Thursday, April 30, 2009

NBA - This OR That

DAHT’s Take


The homie Chris Paul got smashed again by Chauncey, Carmelo, and the Nuggets and he’ll be bringing his ass home soon; Damn. They loss by an average of 38 points in the 4 losses to the Nuggets; Unacceptable. In their defense, CP is NOT 100%, and Tyson was on the bench, Peja is old and there’s no other scorer; seems like there needs to be some work in the offseason.

Magic / 76ers

Dwight Howard has been suspended due to the elbow he threw 3 minutes into Game 5 in Orlando. It did appear to have malicious intent. Being a Magic fan, I would’ve liked to wrap this thing up in Philly tonight, but a rested Dwight Howard on the court for a Game 7 in Orlando makes me feel just as confident in our odds to win the series.

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!? Vick! Vick, Vick, Vick ,Vick!

And the Dog Father’ll be out in 20 days –May 20th. He’ll be on home confinement in Hampton, VA with his fiancĂ©e and 2 of his kids and will work a construction job making $10 an hour. Man. Life sure has changed for the Big Homie – We still love you Dog.


Each Thursday on we play a game called THIS or THAT. You get 2 options, and you HAVE to pick one! This is today’s version:

1. Walking for 10 miles: wear a 70lb backpack OR carry a 30lb briefcase?
2. Which is worse: Stinky Sex OR Dry Sex?
3. Have to cut off the fingers of a family member to save their life OR rip your ears off to save your own life?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Very interesting stuff.


Never expected the Hornets to get dismantled the way they’ve been getting it from the Nuggets. 58 points? Really? 4 points Chris? Seriously?!? Why even show up?? Stay at home with your families and play NBA2K9 or something – don’t subject yourselves to that kind of punishment, it’s not worth it.


The Hawks need some leadership-they are a professional intramural team. Right when I think D Wade is too mature to let the young, no half court game having Hawks beat him, and then he loses. It really matters not, whoever wins is only setting themselves up for an embarrassing series next against King James and his Royal Court of Cavaliers.


The Orlando Magic should finish out this series against the 76ers tomorrow night and be ready for the next round. Dwight had 24pts and 24 rebs, and he can play like that EVERY night. Dude needs to quit all that damn laughing, get mean, take off the damn cape and put the TEAM on your back and get out of the 1st round. Me being a Magic fan would like to see a Cav's - Magic ECFinals and UPSET The King!!! Mean enough, there's NO WAY anybody on Cleveland's team can guard Dwight. Period.


The Celtics vs. Bulls is hands down the best series thus far; one of the best in history. 3/5 games have gone into overtime; one even double-overtime. With no Kevin Garnett and No Luol Deng, it appears to balance things out. Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Eddie House talk a lot of trash on the court (as I’ve been told from very reliable sources) because they got Championship Rings in less than 3 years in the league; many KNOW they were luckily put on a team with 3 Hall of Famers – it wasn’t because of THEIR superior game play. Big Baby has really stepped up in the absence of KG though, and Kendrick Perkins is as well.

If this series goes to 7, I favor the Bulls, even though the game’ll be in Boston. Why? Because the C’s are more beat up than the Bulls are, and unless Paul realizes he’s the Truth, Ben Gordon’s going to make him out to be The Liar.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……… for the Rockets to be better without T Mac is disturbing and upsetting. For HOU, I like Aaron Brooks, Yao has vowed to put the Rockets on his back and Ron Artest is a great fit. For POR, I like LaMarcus Aldridge, and I LOVE Brandon Roy but at the end of the day, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

Sleep Well Dallas, Los Angeles, and Cleveland.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Series Watch - This OR That


DEN 108 NO 93: Series 2-0 Denver; Chauncey had 31 points. They tried to put CP on him, and through the first half, it appeared the switch was at LEAST containing him; but just like the game before it, the 3rd quarter the Nuggets explode and blow the Hornets out.

There is OBVIOUS tension between the bloo devil Dahntay Jones of the Nuggets and Chris Paul. I don’t know exactly what the beef is, but I’m ON IT Triad!!! ON IT!

Chauncey is playing great basketball – clicking when he needs to; an older version of CP. Thing is, Hornets just don’t have enough scoring. Chris had 14 assists and 14 points – meaning he’s responsible for approx 45 of the Hornets 93 points. Chris needs to have 30 and 15 in order for them to win – that’s 60 points if the assists are just 2’s. Then you pray David West will give you 20, maybe Rasual Butler gives 10, Peja 10, Posey 8 and you have the 108 just to tie last night’s DEN score. Too much work on Chris – it’s just the first round.

What’s the difference from last years team, and why does it appear the Hornets are lack luster this year?

I think it’s because of the team they’re matched up with in the first round. The Nuggets are just better. David West was able to be effective against a slower Dirk in the first round last year. CP was CLEARLY better than an older Jason Kidd. David can’t play that slow game vs. Kenyon Martin; too active. Chauncey is playing some of the best ball of his career – even though CP is having average games himself, he’s gotta step it up.

THIS OR THAT From This Morning

Facebook OR Twitter?

For a day: Have your eyes glued shut OR fingers glued together?

2 Weeks of paid vacation each year OR 6 weeks paid but not allowed to travel?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who's the REAL Mike VICK-tim?

Pictured dogs courtesy of Af the Queen; My Nephew Garvey and Niece Winnie - Family.

E:60, a show on ESPN, showed an interesting piece about what happened to the dogs from the Mike Vick situation. If you get a chance to catch it, please do.

Actually made me think Vick deserved jail time.

Like “Damn Vick, you ain’t have to do the dogs THAT greasy!”

They showed a pool where they would throw the dogs into and electrocute them. Showed the bite and claw marks on the edges of the pool from the dogs trying to get out with the high volts of electricity flowing through their little doggy bodies.

And let’s not forget people – he IS incarcerated for conspiracy to fight dogs, BUT, let’s not forget that Vick DENIED all knowing’s of dog fighting when first approached; and only admitted to his actions after others in the case folded against him.

Here’s my question -

After seeing Plaxico (shooting himself in the leg), TI facing a year and a day for buying MASSIVE high powered guns – a 3 time convicted felon - 2 years removed, how do YOU feel about the Mike Vick incarceration?

Was it too much?

Did he get what he deserved?

Please leave comments…..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Ex Huskie is......

One hell of a game last night, and the Celtics even up the series 1-1 vs. the Bulls. Paul Pierce had 18. Rajon Rando had a triple double, but the guys who made the headlines were the ex-Huskies: Ray Allen and Ben Gordon. Ray had 30 – 28 in the 2nd half including the GW 3-pter for the eventual 118-115 win. Ben Gordon for the Bulls had 42 points.

Jalen Rose on his Twitter ( posed the question: Who’s the best ex-Huskie? C. Butler, R. Hamilton, R. Allen, or B. Gordon.

What do you think?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

NBA - 420

Enjoying the NBA Playoffs these days. Whether it’s counting how many dunks Josh Smith gets per quarter in a Hawks game, or watching LeBron and wondering: if he wanted to, could he jump OVER the backboard?

Trying to figure out who choked more between The Magic or Paul Pierce – you just never want to miss a game!

As we dwindle down to the eventual match-up between King James vs. Kobe Jordan, we are gearing up for another spectacular playoff run here folks.

Here’s my question though –

It’ no secret I’m great friends with certain athletes that compete professionally; 2 of which are participating in post season activities: Josh Howard of the Dallas Maverick’s and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets.

With Dallas up 1-0 over the Spurs, and New Orleans down 0-1, who will come home first? CP or J Ho.

What's the Date?

Happy 420 to all who participate. Many don't know the history of 420. Here goes:

There were some kids who went to San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, and everyday at 4:20pm they would get together and smoke it up; 4:20pm was the time after-school detention ended. It has evolved into a counterculture holiday.

So if you participate - blaze up! Be safe. But just remember - It STILL isn't legal!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's simple

Watch what you say and how you act; someone is always listening and watching.

Mind your business.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tar! HEELS!!!!

By the first media timeout, Deon had scored, Wayne had hit an underhand scoop layup and made it "Wayne" from 3 point land – and the Boys were up 17-7 in the blink of an eye.

By halftime, we had scored 55 points (most in tournament history), and the Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player – Wayne Ellington – had 17 of his eventual 19 points. Ty Lawson – ACC Player of the Year – led ALL scorers with 21 points and set a tournament record with 8 steals! – And Player of the Year Finalist – Tyler Hansbrough - finished his career with 18 points and 7 rebounds and probably one of the most heralded Tar Heels of all time.

Roy Williams has 2 National Championships – UNC now has 6. (1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 and NOW 2009) The NCAA Tournament was not an actual tournament until 1939, so the Championship won in 1924 doesn’t count towards our NCAA Championships.

I will say, Tar Heel fans, we won’t get adequate recognition for this win. People are already saying things like “95 % of America picked ya’ll to win, it’s not that big of a deal.”


Tar Heel fans, we have to come together and enjoy this win amongst ourselves. We know what we’ve been through. We know we should’ve went 38-0. Losing Tyler Zeller hurt us. Losing Marcus Ginyard KILLED us. Tyler hurting his toe before the ACC Tournament and the loss to FSU set us back. Losing Will Graves set us back. But we overcame ALL obstacles, and proved the people right- we ARE the best team in the country.

As I sat and watched the Boys last night with my brother Bohss, I had a FRIGHTENING realization – this could be one of the greatest Tar Heel teams we’ve ever seen. So I had an idea for today:

What would be your 5 Man All –Time Tar Heel Team if you could mix and match from ANY era?

My 5 Man All Time Tar Heel Team: (1) Ty Lawson, (2) MJ, (3) Vince Carter, (4) Tyler Hansbrough, (5) Sean May – what about Worthy, Phil Ford, Jamison, Stackhouse, Wallace, Forte, Cota, WOW!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life Ain't Peachy - All American Game

March 14th, at about 7:00am, 28 year old CLE Browns WR Donte Stallworth was leaving a hotel on South Beach in Miami. At the exact same time, 59 year old Mario Reyes, a construction worker, was finishing his shift and trying to catch a bus home. Donte hopped in his 2005 Bentley and max’d out doing 50 in a 40 down busy MacArthur Causeway. When he saw Mr. Reyes in the street, he flashed his lights for him to move; Mr. Reyes was in no rush to do so. Bam! When officers got to the scene, Donte Stallworth admitted:”I hit the man lying in the street.” Of course the officer smelled the alcohol on his breath and said his eyes appeared “red and glossy”. Donte blew a .126, well above Florida’s legal limit of .08. Donte will appear in court today, facing a DUI charge and vehicular manslaughter charges; facing a possible 15 years. He’s requesting to be released today on a $200,000 bond. Stallworth will be prohibited from driving while on bail and not allowed to drink alcohol and he has a midnight to 6 a.m. curfew and submit to random alcohol and drug testing through the NFL's substance abuse program.

Last month, Houston Texans Running Back Ryan Moats was rushing his wife and another woman to the hospital because his mother in law was dying of breast cancer. As he approached a red light by Baylor Regional Medical Center, he looked for traffic, saw there was none, and ran the light. He was immediately pulled by 25 year old Officer Robert Powell who jumped out of the vehicle pistol drawn demanding everyone to stay in the vehicle. Ryan’s wife Tamishia Moats and the other woman in the vehicle ignored the officer and Tamishia said:”my mother is dying…do you understand?” The officer continued to be ridiculous to Ryan Moats screaming at him: “I can screw you over, I’d rather not do that. Your attitude will dictate everything that happens.” Jonetta Collinsworth, 45, died of breast cancer before Powell allowed Moats to go inside. That Officer had been placed on a paid leave pending the investigation, and he has now resigned. Good. Jerk. Over Zealous Cops man. These are the pricks that give officers a bad name. Because there are some good ones. The Sherriff’s in Winston are GREAT. I’ve met some Officers in Winston that were cool too. A couple in the Greensboro area. A couple pricks in the Sherriff’s Dept in Guilford College – the coolest is Deputy Briggs!! I LOVE her! –

Last night was the High School All American Game, and it was SUCH a treat!!!
The East won 113-110. Derrick Favors, headed to Georgia Tech, got MVP honors with 19pts and 8 rebs– a BEAST. How’d YOUR player do?

Ryan Kelly – dook – 6pts, Milton Jennings – Clemson – 4pts, Dexter Strickland – UNC – 2pts, John Henson – UNC – 14pts, Michael Snaer – FSU -13pts, Travis Wear – UNC – 6pts, Mason Plumlee – dook – 6pts, Xavier Henry – undecided/was going to MEM – 14pts, Tiny Gallon – OU – 20pts – 300lbs running the floor like a guard, DeMarcus Cousins – 14pts/8rebs – Undecided/was to Memphis (top center coming out)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Draft-All-American-Calipari-Womens Tournament

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Question of the Day:

Interesting question on the show this morning. Simple: Will Ty Lawson be a Top 5 Draft Pick in this years draft?

Future Heel Watch

Tonight’s the McDonald’s All-America Game on ESPN. Girl’s game begins at 5:30pm and fella’s play at 8pm. We have a couple recruits hoping to make a HUGE impact on THEE UNC Tar Heels. A 6’10, 200 lb monster of a Forward with an 88-inch wingspan named John Henson, a 6’3, 180 lb combo guard named Dexter Strickland and a pair of 6’10, 225lb twin brothers – David and Travis Wear. With Danny Green, Bobby Frasor and Tyler Hansbrough ending their college careers, and Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington probably playing their final 2 games in a Tar Heel uniform, we’ll need some size and scoring for next season and these guys may fit the bill.

dook also has a couple guys in the All-American game. 2 typical dook style players: 2 tall white guys t play Forward – Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee.

Money Talks and Calipari Walks

John Calipari agreed to leave Memphis and head to Kentucky for an 8 year $31.65 million deal plus incentives, making him the highest paid Coach in college basketball. Kentucky will also pay Memphis a $200,000 buyout. The 50 year old Calipari has a career record of 445-140 in 17 seasons; 137-14 over the past 4 years. That’s an awesome record and he should definitely bring Kentucky back to the level of contention they were once known for.

What you think?


I’m not watching. Period. I’m sorry man, DAMN! We already KNOW who’s going to win this thing. The Men’s tournament is SO up in the air. (well not really, but you know what I’m talkin bout) Noone in women’s basketball can beat UCONN. Period. They are TOO good. It’s almost not even fair. So I’m sorry “Miss B” – Didn’t see Maryland lose. Or dook. OR UNC. And I PROBABLY won’t see UCONN win. Sorry.

I would like for Oklahoma to upset em though. And after UCONN dismantles Stanford, hopefully OU can escape LOU and set up the Big Game of UCONN vs. OU. Especially with Courtney Paris (Big Gal for the Sooners) hath guaranteed a National Championship for OU; that’s probably the ONLY way I’ll watch the Womens (2nd half) of the National Championship Game.

Better “Miss B”?