

You should be. We're the best.We stand alone. 18th Final Four. 100th Tournament Victory. And now we’re going to Detroit.

UNC 72 OU 60. We led the entire game. Up by 9 at the half and never got the Sooner’s never got closer. Ty Lawson had 19 Danny Green had 18. Blake had 23 and 16, but he was the only one who showed up.

All the little dookies found a reason to root for OU. (most notably was to root for Jeff Capel, the ex-bloo devil) Well now all of ya’ll can sit at home and watch the 4 together. Losers.

Next up is Villanova, and like a Big Brother called to the basketball court in the summertime to retrieve the younger siblings basketball, we will avenge the ass whipping our ACC brethrens took at the hands, or PAWS, of the Wildcats. Than we will smash UCONN or DESTROY Michigan State; again.

Either way, get ready for it Tar Heel fans, they will find a reason to try to steal our joy once we win the 'Ship: "your competition wasn't good enough" or "You were supposed to win it" or "what happened last year?" or "You have 3 NBA players on your starting lineup, why WOULDN'T you win it all??"

Whatever their reasons, it matters not. Enjoy this time My brothers and Sisters of the Tar Heel Nation. 2 more wins and i'll meet you on Franklin Street.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobby Seale

This morning we interviewed Co-Founder of the Black Panther Party. So much insight. Go to to hear the interview.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brackets and Aggies

North Carolina A&T State University

This weekend will be the 1st ever Aggie Super Saturday, this Saturday, at 9am at Aggie Stadium. There will be activities for the family, tailgating, the Aggies’ annual spring football game and a softball doubleheader at the Lady Aggies softball complex. Gates open at 9, and activities start at 10. The game starts at 11:30am, and the softball game b/w A&T and SC State will be at 1. Head on out and enjoy the Aggie Super Saturday.

Side note to be discussed later: NC A&T State University and Winston Salem State University have their Homecoming’s on the same weekend. What the hell’s all that about?


We’re down to 16 teams and these are the games for this week:

• Thursday: (5)Purdue vs. (1)UCONN 7:07pm, (4)Xavier vs. (1)PITT 7:27pm, (3) MIZZ vs. (2) Memphis 9:37pm, (3) Villanova vs. (2) dook 9:57pm

• Friday: (12) Arizona vs (1) Louisville 7:07pm, (3) Syracuse vs. (2) Oklahoma 7:27pm, (3) KU vs. (2) Michigan State 9:37pm, (4) Gonzaga vs. (1) UNC 9:57pm

My pre bracket had these teams in the Elite 8: UCONN, MEM, KU, LOU, PITT, UNC, TEX, ARI

Reality is, I still have a shot; with the exception of TEX and ARI. In their places I’ll pick SYR and VILL

We’ll see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Naw'Lins trip! Did YOU Miss Me?

Sorry for the delay’s with the blogs folks. Had to take a few days off; I’m back though!

Just getting back from New Orleans with CP3, the Wild-Out Wake-Up Show, and 6 of our very lucky listeners. From the crawfish omelets to the crab smothered grilled chicken, the food was great. From the Hurricane’s to the blow jobs (that’s a shot people), the drinks were plentiful. Monte Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Jackie Long (Esquire from ATL; google him)-athletes and stars were plentiful.

I had a candid conversation with CP at dinner that was VERY enlightening. Here are some of the questions I asked him, and his responses:

Ty Lawson to the league? “aw man, that’s Raymond Felton. He only has one speed. “

If you could have LeBron or Kobe which one? “Kobe. LeBron’ll wanna bring the ball up the court and stuff. You go this way. You go that way. I’m cool. Kobe’ll be on the wing, just waiting. Like the All-Star game; we’ll NEVER lose to the east again”

With LBJ and Dwight Howard, ya’ll will NEVER lose to them? “Dwight’ll never be great. He plays too much. He’s good, just plays too much. He’s a kid”

What’s more important, the cash or the rings? “Both. You want the rings, but as a business man providing for my family, money is mandatory. Who’d you rather be? Charles Barkley or Bill Wittington?”

Who? “Exactly. Bill has 3 Championship rings and no one cares. Barkley has none.”

My highlight of the weekend: After CP’s stunning 32 point performance, 10 straight in the 4th and an impressive victory over the struggling Memphis Grizzlies. I told Chris I wanted his game shoes, and I’ll be damn’d if he didn’t take his shoes off and put em in my hand. The shoes aren’t even in stores. Might not be made. The prototype. And they’re at my house being fitted for their casing. On EBAY shortly!

Naht really.

Mental Note: Septmber 24-27 is the CP3 Weekend in Winston-Salem. Bowling extravaganza, parties, concerts, A Gala, Day of Service, all types of events right in Winston-Salem, NC. Mark your Calendar.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Fridy’s are tough, and the blogs are short, so here goes:
If you’re trying to party with me this weekend TONIGHT, I’ll be at Club Oasis in Winston with The Real Houswives of Atlanta. If you need tickets you can:

1. Call 864-978-6375.
2. Log onto
3. Or you can register to win a free pair at

The Atlanta Housewives WILL BE THERE, with their cameras to get some shots for Season II.

SATURDAY NIGHT: I’ll be at the Hawthorne Inn, Downtown Winston. The ONLY grown up affair in the area. EVERYBODY knows how Fab5 does things. The name speaks for itself – google em! If you need tickets YOU can:

1. Log on to
2. Or register to win a free pair of VIP’s at

Put on your good clothes and come and meet some of the best looking people in the Triad area.

Enjoy your MEACtivities this weekend and be safe!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Party Time!!!

DAHT’s MEAC News -

Individual Tickets are on sale for the 2009 MEAC Basketball Tournament. Come Support Winston-Salem State as they take on NC Central in the Bonus Game Saturday, March 14. Tournament books are also still on sale at the WSSU Ticket Office by calling (336) 750-3220.

Lady Aggies SMASH Howard, 80-52. Amber Bland had a game high 20 points. They will advance to Friday’s noon semifinal match against the winner of the Maryland Eastern Shore/Morgan State Semi Final. In other action, FAMU defeated defending Champs Coppin State. 64-43. They will play the winner of the Delaware State/Hampton game.

NC A&T Men play Coppin State today, make sure you go out and support the Aggies.

DAHT’s NCAA Take –

Who will be the #1’s? I’m picking UNC, UCONN, PITT and OKL. At the 2 seeds, I’m picking MEM, LOU, WAKE, and KAN. Now, if Kansas should happen to beat OKL in the conference tournament then I’ll give the #1 seed to KAN and #2 to OKL.

DAHT’s Night Cap Activities –

Tonight I have a compilation show and after party at the Millennium Center, Downtown Winston-Salem. This is to kick off MY MEAC festivities. There will be a DJ Battle, MC Battle, Dance Battle, and Model Battle (And if anyone was at the Pep Rally for the A&T game, you know them Models GET IT IN!!! – ha!) immediately followed by the AFTERPARTY – Same Location.

Tomorrow we will have the Real Housewives of Atlanta on the Morning Show. If you’d like to meet the ladies, hit me up for info!
I’ll also be hosting an after party at Club Oasis where the Real Housewives will be in attendance, with their film crews shooting for season 2. No Wait/Red Carpet Tickets are $15. You can get yours by:
Calling – 864-378-6375
Logging on to –
Visiting: Serge Sole in Hanes Mall

Saturday Night I will be at the Hawthorne Inn. The ONLY grown-up affair in the Tre for the evening. If you need tickets to this event, please log on to

Holla at me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



There will be 2 to 3 weeks before the ACC Player of the year, Ty Lawson, will have a healthy right big toe. He’ll rest for the first couple of rounds of the ACC Tournament; first game will be Friday against the winner of the Miami/V Tech game. We should be ok playing Bobby Frasor and the Freshman Drew II until the Championship Game, and then give the ACC Player of the Year a couple weeks off until the Sweet 16 or Elite 8.

Who’s the Player of the Year? Ty Lawson!

He averaged 16 points, 2 steals, 53.8% FG, 47% 3-pt, and a league high 6.5 assist this season; all career highs. There’s no one player on a team more important than Ty is to the Heels. Psycho T sat out 6/8 games to start the season, and the boys went 13-0. We started the ACC 0-2, when WHO had the worst games of the season? Ty Lawson.

It’s no secret; Ty is our heartbeat; the piece that keeps the machine in tact. DEFINITELY ACC Player of the Year. Regardless who YOUR ACC team is if YOU could pick one Tar Heel, It’d be Ty Lawson.

MEAC Roundup:

On the Men’s side of things, Hampton beat Delaware State 51-32 and will face South Carolina State at 9:03pm tonight. FAMU beat Howard 71-58 and will face Morgan State at 7pm tonight. The Aggies will play the defending Champions Coppin State tomorrow night at 8pm.

On the Women’s side of things, FAMU beat South Carolina State 54 – 50 and will play Coppin State around 10 this morning. Hampton beat Norfolk State and will play Delaware State at Noon tomorrow. Howard beat Bethune Cookman 63 – 43 and will play NC A&T at 12:30 this afternoon; I’ll definitely be in the building to support that!

Wild-Out Fly Out Last Chance

This is your last chance to fly out with the Wild Out! CP plays against the Washington Wizards tonight. The closest to guess his points, assists and steals, WITHOUT going over, will win the FINAL SPOT on the plane to New Orleans next weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keepin it short and staying out of trouble

Today is a day that I feel like venting and telling the world my views on certain happenings in my life. Ask for guidance and assistance on certain situations. Give some insight from my perspective and hopefully get some advice from my folks who follow the blog daily, in other aspects of my life.

Unfortunately, that won't be happening though; causes problems later. So i'll keep it short, sweet, and to the point today, resulting in me staying out of trouble, hopefully.

Probably not though.

Make MEAC Memories!!

Anyways, MEAC starts today in Winston Salem, NC. Make sure you come out and support and have tons of fun. 40,000 fans all wanting to see who is the best team in the MEAC and who'll get a chance to the NCAA Tournament! Go Lady Aggies!!! BTJ and Amber Bland are my GIRLS homes!!!

Wanna go to New Orleans??

If you're still trying to fly down to New Orleans with me and the rest of the morning show, we've got one spot left!!! Chris plays the Washington Wizards tomorrow. How many points, assists, and steals will Chris have? The closest without going over will win that 3rd and final spot!!

Go to to register!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009



(2) UNC – who should be #1 this morning - beat (7) dook – 79-71. Ty Lawson, with a bum toe had 13 points, 9 assists and 8 rebs. He injured his right toe in practice on Friday. He said it felt like he was on 4 toes out there yesterday against dook. X-Rays show it’s broken, but a smooth break which suggests he did it some time ago. Reality is it was Senior Night for Ty as well.

Psycho T in his last game in the Dean Dome fouled out (his first time ever) with 17 points and 8 rebounds. 52 points shy of JJ Redick’s record of most points in the ACC History! We’ve enjoyed you Tyler, now go win yourself a National Championship.

We’ve accomplished 1/3 of the Goal people. ACC Regular Season Champions. Next up: ACC Tournament in Atlanta this week.

DAHT Makes DREAMS Come True

Carolina HEAT try outs were this past Saturday @ 1pm @ Jackson Middle School in Greensboro, NC. (40 yard, Timed Box Shuttle, Timed Short Shuttle and Position Agility Drills) But I have a question: Who’s got 1 year of football left?
We, The Wild Out, would like to endorse you and make that dream come true. The Carolina HEAT has agreed to give some lucky listener, with dreams of playing football on a professional level, that opportunity. We’re going to get you a spot on the team and follow your progressions during the season. If you’re interested stay tuned to the blog to find out how.

Wild-Out Fly Out with Chris Paul

Chris Paul had 21 points, 13 assists and 6 steals in the win over Oklahoma City. Mike Love guessed 21 points 11 assists and 4 steals. Mike and his wife will be on the plane with us in 2 weekends, headed to New Orleans. Wanna go?
Tonight The Hornets play the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. Same scenario. Hit us up with the points, assists and steals against the Hawks. The closest person will get the next seat on the plane to head down to New Orleans with the Wild-Out in a couple weekends.



The boys were MEN last night. Looked great. I was never worried. Highlights? Lil dumb Drew II getting punched on by Gerald Henderson. Tyler 2/2 from BEHIND the arc! (For you Meggo!) Wayne's finger roll. WINNING! It was a great game, and i'm glad we were victorious. ACC Tournament and National Championship.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If We WIN Today, We'll Win It All. If We Lose Today...

It's as simple as this, if we win today, you can go ahead and give us our National Championship. If we slip today, we won't even make it to the National Championship.


There's a LOT of pressure on today's game. If we win, we're #1 in the Conference; alone. We beat dook twice, and Tyler Hansbrough has a GREAT ending to his career as a regular season Tar Heel. This'll be it. It'll also mean #1 in the country, seeing as how UCONN slipped up against PITT, again. #1 in the country, conference and seeding for the Tournament. That'll mean playing the first couple rounds in our own backyard, Greensboro, NC to be exact! That's a lot of pressure.

I have yet to see our boys transform into MEN and step up to the pressure in big situations. Knees buckled against Georgetown, buckled against Kansas. If we can stand up like MEN today, against ALL the pressure, ALL the adversity, ALL the nay-sayers, and pull out a convincing win against a HOT, well coached dook team, it will show the Boys are now the MEN, and ready to claim what's theirs'; a national championship.

Tip-Off's in less than an hour. I'll have a post game blog.
Pre-Game Thoughts:

Ty Lawson had to leave practice Friday on crutches after spraining his ankle. We ALL know Ty is the heartbeat of our team. We play as well as Ty plays. We go as far as Ty goes. We win as far as Ty play. Ty will play today, but will not be 100%. Some think a 75% Ty Lawson is better than a 100% Greg Paulus; We'll see today. I predict our MEN to win by 11. 100-89. Gotta break the Century Mark.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

People, PLEASE stay out of the water

I know by now, you’ve heard about the 4 men who traveled out to sea on Saturday to get some deep sea fishing done. After combing over 22000 square miles of water to find the men, the search was called off on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. There was one survivor: Nick Schuyer.

Dr.’s say Nick Schuyer’s survival was a medical miracle. There was no way he was to survive for 46 hours in that water with temperatures dropping to the mid 50’s, he should’ve suffered from hyperthermia.

Nick Schuyer’s story: The boat flipped, and the men were unable to flip the capsized boat back over but were able to swim underneath and get the life jackets and put them on. Marquis Cooper, after the boat had been flipped over for a couple hours, tore off his life jacket and just floated to sea. Said he couldn’t take any more of the beating from the ocean. Corey Smith was next to do the same thing. Just left there was Will Bleakley and Nick. Nick states that Will said he noticed a light in the distance and was going to make a swim for it; never to be seen again. This just left Nick, which was probably best for him, because he could then sit atop the flipped boat and wait for rescuers. The 4 men would not have been able to all sit on the top of the boat and would’ve caught hyperthermia if they would’ve had to stay in the water.

Have you ever seen Open Water?

That has got to be the scariest way to go out EVER. Out in the middle of the ocean. Feeling animals and items bumping you from under the Ocean waters and not knowing what it is. Remember people, this isn’t a movie; there are no lights out there. You’re floating one moment and then you just feel a sharp pain in your lower leg, not even know that sharks are down there nibbling on you at their leisure. Then once the blood enters the sea, any shark in a 300 mile radius gets a sniff, and it’s DINNER TIME!

Can you imagine how fast your heart races when there are two massive sharks fighting over you for dinner?

What makes you take off your life jacket and just float out to sea? My God.

What makes you see a light in the distance and even THINK about swimming to it? Was he hallucinating?

At sea, you could see a light that is a 100 miles away, but if there’s NO OTHER light out, it’ll look SO MUCH closer.

Keep the families in your prayers.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DAHT's DAY - and dook props, I know.

If you’re reading on FACEBOOK, this is a snippet version. To read the ENTIRE blog, log on to: and enjoy!

DAHT’s Day:

Today has such a negative energy for some reason. And I don’t know where it came from. This morning I was up around 4:30 am, after being sleep since 7:30pm. I felt rested and felt like I could accomplish anything today! Went downstairs and started the ‘Lac, let that thang warm up, back upstairs for breakfast, a brushing of the teeth (with salt! Thanks Khronicler!)some sportscenter, and then it’s off to work.

On the way to work is my quiet time with God. Everyday I try to talk with him and get some direction in my life. Repent for any sins I’ve committed both knowingly AND unknowingly. Ask for assistance with my demons, and I must honestly say that I’ve being hearing his voice. That’s a scary thing though. When you KNOW you’re hearing the right thing, it’s kind of hard to justify NOT doing it. But my quiet time was great, got to work and then….

I don’t know what it was. The energy just became draining. Negative. Heavy. And I have no clue what brought it. Don’t know if it was something I read, something that was said, or WHAT, but the energy definitely went downhill. Oh well.

DAHT’s take on TARHEEL’s:

We need to win tonight against V Tech, and take care of business at home against the dook bloo devils in attempts to win the regular season championship. Now, in the event we lose both games, dook wins the ACC, and if we split, we’re co-champs. Wow.

As a HATER of the dookies, I will give props when props are due. 2 weeks ago, when dook had lost 4 of 6, they were the SCUM of the NCAA, and I had MANY jokes! As they have won 5 in a row, in all types of hostile environments, (led by Gerald Henderson)I am a bit concerned regarding the energy they will bring to the Dean Dome on Sunday afternoon. They know what’s at stake. They know Tyler’s won every time he’s set foot in Cameron, and if you don’t think they’re going to be playing to ruin Tyler’s Senior Night, you’re WRONG!

I need the Boys to become The Men this weekend. I need them to prove to me, and all the other members of the Tar Heel Nation that this is OUR year. Beating dook won’t guarantee a National Championship, but with all that’s on the line, it WILL show that the boys are ready to be Men and take what’s theirs. It WILL show that our beloved Tar Heels are ready to step it up when the pressure’s on. And it WILL show who the hands down best team in the Atlantic Coast Conference is: THE UNC.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Women Problems! RUN!

Tyrese, yeah, “Mr. Coca-Cola”, marries this broad Norma for 10 months and they split. The judge has ordered him to pay her: $65,000, $6,230/month in support, pay her rent ($2,730) AND make her car payments ($800). What?? For 10 months?! OUT! OF! LINE!!! And her simple ass is smiling all the way to the bank. Some nerve. I’m SURE Tyrese thought she was the one. The chica he’d spend the REST of his life with. 10 months later? Done. And he has to give this broad $65,000 in a lump sum, $72 grand over the next 12 months AND pay all her bills! It’s not even a situation where she has to pay her own bills out of the $72,000!!! She get’s the $72 grand AND he pays her car and crib note. Where’s she staying at $2700 a month?? And what’s she driving at $800 a month? Some nerve.

Now I heard she moved here from London, and blah blah blah; how about we get this broad a plane ticket back to sip some tea and smoke some fag’s? (Fag’s are cigarettes in London) And didn’t the broad call the cops on Mr. Baby Boy BEFORE they got married for hitting her while she was pregnant? That should’ve been a sign right there homes. ALL she should get is child support. PERIOD. And that $72 grand is a bit excessive if you ask me.

If I had 3 wishes from a genie, one would be for a vagina. Not on my person, but one I could just carry around like a purse and have dudes empty their wallets into. I mean hell, that’s essentially what happens when you have to kick out bread like this for a 10 month marriage!

Women. They either take your time, your money, or your LIFE; which brings me to my next point: Mr Fred Lane. Know who Fred Lane is?

Fred Lane is the ex- Carolina Panther who was killed by his crazy wife in 2000 right after being traded to the Indianapolis Colts. He and his wife were having problems and he had gone to stay with his family in Nashville for a few weeks. Apparently the 2 were trying to reconcile and he decided to go back to the house. When dude’s body was found, he was halfway in the house halfway out, bags still packed and nearby, key still in the door lock.

Prosecutors said she killed him to collect a $5 million insurance policy, defense said she was a battered wife who killed her husband in self defense. What self defense? Dude walked in the door and was greeted by a gage to the chest; she then walked thru his blood and emptied the back of his head. Well, she’s was released this morning at 9am. She was facing 19 years when sentenced in 2003, got 10, and I guess good behavior has her out in less than 6. Wow. For taking a man’s life, as he walked into his house. Bags still packed. Key still in the door. Unreal.

Any Comments?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Just like the many included in the 180,000 that descended upon the Queen City of Charlotte to spend upwards $20.5 million this weekend, I had NO CLUE who won the dang Tournament; had to do some homework. Johnson C. Smith won for the 2nd consecutive year for the Men, and the women won as well.

Why wasn’t I able to catch any of the game you ask?

Well Friday night, I finally got to the QC, after stopping halfway to get my brother J. We arrived at Slim’s spot, smoked some dranks, and drank’d some smokes, got dressed, and hit the city around 10:32 pm. Got to club Backstage off Harris Blvd, and rocked the place. I’d like to give big shouts to all the folks from Greensboro, High Point, and of COURSE the Tre4 who were in the building and showing heller love. Plies killed it though! He may’ve performed like 15 songs straight! Left there so tired, all I wanted was a bed and some z’s.

HIGHLIGHT: Plies bringing some broads on stage midway through his set because they had been sitting down the entire show. Got em to the stage and ordered them some drinks that NEVER made it to the stage. Those broads were SO mad!!! They had to stand there and dance the entire time!!!! They were SO fatigued, and for the viewer, it was HILARIOUS!

Woke up early Saturday morning, and it was time to get back to the Tre; doubleheader basketball game versus Florida A&M for kid night. The game started at 4pm and wasn’t over until 8pm. After a trip to the crib for a change of clothes, switch vehicles, and grab the ol lady it was one way back to Charlotte. I also made a quick stop in Winston to grab my brother Lhast, gas up, THEN to the City.

I finally made it to the club (Backstage) at midnight. It was ridiculous there. People were EVERYWHERE. AS I approached the front with my group of 3, (C, Lhast and Chuck) and we overhear paying customers trying to negotiate their entry price. It ended at $200 per person for the men and $100 for the women; and they were paying it NO PROBLEM! Wow.

So, I make it inside, and people are EVERYWHERE! It has to be 2000 people in this place; somebody made a million dollars. As soon as I get to the stage, they tell me they need the mic because OJ the Juiceman is about to go on. Cool. After Juice tears the club up, (who is on stage with my homie and Maury secret crush, Candy) he retreats to the VIP area, CLEARLY rolling like a stone! Sweating and smiling, taking pictures with everybody claiming he’s about to get a house in NC. Ridiculous.

Next up is Rick Ross and for some reason, as soon as I saw him, I just KEPT hearing “Officer Rickeeeeeeeeeeeey”. I said it too! You know Daht. Carla told me to chill out before one of his ignorant friend’s assault me on the strength. I told her I had a plan to get beat up, put it on youtube, and then sign to G-Unit! She ain’t think that was a good idea…..

Rick came out and did his thing. I was just wishing 50 would show up the entire time. I remember before “I’m the biggest boss” came on, he made a mention like: Somebody better tell that nigga 50 I’m the… Boss. Sleep. After getting my bread, it was time to get back to Greensboro, after dropping off Chuck and Lhast in Winston; got back in around 4:16 am Sunday morning, and I missed Church.

HIGHLIGHT: Looking at a promo picture of Ricky Ross, with the silk shirt unbuttoned, white linen pants, holding a wine glass. I looked over at C, and she was looking at the same picture. When our eyes locked we burst into IMMEDIATE laughter. It was hands down the funniest thing of the night! Had to be there.

Sorry to everyone who was expecting sports in today’s blog, but I had to give you my recap of the weekend.

What’d you do for the CIAA festivities?

Friday, February 27, 2009


It has come to my attention that I don’t report enough women’s athletics; well it’s because I don’t watch enough to give you a TRUE point of view. I’ll try to do better, which brings me to my first point:

DAHT’s Local Women Action:

My homie Lauren Beeson (L Beezy) plays for Guilford Tech Basketball Team in Greensboro, NC. It’s their inuagural season, and they are 20-7; best in the conference. Their conference tournament starts this weekend in Spartanburg, SC at Spartanburg Methodist. L Beezy leads the nation in free throw percentage (94.7% - 122/136) and 2nd leading scorer on the team averaging 14.5 a game, Tyshemia Tillman leads the team with 15. Their Coach, Treka McMillan will probably get Coach of the Year, Tillman and Beezy will probably get All Confernece Team tonight, with Tillman getting Player of the Year honors.


Chris Paul is having tryouts for his CP3 All-Star team, ages 13 and under, and 14 and under. Tryouts will be this Saturday, February 27, 2009, at Gateway YWCA from 3pm to 5pm. Gateway is in downtown Winston Salem, NC, on South Main Street.

DAHT’s Good Word:

This weekend is the CIAA tournament festivities. Even when Winston Salem State was in the CIAA, I STILL never made one game. There is SO much going on in the streets that you can have a BALL at the CIAA tournament and NEVER even SEE a basketball!!! I would like to tell everyone to be safe in the QC. Lock your doors, (although someone will just bust out your back window if they REALLY wanna get in; I know). Ladies, don’t take your shoes off in the clubs this weekend, ok? Fellas, don’t get mad if she doesn’t want to talk to you, there are THOUSANDS of other women you can try to petition for sex, there’s NO reason to call her a b!tch. Don’t go spending all of your money, only to return home Monday, broke, knowing damn well, it’s RENT WEEK! Be smart this weekend people, no unprotected sex, no fighting, no perpetuating the negative stereotypes that already plague our culture!!!

If you’re looking to party with me this weekend, I’ll be at Club Backstage with Plies tonight, and Officer Rickeeeeeeeeeeeeeey on Saturday! Come through!! Charlotte isn’t really my city so I’d LOVE to see some familiar faces!!!!

Thanks for the support!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The PRICE is RIGHT!.... or wrong?

I have recently started downloading my blogs to my “Notes” section on Facebook. To read the blog in its ENTIRETY, go to: And you want to see today’s video, so log on!!

Last night (2) UConn showed they could bend but not break by defeating a hungry (10) Marquette team, in front of 18000 raucous fans, 93 – 82. Yes, it was the 800th win of Jim Calhoun’s career, only the 7th Coach to do it in Division I history. And yes, the Huskies remained undefeated on the road. And yes, UConn did strengthen their chance of becoming the #1 team in the country on Monday.

But ALL of this pales in comparison to A.J. Price and the show he put on.

36 points, 8 3-pointers, and one of the most crucial moves we’ve seen this season. As soon as it happened my brother 16 hit me with a text: “did you see that??? WOW!!” Unfortunately I missed it “live” so had to wait for the replay; and boy was I glad when I did!!

Not only does he rock Mr. Jerel McNeal to SLEEP with the in and out move, making him fall, but he also takes time to point at him, look down AT him on the ground, step back, and hit a 19 footer over the outstretched arms of another embarrassed defender. If that description wasn’t vivid enough, then PLEASE, by all means, click on the link and check it out yourself:


Every Thursday on the Wild-Out Wake-Up Show, at 8:00 am, we play a game entitled “This or That”. You get 2 options and you HAVE to pick one!!! NO PASSING!!! It has evolved from a crass game that used to make people cringe and change the station with questions like: “Suck snot from the nose of a german shepherd until his head caves in OR drink a diarrhea milkshake from a homeless mans bowels?”- Get the idea? Well, we’re not AS nasty now, and here’s todays version; leave your answers under “Comments”.

1. As you get older would you rather get uglier OR dumber?
2. If you were an animal: live on land OR water? And what animal would you be?
3. ALWAYS have to say what you’re thinking (that’s an ugly baby!) OR NEVER speak again

Hope you enjoyed, comments STRONGLY encouraged!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009



You don’t wanna be the #1 team in college basketball this year, THAT’s for darn sure!! Another one bites the dust!

Last night, (1) PITT fell to unranked Providence. Last week, an alarming loss to Maryland dropped (5)THE UNC, and moved Memphis into the top 5. With Oklahoma losing to Kansas (without Blake Griffen) last nights loss and a potential loss by (2) UCONN tonight against (8) Marquette, (5)THE UNC could see themselves at the (2) spot by Monday! That’s awesome! Thanks Kansas.

As I told my brother Horton yesterday, I can’t wait to see the bracket breakdown. There is only ONE team I don’t want to see, not only in our bracket, but on our SIDE, and it’s KU. I don’t like em. Period. And because my lady is a GAY-U fan (no disrespect to my homosexual readers) the perfect Karma for her is when her GAY-Hawks (again, no disrespect) defeat my Tar Heels. That’s how God works ladies and gentlemen.


Michael Phelps is serving a 3 month suspension from competitive swimming for the picture that surfaced with him smoking marijuana from a bong. His first meet, once the suspension is lifted, will be in the Queen City of Charlotte; May 14th – 17th for the Charlotte Ultra Swim. I have contacted the officials of the meet and requested tickets to give away, so make sure you stay posted to the blog to see how to get yourself a glimpse of the Smoking Shark!


This Saturday, the WSSU rams will be in contest versus Florida A & M. Women’s contest starts at 4 and the Men at 6. All youth 17 and under will receive free admission. There will be face painting and giveaways. If this is an event you’d like to attend, hit me up. I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets everyday for the event.

Send me an email with your name, age, and why you should receive a free pair of tickets to the game this weekend.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Just MIGHT Kill Myself IF....

DAHT’s take on kansas:

Last night I witnessed (15) Kansas beating (3) Oklahoma 87-78. Here’s the thing, Sherron Collison (26 pts) is a split image of Ty Lawson, but with more confidence, a little stronger, and more attitude. I knew when it was 74-71 that Oklahoma would lose. I turned to Carla (who was screaming to the top of her lungs and VERY fearful of a Sooner comeback) and told her not to worry, the JayHawks were straight. Not because Oklahoma didn’t have enough talent, but, without Blake Griffen (who was out for his 2nd consecutive game due to his concussion)they had an attack of the “tarheelitis”; no identity. They didn’t know who they wanted to take the shot.

Clearly it was the SMART option to get the ball to #34, Cade Davis who had 12 points off the bench hitting 4/6 3 pointers, but #11 Omar Leary wanted to shoot, #13 Willie Warren wanted to attack the basket and grab charges, and even big brother of standout Blake, Taylor Griffen took his share of 3 point shots; to raise his NBA looks I assume.

The Jayhawks, under the direction of 85% winning coach Bill Self, knew EXACTLY where the teams scoring was to come from, Junior PG, Sherron Collison. Whether it was taking the deep 3 to answer tic for tac with the shooting of the Sooners or attacking the basket, getting fouled and converting from the stripe, Collison proved he was top tier PG’s in the NCAA. This, with the 20 rebs of Sophomore Cole Aldrich, proved to be too much for the eratic Sooners.

With the correct seeding, it’s not unrealistic to think this team can’t repeat. Realistically. They have a system, they have confidence, they ARE the defending Champions, and #1 in their conference (and they lost 80% of their scoring last year) I feel the same way I felt about them last year. They are dangerous and on the court against any one on any given night they will win.

So, I just MIGHT kill myself if KU repeats.

DAHT’s take on Barkley:

Barkley to go to jail? WTF?! For 5 days and a $2000 fine AND an alcohol treatment program, AND one of those breathalyzers in his car to start it. They are REALLY trying to teach athletes a lesson! I’ve seen less financially blessed individuals, sit on a court room bench beside me with a DUI, speeding, and marijuana paraphernalia and see NO jail time! Some alcohol related treatment programs, community service maybe, and fines and court fees; but jail time? You have to be a repeat offender in most cases to get some time, I thought. Maybe Charles has other offenses, but I just don’t see how a man with Charles’ finances has to do 5 days for a rolling stop in attempts to get a (BJ) and being a little intoxicated? What the hell’s going on in the world? Almost makes me NOT want to be a star anymore, almost.

Comments are strongly encouraged! (EXCEPT for KU fans)


Monday, February 23, 2009


DAHT’s take on UNC losing to Maryland:

So what. That’s what we get. We will NOT win a national championship ladies and gentleman. Mark this date down on your calendar; Daht said it. “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will NOT win a National Championship in 2009!”
It would appear we have all the pieces to make the dreams of a National Championship a reality! Danny Green a legitimate first rounder, as is Ty Lawson. Wayne is umm… well umm… Wayne. Tyler will get a look, and his name will probably get him nabbed in the first round. With 3 first rounders on the team, there should be no question who’ll win a national championship.

So what’s the problem?

It’s the intangibles man. We have no heart. No “attack” mindset on defense. No heart. No mean streak. STILL don’t know who we want to take that shot at the end of the game. The only person who appears to want the shot is Ty Lawson. I mean, poor little Tyler will take the shot, regardless how many defenders he has flailing from each arm, and regardless if he’s in front of or behind the 3-point arc. Did I mention we have no heart?

It’s ridiculous to have all that talent on one team, and lose the games that we lose. At what point do we start to blame coaching? I mean dook has Gerald Henderson. Oklahoma has Blake Griffin. UCONN has Thabeet. We’ve got 3 first rounder’s in the starting line-up; what’s the problem? It CAN’T be the talent! It HAS to be a problem with Coaching. Why can I see dook step up their defensive energy against a MUCH more athletic Fake Forest team, and even with a subpar performance from the free throw line, win a ball game at home by 10? I see Coach K on the court, Coat off, bumping chests with Henderson and Scheyer as they leave the court; I either see Roy stomping his feet or sitting on the bench with that puzzled look on his face!

Even Roy has said that we should not expect a championship this year. Well thanks a lot COACH.

Maybe I’m tripping, but maybe I’m NOT. Comments are strongly welcomed.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Exclusive TEXTversation with Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets

So yesterday, I told you if I spoke with CP3 that I’d let you know how it went. CP is a busy guy, you know, trying to win a championship and MVP honors, so all I could get was a “text”versation and it went like this:

DAHT: As SOON as you get this message Mr. Paul, could you give me SOMETHING about this Chandler situation? He failed the physical on purpose?? (Referring to the recent failed physical examination by Tyson Chandler that would’ve sent him to the Oklahoma City Thunder)

CP3: Nah he didn’t fail it on purpose. His toe is messed up so that’s why he didn’t get cleared for the trade.

DAHT: Well aren’t YOU a happy camper?! And you should’ve dropped 40 on them bum’s man! (Referring to the 36 points he had against the Orlando Magic Wednesday night)

CP3: Yea man…might’ve been able to get 40 if the game would’ve been a lil closer…

DAHT: I’ve rewound it like 8 times, and I’m SURE I see you tell D. Howard he can’t stop you either; late in the 3rd quarter when you hit him with the floater. I’m tripping?

CP3: He had blocked 2 of my shots already and I was tellin him on that one that no matter how high high he jumped he wasn’t getting to that one lol… we be talkin and jokin the whole game

DAHT:True. Thanks for the insight. You’re the sh!t CP. Just in case no1 has told you lately. Be blessed man. We’ll be down next month! New CP3’s in a size 12 will be sufficient! Thx! Ha

CP3: Cool! Got u!

Told you I’d share! When I get my shoes, I’ll just get Chris to sign them for Izayah, and put em up with the REST of his memorabilia. Pictures with Jay-Z, Al Sharpton, signed Josh Howard jersey, Woodbury jersey, signed CP3 bowling pin, all types of stuff, and he has NO CLUE!! Hopefully in like 15 years he’ll be wearing a size 12, CP3 will be exiting the league as one of the best players ever and Zay will have the 3rd version of the CP3 shoe; in MINT condition!!! Talk about RETRO!?!

See! That’s why I wish I had a dad. Someone who would’ve been thinking about stuff like this for me when I was a wee lad! But he didn’t and I don’t have ish except experiences that have created the man who stands before you today.

Hope you enjoyed, and Good Luck to my Rams as they take on the Aggies in the Corbett Sports Complex on the campus of A&T.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chandler - Tarheels - Barkley

DAHT’s take on Tyson Chandler’s trade:

Something is fishy here….

Tyson Chandler can’t get a “clean bill of health” about his toe??From the doctor who performed the initial surgery on that toe in 2007? In these times where money talks?? Yeah right. There is another reason Tyson was sent back to New Orleans. I don’t know if it was because it would’ve been one of the dumbest mistakes to trade a 7 foot shot blocker who averages a double-double (when healthy) to an undersized Chris Wilcox. Or maybe it was Coach Scott, Chris Paul, and David West speaking out about the situation that would’ve caused a riff in the locker room. Or maybe it was the Hornets, who realize Tyson is an injury prone big guy with a reoccurring theme, starting with this big toe: (Surgery after the 2006-07 seasons and injured it again in April 2008 in the regular-season finale at Dallas then re-injured it during the second-round series against San Antonio, complaining of "turf toe" after he bent it toe backwards by stepping on Ime Udoka's foot. He was also named as a Team USA alternate in July but had to pull out because of the ongoing toe trouble.)Maybe they were trying to pull a fast one and got caught! Sneaky Hornets. As soon as I get in touch with CP3, I’ll let you know what’s up!

Don’t be surprised to see a last minute tries from saaaaaaaaaaay, Cleveland? They have an expiring contract with Wally Szczerbiak and a trade for him and Tyson (and a first round draft pick) would be beneficial, for the damn Cav’s. Linking LeBron up with a big guy after you just gave him Mo Williams, he MIGHT not want to leave next year! It’s all about making King James stay in Cleveland.

DAHT’s take on TARHEELS:

It was god seeing Tyler Zeller in uniform last night. He scored 2 point and 3 rebounds in about 8 minutes. We “OUTSCORED” NC State. Truth be told, if they were more athletic, and deeper, we would’ve had a problem. Why do we continue to start so slow? And why do we continue to let teams shoot above 50% on us? We WILL NOT make it to the Final Four, let alone a Championship, if we keep playing like this. No doubt we’re the most talented team in the ACC, but we don’t play well enough to be the best team in college basketball.

So will we win the ACC Tournament? Probably. Fairly convincingly.

Will we win the National Championship? Not at this level.

Gotta play defense, just can’t try to outscore opponents! Remember the Kansas game? Roy should make them bums watch that game before EVERY game! That’s the pre game footage. Get those feelings again. That feeling of embarrassment, shame, anger, retaliation, THEN PLAY!

DAHT’s take on Barkley:

I love and respect Barkley’s take on the situation. I think it was ridiculous that he got suspended, but on the other hand, I understand. When you embarrass your employer, especially with illegal activities, they have to make a stand. They DID however understand that they NEEDED Charles, and ratings dropped tremendously in his absence. I do believe his apology is sincere and authentic. Charles says he’ll talk to someone about the situation and he will make better decisions in the future regarding drinking and driving; he’ll get a driver in the future.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Lonesome Snitcher

George Croom
Thee Score Guest Writer

Before I issue this display of intelligence and eloquence let me say in no way should reflection be mistaken for glorification, stay strong T.I.!

The world of sports is the ultimate glimpse of life as it is. Oddly we seem to find simple life truths in between the sidelines, baselines, foul lines, and penalty boxes.

This week’s truth, the snitch that just wants to collect his check and run is usually the one telling the truth.

Enters, Jose Canseco.

When the ridiculously ripped ex-major league slugger and VH1 celeb-reality punch line dropped his book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, the world balked at the idea that his admission of widespread steroid use in MLB was even remotely true.

They crucified him. The writers, the players, the commissioner, and the fans beat him down like the homosexual male cheerleader that told the squad he had sex with football players.

But, just like the fairy spirit brother we now know that he got beat down so bad because he was telling the truth.

Canseco told us that A-Rod had more juice in him than a cherry gusher. But, since people liked A-Rod’s marketable smile, fat paycheck, and big bat they turned a blind eye and watched as he made history from the negotiating table to the 7th inning stretch.

Well, in hindsight, the long ball doesn’t mean big balls because he too was juiced.

Or is it Boli’d? Maybe the elusive “cousin” can shed some light on that. It seems that steroids, like college co-eds and Mary Jane, ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some.

I digress.

Bud Selig can say what he wants. Baseball loved the packed stadiums and huge revenues brought on by Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa’s run at homerun history. Let’s remember that revival came in the wake of strikes and Charlie Hustles (Pete Rose) gambling addiction.

Canseco’s moment of clarity only brought an untimely screeching halt to the money train. All of a sudden groupie senators and cubicle clinging sports writers were ready to open the dialogue.

McGuire’s bat bag became less of the focus and the bottle of Andro next to the picture of his kids was a highlight. Barry Bond’s growing MVP’s took a back seat to his growing head. Overnight Sosa couldn’t SPEAKA enough English to answer questions. Rafael Palmeiro wagged a finger to shake a lie. And the world finally questioned how a 40-something Roger Clemens was retiring more 20-something’s than a Desperate Housewife.

They say that punks jump up to get beat down. In that case, Canseco emerges from the steroid era the unlikely hero-punk prophet.

In a weird way he alone saved baseball. Saved it from itself. From literal implosion, undercover corruption, and irreversible tainting.

I’d say thank you but that could call into question the STRENGTH of Thee Score blogs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Festivities (or lack there of)

Ok, so let’s take a step away from Sports for a second. This is from the personal life of B DAHT OBAMA.

So I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I usually celebrate it just for the cause, but not really into it. So this year, Carla says we’re not celebrating. We have things in this relationship that need to be worked on and exchanging gifts, saying how much we love one another because it’s February 14th wasn’t a priority. I respect that. And she’s right.

It also didn’t help that on Saturday we had a double header basketball game versus Howard and I had a party at Jab’s that night with Boosie; But on the flip, because there was no REQUIREMENT to do anything, it really made me want to do something even more!

So I knew she’d never been to Chop House and Friday the 13th was coming out, so I decided, we’d do something on Friday, instead of that Saturday. We went to Chop House (and they messed up my damn ribeye, and C didn’t enjoy her scallops), then we went to the late viewing of Jason (great movie; Jason is SO thorough!), then we hollered at my folk at the Renaissance for a couple drinks and some late night dancing.

On Valentine’s Day, once she woke up, she had cards from Zay and I. She was shocked. Wasn’t expecting ANYTHING! She also got a new cell phone (that she HATES! And it wasn’t really “FOR” V-Day, but purchased during that weekend, so…). We went riding around looking for a new house, and got some grub (breakfast, C’s favorite, and I HATE breakfast food). Next we went to Winston for the game.

So that was pretty much all. Then last night after the basketball game versus Hampton, I get home to the BEST surprise!

Sugar Cookies (my FAVORITE) and “Guitar Hero” for my PS3! I’ve been BEGGING for that damn game!!! That was her gift to me for V Day, even though we WEREN’T celebrating and WEREN’T buying gifts.

We still have things to work on in our relationship, but it felt good to celebrate V Day without celebrating on V Day. Maybe that’s how we’ll do every year, not celebrate on the 14th, but still acknowledge the holiday. We’re still learning how this relationship thing works; it’s all trial and error.

AND, she bought a little mailbox and there was a note inside. And we came up with the idea, whenever there’s something on our minds’, or chests’, we’ll just leave a note in the mailbox; in attempts to work on the most important thing in relationships – COMMUNICATION.

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my life. Comments are welcomed.