Friday, February 27, 2009


It has come to my attention that I don’t report enough women’s athletics; well it’s because I don’t watch enough to give you a TRUE point of view. I’ll try to do better, which brings me to my first point:

DAHT’s Local Women Action:

My homie Lauren Beeson (L Beezy) plays for Guilford Tech Basketball Team in Greensboro, NC. It’s their inuagural season, and they are 20-7; best in the conference. Their conference tournament starts this weekend in Spartanburg, SC at Spartanburg Methodist. L Beezy leads the nation in free throw percentage (94.7% - 122/136) and 2nd leading scorer on the team averaging 14.5 a game, Tyshemia Tillman leads the team with 15. Their Coach, Treka McMillan will probably get Coach of the Year, Tillman and Beezy will probably get All Confernece Team tonight, with Tillman getting Player of the Year honors.


Chris Paul is having tryouts for his CP3 All-Star team, ages 13 and under, and 14 and under. Tryouts will be this Saturday, February 27, 2009, at Gateway YWCA from 3pm to 5pm. Gateway is in downtown Winston Salem, NC, on South Main Street.

DAHT’s Good Word:

This weekend is the CIAA tournament festivities. Even when Winston Salem State was in the CIAA, I STILL never made one game. There is SO much going on in the streets that you can have a BALL at the CIAA tournament and NEVER even SEE a basketball!!! I would like to tell everyone to be safe in the QC. Lock your doors, (although someone will just bust out your back window if they REALLY wanna get in; I know). Ladies, don’t take your shoes off in the clubs this weekend, ok? Fellas, don’t get mad if she doesn’t want to talk to you, there are THOUSANDS of other women you can try to petition for sex, there’s NO reason to call her a b!tch. Don’t go spending all of your money, only to return home Monday, broke, knowing damn well, it’s RENT WEEK! Be smart this weekend people, no unprotected sex, no fighting, no perpetuating the negative stereotypes that already plague our culture!!!

If you’re looking to party with me this weekend, I’ll be at Club Backstage with Plies tonight, and Officer Rickeeeeeeeeeeeeeey on Saturday! Come through!! Charlotte isn’t really my city so I’d LOVE to see some familiar faces!!!!

Thanks for the support!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The PRICE is RIGHT!.... or wrong?

I have recently started downloading my blogs to my “Notes” section on Facebook. To read the blog in its ENTIRETY, go to: And you want to see today’s video, so log on!!

Last night (2) UConn showed they could bend but not break by defeating a hungry (10) Marquette team, in front of 18000 raucous fans, 93 – 82. Yes, it was the 800th win of Jim Calhoun’s career, only the 7th Coach to do it in Division I history. And yes, the Huskies remained undefeated on the road. And yes, UConn did strengthen their chance of becoming the #1 team in the country on Monday.

But ALL of this pales in comparison to A.J. Price and the show he put on.

36 points, 8 3-pointers, and one of the most crucial moves we’ve seen this season. As soon as it happened my brother 16 hit me with a text: “did you see that??? WOW!!” Unfortunately I missed it “live” so had to wait for the replay; and boy was I glad when I did!!

Not only does he rock Mr. Jerel McNeal to SLEEP with the in and out move, making him fall, but he also takes time to point at him, look down AT him on the ground, step back, and hit a 19 footer over the outstretched arms of another embarrassed defender. If that description wasn’t vivid enough, then PLEASE, by all means, click on the link and check it out yourself:


Every Thursday on the Wild-Out Wake-Up Show, at 8:00 am, we play a game entitled “This or That”. You get 2 options and you HAVE to pick one!!! NO PASSING!!! It has evolved from a crass game that used to make people cringe and change the station with questions like: “Suck snot from the nose of a german shepherd until his head caves in OR drink a diarrhea milkshake from a homeless mans bowels?”- Get the idea? Well, we’re not AS nasty now, and here’s todays version; leave your answers under “Comments”.

1. As you get older would you rather get uglier OR dumber?
2. If you were an animal: live on land OR water? And what animal would you be?
3. ALWAYS have to say what you’re thinking (that’s an ugly baby!) OR NEVER speak again

Hope you enjoyed, comments STRONGLY encouraged!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009



You don’t wanna be the #1 team in college basketball this year, THAT’s for darn sure!! Another one bites the dust!

Last night, (1) PITT fell to unranked Providence. Last week, an alarming loss to Maryland dropped (5)THE UNC, and moved Memphis into the top 5. With Oklahoma losing to Kansas (without Blake Griffen) last nights loss and a potential loss by (2) UCONN tonight against (8) Marquette, (5)THE UNC could see themselves at the (2) spot by Monday! That’s awesome! Thanks Kansas.

As I told my brother Horton yesterday, I can’t wait to see the bracket breakdown. There is only ONE team I don’t want to see, not only in our bracket, but on our SIDE, and it’s KU. I don’t like em. Period. And because my lady is a GAY-U fan (no disrespect to my homosexual readers) the perfect Karma for her is when her GAY-Hawks (again, no disrespect) defeat my Tar Heels. That’s how God works ladies and gentlemen.


Michael Phelps is serving a 3 month suspension from competitive swimming for the picture that surfaced with him smoking marijuana from a bong. His first meet, once the suspension is lifted, will be in the Queen City of Charlotte; May 14th – 17th for the Charlotte Ultra Swim. I have contacted the officials of the meet and requested tickets to give away, so make sure you stay posted to the blog to see how to get yourself a glimpse of the Smoking Shark!


This Saturday, the WSSU rams will be in contest versus Florida A & M. Women’s contest starts at 4 and the Men at 6. All youth 17 and under will receive free admission. There will be face painting and giveaways. If this is an event you’d like to attend, hit me up. I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets everyday for the event.

Send me an email with your name, age, and why you should receive a free pair of tickets to the game this weekend.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Just MIGHT Kill Myself IF....

DAHT’s take on kansas:

Last night I witnessed (15) Kansas beating (3) Oklahoma 87-78. Here’s the thing, Sherron Collison (26 pts) is a split image of Ty Lawson, but with more confidence, a little stronger, and more attitude. I knew when it was 74-71 that Oklahoma would lose. I turned to Carla (who was screaming to the top of her lungs and VERY fearful of a Sooner comeback) and told her not to worry, the JayHawks were straight. Not because Oklahoma didn’t have enough talent, but, without Blake Griffen (who was out for his 2nd consecutive game due to his concussion)they had an attack of the “tarheelitis”; no identity. They didn’t know who they wanted to take the shot.

Clearly it was the SMART option to get the ball to #34, Cade Davis who had 12 points off the bench hitting 4/6 3 pointers, but #11 Omar Leary wanted to shoot, #13 Willie Warren wanted to attack the basket and grab charges, and even big brother of standout Blake, Taylor Griffen took his share of 3 point shots; to raise his NBA looks I assume.

The Jayhawks, under the direction of 85% winning coach Bill Self, knew EXACTLY where the teams scoring was to come from, Junior PG, Sherron Collison. Whether it was taking the deep 3 to answer tic for tac with the shooting of the Sooners or attacking the basket, getting fouled and converting from the stripe, Collison proved he was top tier PG’s in the NCAA. This, with the 20 rebs of Sophomore Cole Aldrich, proved to be too much for the eratic Sooners.

With the correct seeding, it’s not unrealistic to think this team can’t repeat. Realistically. They have a system, they have confidence, they ARE the defending Champions, and #1 in their conference (and they lost 80% of their scoring last year) I feel the same way I felt about them last year. They are dangerous and on the court against any one on any given night they will win.

So, I just MIGHT kill myself if KU repeats.

DAHT’s take on Barkley:

Barkley to go to jail? WTF?! For 5 days and a $2000 fine AND an alcohol treatment program, AND one of those breathalyzers in his car to start it. They are REALLY trying to teach athletes a lesson! I’ve seen less financially blessed individuals, sit on a court room bench beside me with a DUI, speeding, and marijuana paraphernalia and see NO jail time! Some alcohol related treatment programs, community service maybe, and fines and court fees; but jail time? You have to be a repeat offender in most cases to get some time, I thought. Maybe Charles has other offenses, but I just don’t see how a man with Charles’ finances has to do 5 days for a rolling stop in attempts to get a (BJ) and being a little intoxicated? What the hell’s going on in the world? Almost makes me NOT want to be a star anymore, almost.

Comments are strongly encouraged! (EXCEPT for KU fans)


Monday, February 23, 2009


DAHT’s take on UNC losing to Maryland:

So what. That’s what we get. We will NOT win a national championship ladies and gentleman. Mark this date down on your calendar; Daht said it. “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will NOT win a National Championship in 2009!”
It would appear we have all the pieces to make the dreams of a National Championship a reality! Danny Green a legitimate first rounder, as is Ty Lawson. Wayne is umm… well umm… Wayne. Tyler will get a look, and his name will probably get him nabbed in the first round. With 3 first rounders on the team, there should be no question who’ll win a national championship.

So what’s the problem?

It’s the intangibles man. We have no heart. No “attack” mindset on defense. No heart. No mean streak. STILL don’t know who we want to take that shot at the end of the game. The only person who appears to want the shot is Ty Lawson. I mean, poor little Tyler will take the shot, regardless how many defenders he has flailing from each arm, and regardless if he’s in front of or behind the 3-point arc. Did I mention we have no heart?

It’s ridiculous to have all that talent on one team, and lose the games that we lose. At what point do we start to blame coaching? I mean dook has Gerald Henderson. Oklahoma has Blake Griffin. UCONN has Thabeet. We’ve got 3 first rounder’s in the starting line-up; what’s the problem? It CAN’T be the talent! It HAS to be a problem with Coaching. Why can I see dook step up their defensive energy against a MUCH more athletic Fake Forest team, and even with a subpar performance from the free throw line, win a ball game at home by 10? I see Coach K on the court, Coat off, bumping chests with Henderson and Scheyer as they leave the court; I either see Roy stomping his feet or sitting on the bench with that puzzled look on his face!

Even Roy has said that we should not expect a championship this year. Well thanks a lot COACH.

Maybe I’m tripping, but maybe I’m NOT. Comments are strongly welcomed.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Exclusive TEXTversation with Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets

So yesterday, I told you if I spoke with CP3 that I’d let you know how it went. CP is a busy guy, you know, trying to win a championship and MVP honors, so all I could get was a “text”versation and it went like this:

DAHT: As SOON as you get this message Mr. Paul, could you give me SOMETHING about this Chandler situation? He failed the physical on purpose?? (Referring to the recent failed physical examination by Tyson Chandler that would’ve sent him to the Oklahoma City Thunder)

CP3: Nah he didn’t fail it on purpose. His toe is messed up so that’s why he didn’t get cleared for the trade.

DAHT: Well aren’t YOU a happy camper?! And you should’ve dropped 40 on them bum’s man! (Referring to the 36 points he had against the Orlando Magic Wednesday night)

CP3: Yea man…might’ve been able to get 40 if the game would’ve been a lil closer…

DAHT: I’ve rewound it like 8 times, and I’m SURE I see you tell D. Howard he can’t stop you either; late in the 3rd quarter when you hit him with the floater. I’m tripping?

CP3: He had blocked 2 of my shots already and I was tellin him on that one that no matter how high high he jumped he wasn’t getting to that one lol… we be talkin and jokin the whole game

DAHT:True. Thanks for the insight. You’re the sh!t CP. Just in case no1 has told you lately. Be blessed man. We’ll be down next month! New CP3’s in a size 12 will be sufficient! Thx! Ha

CP3: Cool! Got u!

Told you I’d share! When I get my shoes, I’ll just get Chris to sign them for Izayah, and put em up with the REST of his memorabilia. Pictures with Jay-Z, Al Sharpton, signed Josh Howard jersey, Woodbury jersey, signed CP3 bowling pin, all types of stuff, and he has NO CLUE!! Hopefully in like 15 years he’ll be wearing a size 12, CP3 will be exiting the league as one of the best players ever and Zay will have the 3rd version of the CP3 shoe; in MINT condition!!! Talk about RETRO!?!

See! That’s why I wish I had a dad. Someone who would’ve been thinking about stuff like this for me when I was a wee lad! But he didn’t and I don’t have ish except experiences that have created the man who stands before you today.

Hope you enjoyed, and Good Luck to my Rams as they take on the Aggies in the Corbett Sports Complex on the campus of A&T.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chandler - Tarheels - Barkley

DAHT’s take on Tyson Chandler’s trade:

Something is fishy here….

Tyson Chandler can’t get a “clean bill of health” about his toe??From the doctor who performed the initial surgery on that toe in 2007? In these times where money talks?? Yeah right. There is another reason Tyson was sent back to New Orleans. I don’t know if it was because it would’ve been one of the dumbest mistakes to trade a 7 foot shot blocker who averages a double-double (when healthy) to an undersized Chris Wilcox. Or maybe it was Coach Scott, Chris Paul, and David West speaking out about the situation that would’ve caused a riff in the locker room. Or maybe it was the Hornets, who realize Tyson is an injury prone big guy with a reoccurring theme, starting with this big toe: (Surgery after the 2006-07 seasons and injured it again in April 2008 in the regular-season finale at Dallas then re-injured it during the second-round series against San Antonio, complaining of "turf toe" after he bent it toe backwards by stepping on Ime Udoka's foot. He was also named as a Team USA alternate in July but had to pull out because of the ongoing toe trouble.)Maybe they were trying to pull a fast one and got caught! Sneaky Hornets. As soon as I get in touch with CP3, I’ll let you know what’s up!

Don’t be surprised to see a last minute tries from saaaaaaaaaaay, Cleveland? They have an expiring contract with Wally Szczerbiak and a trade for him and Tyson (and a first round draft pick) would be beneficial, for the damn Cav’s. Linking LeBron up with a big guy after you just gave him Mo Williams, he MIGHT not want to leave next year! It’s all about making King James stay in Cleveland.

DAHT’s take on TARHEELS:

It was god seeing Tyler Zeller in uniform last night. He scored 2 point and 3 rebounds in about 8 minutes. We “OUTSCORED” NC State. Truth be told, if they were more athletic, and deeper, we would’ve had a problem. Why do we continue to start so slow? And why do we continue to let teams shoot above 50% on us? We WILL NOT make it to the Final Four, let alone a Championship, if we keep playing like this. No doubt we’re the most talented team in the ACC, but we don’t play well enough to be the best team in college basketball.

So will we win the ACC Tournament? Probably. Fairly convincingly.

Will we win the National Championship? Not at this level.

Gotta play defense, just can’t try to outscore opponents! Remember the Kansas game? Roy should make them bums watch that game before EVERY game! That’s the pre game footage. Get those feelings again. That feeling of embarrassment, shame, anger, retaliation, THEN PLAY!

DAHT’s take on Barkley:

I love and respect Barkley’s take on the situation. I think it was ridiculous that he got suspended, but on the other hand, I understand. When you embarrass your employer, especially with illegal activities, they have to make a stand. They DID however understand that they NEEDED Charles, and ratings dropped tremendously in his absence. I do believe his apology is sincere and authentic. Charles says he’ll talk to someone about the situation and he will make better decisions in the future regarding drinking and driving; he’ll get a driver in the future.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Lonesome Snitcher

George Croom
Thee Score Guest Writer

Before I issue this display of intelligence and eloquence let me say in no way should reflection be mistaken for glorification, stay strong T.I.!

The world of sports is the ultimate glimpse of life as it is. Oddly we seem to find simple life truths in between the sidelines, baselines, foul lines, and penalty boxes.

This week’s truth, the snitch that just wants to collect his check and run is usually the one telling the truth.

Enters, Jose Canseco.

When the ridiculously ripped ex-major league slugger and VH1 celeb-reality punch line dropped his book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, the world balked at the idea that his admission of widespread steroid use in MLB was even remotely true.

They crucified him. The writers, the players, the commissioner, and the fans beat him down like the homosexual male cheerleader that told the squad he had sex with football players.

But, just like the fairy spirit brother we now know that he got beat down so bad because he was telling the truth.

Canseco told us that A-Rod had more juice in him than a cherry gusher. But, since people liked A-Rod’s marketable smile, fat paycheck, and big bat they turned a blind eye and watched as he made history from the negotiating table to the 7th inning stretch.

Well, in hindsight, the long ball doesn’t mean big balls because he too was juiced.

Or is it Boli’d? Maybe the elusive “cousin” can shed some light on that. It seems that steroids, like college co-eds and Mary Jane, ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some.

I digress.

Bud Selig can say what he wants. Baseball loved the packed stadiums and huge revenues brought on by Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa’s run at homerun history. Let’s remember that revival came in the wake of strikes and Charlie Hustles (Pete Rose) gambling addiction.

Canseco’s moment of clarity only brought an untimely screeching halt to the money train. All of a sudden groupie senators and cubicle clinging sports writers were ready to open the dialogue.

McGuire’s bat bag became less of the focus and the bottle of Andro next to the picture of his kids was a highlight. Barry Bond’s growing MVP’s took a back seat to his growing head. Overnight Sosa couldn’t SPEAKA enough English to answer questions. Rafael Palmeiro wagged a finger to shake a lie. And the world finally questioned how a 40-something Roger Clemens was retiring more 20-something’s than a Desperate Housewife.

They say that punks jump up to get beat down. In that case, Canseco emerges from the steroid era the unlikely hero-punk prophet.

In a weird way he alone saved baseball. Saved it from itself. From literal implosion, undercover corruption, and irreversible tainting.

I’d say thank you but that could call into question the STRENGTH of Thee Score blogs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Festivities (or lack there of)

Ok, so let’s take a step away from Sports for a second. This is from the personal life of B DAHT OBAMA.

So I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I usually celebrate it just for the cause, but not really into it. So this year, Carla says we’re not celebrating. We have things in this relationship that need to be worked on and exchanging gifts, saying how much we love one another because it’s February 14th wasn’t a priority. I respect that. And she’s right.

It also didn’t help that on Saturday we had a double header basketball game versus Howard and I had a party at Jab’s that night with Boosie; But on the flip, because there was no REQUIREMENT to do anything, it really made me want to do something even more!

So I knew she’d never been to Chop House and Friday the 13th was coming out, so I decided, we’d do something on Friday, instead of that Saturday. We went to Chop House (and they messed up my damn ribeye, and C didn’t enjoy her scallops), then we went to the late viewing of Jason (great movie; Jason is SO thorough!), then we hollered at my folk at the Renaissance for a couple drinks and some late night dancing.

On Valentine’s Day, once she woke up, she had cards from Zay and I. She was shocked. Wasn’t expecting ANYTHING! She also got a new cell phone (that she HATES! And it wasn’t really “FOR” V-Day, but purchased during that weekend, so…). We went riding around looking for a new house, and got some grub (breakfast, C’s favorite, and I HATE breakfast food). Next we went to Winston for the game.

So that was pretty much all. Then last night after the basketball game versus Hampton, I get home to the BEST surprise!

Sugar Cookies (my FAVORITE) and “Guitar Hero” for my PS3! I’ve been BEGGING for that damn game!!! That was her gift to me for V Day, even though we WEREN’T celebrating and WEREN’T buying gifts.

We still have things to work on in our relationship, but it felt good to celebrate V Day without celebrating on V Day. Maybe that’s how we’ll do every year, not celebrate on the 14th, but still acknowledge the holiday. We’re still learning how this relationship thing works; it’s all trial and error.

AND, she bought a little mailbox and there was a note inside. And we came up with the idea, whenever there’s something on our minds’, or chests’, we’ll just leave a note in the mailbox; in attempts to work on the most important thing in relationships – COMMUNICATION.

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my life. Comments are welcomed.


Monday, February 16, 2009


DAHT's take on All Star weekend

I thoroughly enjoyed the All Star weekend festivities. Missed the D –League stuff, the celebrity game (with T.O. being the games MVP), HORSE (won by Kevin Durant), the Rookie/Sophomore game (with Kevin Durant being the MVP) and the Shooting Stars competition (won by the Detroit Team).
I did get to see Derrick Rose of Chicago, win the skills challenge; I saw Daequan Cook, from Miami, win the 3 point contest and unseat the 2 year winner Jason Kapono of Toronto.


Championship round of the dunk contest: Dwight Howard (ORL) vs. Nate Robinson (NYK). Nate won 52% of the fans vote and unseated the returning champion, Superman. I was TOTALLY disgusted. When you compare the 3 dunks, Dwight wins, hands down. You have a windmill from Nate vs. an alley from the side of the back board with a monstrous slam! (Nate), jumping off someone’s back to dunk (Nate) vs. a 2 hand punch from the free throw line. 2 HANDS? (Dwight) and jumping over Dwight Howard (using the left hand as leverage) vs. a 2 hand punch on a 12 foot goal. 12 FEET? (Dwight) It’s NEVER been done before. The dunk you’ve never seen before wins the dunk contest. Period.

I will say I enjoyed the camaraderie. I enjoyed the concept of Nate being the antithesis of Dwight. Kryptonite to Superman. 5’9 to 7”. NY vs. FLA. It was awesome, but Dwight was robbed.

DAHT's take on The All Star Game: 1 word, AWESOME.

Shaq’s new name “Shabbawockee” and he came out as a reserve for the West, and danced with the Jabbawockee’s. He killt it! Brought fun and entertainment to the All Star game. Also was teamed back up with KB24 under the leadership of The Zin (Phil Jackson). And the 2 shared the MVP honors. Kobe with 27 points and Shabbawockee with 16. West won 146-119.

DAHT's 2010 ALL STAR WKND PARTICIPANTS IN DALLAS, TX (if i could control it!):

Dunk Contest: KING JAMES (CLE), Andre Iguodala (PHI), KB 24 (LAL), Nate Robinson (NYK) and Dwight Howard (ORL), and maybe Carmello Anthony (DEN)??

3 point contest: Ray Allen (BOS), Eddie House (BOS), Dirk Nowitzki (DAL), and returning champion, Daequan Cook (MIA).

Skills Challenge: CP3 (NOH), Derrick Rose (CHI), Rafer Alston (HOU), and Tony Parker (SAS)

I think the guys did a good job in bringing the energy and fun back to the all star game. I think guys like LBJ realize the importance of being dominant. Jordan entered events to prove he was the best player in the league, PERIOD. He won Championships, All Star Game MVP’s, dunk contests, even got into the 3 point contest! LBJ putting his name in the hat for the 2010 contest says a lot.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

SCOREDATE 02122009

DAHT’s take on UNC vs. dook

Tar Heels 101 – dook 87

Not shocked. Whenever Ty Lawson realizes he’s the fastest and best player on the court, attacks the basket, and goes to the free throw line, we win. PERIOD. No questions. He finished with 25 points, 21 scored in the second half. Tyler and Danny have never lost in Cameron, and Greg Paulus loses every time he steps on the court against a Tar Heel. THAT’s got to suck!

We won the first one, but I want a sweep! March 8th, in the Dean Dome, let’s do it again. Big shouts to everyone who was at the US vs. them Party: Slim, Aquilla, Dobbins, Bohss, Twan (and the Mrs.), Sho, Cole, Lhast, Graham, Q and the HATER: Carla the JayHawk.

DAHT’s take on the Jordan situation

MJ’s older sister, Deloris, has written a memoir entitled: In my Family’s Shadow. She accuses their father James of rape, and explains the hardships of growing up in the Jordan house. I have a couple excerpts for you:

Ending 8 years after it first began and 5 years after losing my virginity to my father, it scares me to think how much longer the abuse would have went on had I not spit out the dreadful truth to my mother during one of our many heated arguments. Disagreements that were sometimes anything but pleasant and often featured no indication of love between the two of us.

So as she ranted and raved about how no slutty daughter of hers better get pregnant and bring any bastard children into her house. I finally heard myself saying: “If I’m so much of a slut, why don’t you keep your husband out of my bed?”

The memory of my father whispering in my ear during the wee hours of the night about the beauty of my body has played over and over in my head for many years. And as if that has not been incapacitating enough by itself, having to comprehend the fact that more often than not, he had just gotten out of the bed he shared with my mother to find his way to my bedroom has just added to the realization of the painful situation.

Wow. Now it has come to my attention, that she brought this situation to light after the death of her father in July, 2003, but has just put it into script. MJ told her not to tell or he’d disown her AND her kids (his nieces and nephews), and hasn’t spoken to them in over a decade.

If that IS true, is MJ wrong?

I mean some stuff you don’t need to have all in the media. What did she gain by telling the world her deceased father molest her? If her angle is to be an advocate for young girls this happens to EVERY DAY in this country, then OK. But if it was notoriety, fame, money, or from what I hear, just out of spite for the families reaction to her, then I rides with MJ. That could’ve been kept at a psychiatrist if you needed some help with the situation; telling the media doesn’t aid in any of that.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

US vs. them! It doesn't get much better than this!

DAHT's take on US vs. them.

(3) UNC vs. (6) dook

Can you feel it? You’ve gotta feel the goose bumps on the back of your neck. You gotta remember McCants and Felton fumbling the ball in the corner and not getting a shot off. You gotta remember Stackhouses’ reverse PUNCH! The halfcourt shot by Jeff Capel that secured the victory for the Heels. Remember Wojo slapping the court? (I can’t front, that gets me HYPE!) Remember Gerald Henderson and the dirty play against Tyler last year?

You gotta remember players like: Rasheed Wallace, Phil Ford, Jerry Stackhouse, Ed Cota, Vince Carter, MJ, Ray Felton, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Antawn Jamison, George Lynch, Rashad McCants, Jeff McInnis, Julius Peppers, JR Reid (doesn’t incude Tyler OR Ty Lawson) Grant Hill, Christian Laettner, Shane Battier, Elton Brand, Danny Ferry, JJ Redick, Chris Duhon, Sheldon Williams and Jason Williams.

TARHEELS vs. bloo devils!!! It doesn’t get much more exciting than that in the college arena of sports. As I gaze upon those names, it does bother me that we don’t have more championships! We DO lead this series 128-97; winning the last contest.

Tonight’s game is simple; whichever team executes its style of basketball more effectively will win. dook is a fundamental, defensively minded team that thrives from the 3-pt shot. The Tarheels are a team that is very offensive minded and is dominant when they don’t have many turnover’s. I need Wayne to continue his hotness (averaging 20points a game), I also need Ty Lawson to bring that less than 2 assists per game, game. I want Danny Green to step it up and also Psycho T. If we can establish an inside and outside game, we’ll win CONVINCINGLY; if we can only establish one dimension, it’ll be a tougher contest. Either way, I’m picking my boys to win. We’re more talented, more athletic, and SHOULD be more hungry!

I will be having my very VIP “US vs. them” Party tonight in an undisclosed location. There are ONLY TRUE TARHEEL and dook fans invited. I think the list consists of 11 people. I’ll try to get some pictures during the course of the night and have them for the blog tomorrow. If you weren’t invited, my apologies, but we’ll be together in spirit!! GO HEELS!!!

TARHEEL weak links: Deon Thompson, Bobby Frasor and Defense.

dook weak links: PG position, Jon Scheyer, and Inside Game.

DAHT's take on NFL

It is rumored that Brett Favre will retire from the Jets today. Again. Another retirement. I REALLY hope this is his last hoorah! Time's up on the ageless wonder known as Brett Favre. It's been real.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



WOW! Ciao Chico.

After 9 years at the helm of WSSU Athletics, AD, Chico Caldwell, was let go yesterday. I hear there were a lot of sad faces and a lot of tears on yesterday in the Athletics Department; Why? I believe if you’re doing your job then you’re STRAIGHT. But if you’ve had your lips on Chico’s a$$ for the past couple of years, (or other body parts on Chico) then you may have something to worry about!

And the tension was SO apparent in the air at last night’s basketball game. I don’t know if it was Chancellor Reeves sitting courtside, Brock with that silly sign on the front row that read “FAREWELL CHICO” (with a funny looking man drawn on it with big ears), but SOMETHING felt off. What’s CRAZY is, last game versus Morgan State, I had a brief conversation with Chico. We discussed the reason why he doesn’t like being acknowledged during games. He replied, he didn’t like the attention and would just rather play the back scene; doesn’t get FURTHER back than unemployed.

And don’t even trip! Chico is SO straight. Sure, a couple of his groupies may jump ship onto the next available high profile person at State, but he’ll live. Chico has ALREADY made a million bucks with his Chico Metrics, google it. Chico also had 2 years remaining on his contract; I BELIEVE he’s still eligible to get his bread.

Fact of the matter is this: Our athletics department is sub par, to say the least. By the latest release from the department, this shows that NOONE is exempt and change is inevitable. You cut off the head and the body will soon follow. Trust. Congratulations to Tonia Walker as the Interim AD, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the gig full time. Tonia is well versed, a people person, and she’ll bring an intellect and some fresh ideas to the Department.

DAHT’s take on A-ROiD

Get over it. EVERYONE was doping in that era in baseball; that’s what made it an even playing field. It was either Dope or your Dumped. Produce or be Processed. Home Runs or HOME. Period. When the Texas Rangers gave dude $252 MILLION for 10 years back in 2001, they basically put the steroids IN him!! It was entirely too much pressure.

If there was a “funny steroid” and another station gave me 10 years $252 million, not tough to think I’d pop me a couple. ESPECIALLY when I know Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx and Rickey Smiley are doping and aren’t being penalized. Not only are they NOT being penalized, but being exalted for their conquests? Sign me up!

Thing is, A ROiD has had the luxury of witnessing his counterparts try both ends of the spectrum; being honest and lying as well. He chose to be up front. So now, do we believe he stopped before he started to win AL MVP Honors? He KNEW he failed a drug test, thing is, he thought it’d remain confidential; Oops. So I’m sure he already had a plan of action in the event this situation presented itself.



Monday, February 9, 2009


We'll talk about A Rod doping in 2003, Kobe needing to be sized for his NBA Championship ring, and UNC vs. Dook later in the week. Let's have some fun with this blog though.

If you're NOT on FACEBOOK (get from under that dang ROCK!) then you're not familiar with the new sensation entitled "25 Random Things About (insert YOUR name here)"

Well, I hadn't planned on doing one, but then so many people kept asking me when I was going to publish my own; so here goes:

1. I was born in St. Louis, MO.
2. I can only remember meeting my birth father once in my lifetime, when I was 5 years old; they told me he was my Uncle Reggie as to not confuse me, seeing that my mother was about to marry another man and give me HIS last name.
3. My Grandma Minnie was like my Mother. She died when I was 11 and her name is tattooed on my left bicep.
4.I have 9 tattoos. My favorite is the one on my side of my son and I at the top of this page.
5. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 and didn't fully orgasm; i faked it so that I could be done and get her out. She smellt funny.
6. In the 7th grade, I recited the "I Have A Dream Speech" in front of my church, Mt Zion Baptist Church. I didn't fumble one word. Killt it! The old folks were crying and the young folks were giving me my propers.
7. As stated in #1 I WAS born in St. Louis, but it ALMOST doesn't count. I haven't been there in SO long and I left before I was old enough to run any streets. When I go to St. Louis I'm just as lost as YOU would be! And Carla gives me HELL about it.
8. 1989 Spelling Bee Champ. South Side Elementary. Ask about me!! P-N-E-U-M-O-N-I-A! WHAT?!?
9. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Jeff, Melyssa, Danyel, My'Kel and Stephanie. I've never met the last three.
10. My first car was a 1990 Cavalier; white.
11. I LOVE to draw.
12. I used to rock a perm and people would call me Andre 3000.
13. My first TRUE orgasm came from masturbatory methods; and I LIKED it!
14. I used to be a gospel rapper. Real Talk. And I was NICE!! Ask about me!!!
15. My favorite number is 11. But big props go to: 1, 2, 13, 16, 19, 23, 32 and 34.
16. When taking a pee break, I like to flush the toilet midway thru and try to be finished before the water fills back up in the stool.
17. I've had numerous relationships with different women, and learned a LOT from all of them. But I've only had 4 SERIOUS relationships. (K, K, B, C) and the buck stops there!
18. I can be VERY attitudinal at times. And manipulative. And vindictive. Yeah, I can be JUST as mean as I am FUNNY. Female trait ish! I blame it on being raised by a woman.
19. I've NEVER owned a car that was made within 5 years of the year I owned it.
20. I suffer from hemorrhoids. mind ya business.
21. I have a LOT of chauvinistic views. In a conversation, women can get SO upset with me!!(which is probably why they should be seen and NOT heard.)
22. I fear marriage because I have NEVER seen a successful one. EVER. Not in my radius anyways.
23. My favorite soda is Pepsi. OR Orange Chek. Some of y'all don't know ANYTHING about that!!
24. After taking a bowel i look at the tissue, and sometimes smell it. I enjoy smelling offensive things. THERE! I said it!
25. It took me two weeks to make this damn list.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about your homie B Daht Obama. You are more than welcomed to leave as many comments as you'd like.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What happened to WIll Graves?

William Graves suspended for “not maintaining the standards we expect of a Carolina basketball player”. He’ll be allowed to practice and participate in other team events, but he won’t play. Not until next season.

My folk Twan, who I have textversations with religiously during Tar heel contests, asked me why Will wasn’t playing and pointed out, we hadn’t seen Will in a minute on the court. So I did my investigative reporting for my audience, and here goes…

It appears Ol’ Will has a problem with the cannabis. Has failed a couple urinalyses with the team and is serving a 15 game suspension. From what I hear from my sources, it’s not his first failed jahnt, or second; yeah. UNC is a prestigious University, and it can’t come out that our players are getting high as gas. So to save face, the University just released the statement saying “not maintaining the standards we expect of a Carolina Basketball player”.

He’ll be back next year, but it may too little too late…

With these latest 2 losses, Ginyard and Graves, we now have an 8 man rotation (2 of which are freshmen). Tyler, Ty, Wayne, Danny, Soft-ass Deon, Nervous Bobby, Young Drew II and Young Davis. Yeah we got Copeland and Watts but uhr…

I’m nervous about next week man, 02-07-2009 vs. Dook in Cameron Indoor. We have NO size inside! Deon plays like a baby, and Tyler thinks he’s a 4 (power forward) these days taking more and more shots from the wing and top of the key. And where I like Davis, he’s young, in Cameron for the first time. True indeed, Dook doesn’t have an inside power either, their GAME is the 3 point game. We had a breakout night lastnight, but a LOT of that had to do with MD playing horrible perimeter defense. The Dookies will play a LOT more aggressive there. They’ve got a lot more fouls to give inside too!

And who guards Kyle Singler? Deon can't. ESPECIALLY on the perimeter. Zoubek AND Plumlee have 5 fouls a piece to give to Hans. It's going to be a tough one! We NEED to get the job done!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


DAHT's take on Kobe

Last night he dropped 61 points in Madison Square Garden. He's slowly but surely making me forget about MJ. Clearly Kobe was conceived with the sperm of Jesus.

DAHT's take on Michael Phelps

Now yesterday, I was on the side of M Peezy; maybe it was the pot head in me. I mean, he wasn't in a corner smoking CRACK! After reviewing it in my sober and intoxicated mind, I view this situation differently.

Now, Phelps' sponsors are 100% behind him after the picture surfaced of him smoking trees. When Josh admitted to smoking in the off season he was almost stoned at the cross! And sponsors? Gone. Ricky Williams, failed a couple drug test in the NFL, sponsors? Gone. Kobe wasn't even convicted for sodomizing the whiter woman in Colorado and lost ALL his endorsements! Barkley was a little drunk trying to get a "bj". Lost his job AND sponsors. and let's not even talk about Mike Vick! Who? Mike Vick.

So why does Michael Phellps get the right of passage and NOT the middle passage?

Is it because he only competes every 4 years so sponsors just believe this will blow over by the next time he competes?
Is it because Josh had a combination of admitted smoking, telling on other players, alleged drag racing AND being unpatriotic?
Is it because Rickey Williams failed NUMEROUS drug test, and Phelps has NEVER failed one?
Is it because Mike Vick fought and killed living animals?
OR, Is it as simple as because he's white?

I just don't have the same views of marijuana as others. It's illegal. Yeah. But it was demonized by the government man. How can you demonize a plant? Something God made? Maybe the same way this government demonized African-American slaves in this country? Does that make it right? There are more alcohol related deaths than marijuana related. Marijuana is used for glaucoma. Arthritis. Did you know HIV patients use marijuana for the pain? Yeah. (I gotta thank my homie Delyte for her views on this matter too. I think this stuff, but she just verbalizes it so well! I love when someone defends weed and they're actually SMART!!! Thanks 'Lyte.)

I'd LOVE to hear from you! What are your thoughts? Please leave em!!! You can leave them anonymously!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SCOREDATE: 02022009

DAHT's take on the Super Bowl

The better team won. Point, blank, DAHT! The 100 yard pick 6, (that's an interception that is returned for a touchdown) by James Harrison, was definitely the difference maker. Not only did it give the Steelers points but it took 3 - 7 points away from the Cardinals. I think it was a good play call; I may've tried the same thing on Madden. Kurt just eyeballed his target and the Defensive Player of the Year made a play; maybe even one of the most notable in Super Bowl history.
Big shouts to Santonio Holmes. Not 1000 yards receiving this season, no 100 yard receiving games, but is he not one of the most remembered receiver these past 8 weeks? Remember the controversial touchdown against Baltimore? Remember the Touchdown over San Diego? What about when he fried the Ravens again in the AFC Championship game? And I KNOW you remember the touchdown that broke the back of the Cardinals in the Super Bowl!?! Much deserved MVP; not just of that game, but of the STEELERS season.
Big shouts to my homie Rugbee 1500.... HOLLA! And my brother Lym Baby and his best friend PJ (they were actually in my house with terrible towels!) Everybody else that has surfaced as a Steelers fan...STOP IT! Even if you WERE a fan, you weren't this vocal when Ben was being thrown from motorcycles or getting put to sleep during the course of games, so STOP IT! I saw a guy at work with a "smedium" Rod Woodson jersey! Rod ain't played for the Steelers since Jesus was a boy!!! STOP! IT!

Also I was very disappointed to find out Jennifer Hudson was lip syncing. They say it's protocol because there are too many speakers to accommodate that type of sound. the delay would be ridiculous. Just makes you wonder WHAT the hell's real these days! And the super bowl commercials SUCKED!! (visit reviews galore under blogs I follow to get a complete rundown of the Super Bowl commercials!!! GOOD STUFF!!)

DAHT's take on M Peezy!!

Leave the homie Michael Phelps alone. The dude won 8 medals in none outing for this country. 6 at another. Dude has 14 gold medals! Dude can smoke a little pot if he wants man. What's funny to me is how they are on CNN now REALLY debating the legalization of marijuana! Thanks Mike! Then they start talking about taking away endorsements and I'm like, "OK, hold on a minute." This is Ridiculous. I don't even think that was Mike in the picture. I've seen a BUNCH of white boys that look JUST like that! White tee shirt and hat to the back. And as i look closer, I don't even think that's a bong! That's a transparent flute! That dude plays music too!?! Yeah, yeah, a flute. But the only thing that can hear the sound are the animals in the ocean. He's Poseidon for God's sake! (google: Poseidon, king of water).
All I'm saying is, if that wasn't R Kelly beating the innocence out of kids, to his own music no less, then that ain't Michael Phelps. And i'll put my DAHT on that!